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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Photographing Things also preserves memories

It's good to remember to photograph the things around you, too, not just people. I'm sure there are items in your house that bring back fond memories when you look at them. I have an antique bedroom set from the early 1900's that was my great-grandparents. They emigrated to America in 1901. It was in my grandparent's guest room my whole life and is where I slept every time I visited them. I remember hot nights in the summer with all the windows open for any breeze that might wander in. The sound of the a/c window unit from my grandparents room hummed through the night as the hall window fan whirred pushing that air towards me. Or so they said. I gotta tell you, it was hot as fire, but I had plenty of "fresh air".
So if I can get all this from a piece of furniture, just imagine the stories you are missing telling the family members you are scrapbooking for if you leave out those treasured items.

I took these photos while on vacation trying to remember to photograph some things for posterity. We went to a local festival at a plantation house built in 1792, which a family had purchased for reunions and were gradually restoring it. And I mean gradually. The fresh field flowers on the crackled mantle with the peeling walls behind the vase just spoke to me. Flip flops on the floor. Left where the wearer dropped them after a day at the beach. The seafood list against a backdrop of evergreen was an anomaly I couldn't pass up, with the morning sun beckoning through the window. A simple candle holder lit by natural morning light that says BEACH as loud as it can.

Remember to photograph those other memories, too, and record your thoughts. These are important to those who come after you. How will they truly know you if they don't know what inspired you or gave you pleasure?