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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cottage Arts Newsletter


Cottage Arts newsletter is out. Check it out if you haven't signed up for it. There is a new product featured "Scrap Edges Brushes & Overlays 6". Beautiful brushes and overlays for your layouts. I used it in the first lo above, and lucky me, that lo was also featured in the newsletter along with another great example using these terrific brushes. They are gorgeous! (also featured on the first lo: Naturals 4 Paper Pak...beautiful and deliciously designed papers for your digital and hybrid designs!)

My second lo is one I made from a photo I took with my camera phone! Can you believe it? It was a little blurry, but I used Optik Verve's Glamour filter, which made it soft and really hid the blurry photo. Doesn't my kitty look warm and snuggly? (This lo used the Growth Spurts Page Pak and Elements Pak from Cottage Arts. www.cottagearts.net)

I've been so busy lately. I might go crazy! LOL! Lots going on, but isn't that how it always is in the fall after a great summer?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

About Me

So here it is my first assignment for Cottage Arts (www.cottagearts.net). I have to create an about me page that will go out in their upcoming newsletter.

I really love the Painted Tapestry Paper and Elements packs. That is what I used on this layout. The lace overlay is my absolute favorite thing on this page...well, maybe aside from the flourish I put on the photo. It was so hard to pick a kit to use because I had several that I just loved. Gotta pace myself...

If you can't read the journaling, it just says a little about me. My little budding photographer, Caitee, took my picture for me. I think she did a nice job. I used a full body shot because I wanted something different than the usual headshot.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cottage Arts Creative Team

OMG! I just got an e-mail from Cottage Arts inviting me to be a member of their creative team. I'm so excited. Digital scrappers, you gotta check them out. I'll be talking more about my adventure with them as it goes along and sharing with you cool stuff that they have and all that.

Oh, I was so excited. I ran around the house screaming, much to my two teenagers horror! hehehehe Love it when I can embarrass them a little bit.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Card

I made this card today when my cousin, Margot, told me that her Papa is having his 60th birthday in two weeks. I will mail it Monday. I hope he will be surprised!
digital credits: Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative.

Holiday Wishes and Little Candy Boxes

Candy box pattern courtesy of Mirkwood Desingns. All stamps are SU and inks are PSX.
Card made with Tracy Reed Vibrant and brush from Obsidian Dawn.

A New Me

Holiday Hoedown

Scrapstreet is hosting some holiday challenges to get us done with all our cards and gifts in time for the ever approaching holiday season. And you know how fast Christmas gets here!

Part of that challenge is creating a box to keep those cards in. I used the box my Bare Escentuals makeup came in. That's a darn nice box! Decorated it festivly I think! Non-traditional colors because I like to do that for holidays. It gives it a certain je ne sais quois!

So here is a sample of some recent cards and also a Halloween card I did last night in digi! (Digi paper credit: Scrapgirls, rest my own design)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ah the joys of siblings

Just a rant as my two fight upstairs over cleaning their rooms and whose stuff goes where and where is my laundry basket and don't touch my stuff and get out and blah blah blah...

I swear they are up to something. What are they asking for? It will come.

I'm suspicious.

It's too good to be true.

Do you think it will spill over into cleaning their bathroom. Nah, let's not get excited.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another lo for tonight

Geez, I got another lo done. After last month, well it is the current issue of Scrapstreet's e-zine...September...I have 5 things in there. That is the most ever, and I am tickled to death. But, I'm only going to have one thing in October. Which, how can I complain about that? Measure where you've come from not against others...I read that somewhere. I'm such an overachiever sometimes!
Let me say, HOORAY, for being picked to be pubbed in October. It is a recipe so that is a completely new category that I have not been pubbed in before. Very excited!
I need to think about submitting some things for the November issue. We'll see what I come up with!

Saturday Night Scrap

I'm over at one of my fav scrapbook spots on the net doing the Saturday Night Scrap. I made this Halloween card using the sketch posted by Janneke (Digi credits include: Traci Reed Joyful & Serene; Miss Mint Foxy Lady; pumpkin my own design).

I'm sure I'll have some more things to post. I"m toying with buying this Halloween kit I saw online, but I don't even like Halloween. I have already made two cards to send to my nephews. This is one. The other one is posted in an earlier blog.

I haven't done very much scrapping this week because I have been very busy since school has started again.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

O.N. Designs Template Contest

This lo is made from a template designed by O.N. Designs. They are having a contest. This is my entry. Other kit credits include: Foxy Lady by Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative. http://ondesigns.blogspot.com/ check out the contest!

My Final Lo

For Digitals Next Top Scrapper at www.peppermintcreative.com. We'll see what happens. I have no concept of where I am or anything. I wish they would eliminate or rate or something. I am particularly fond of this lo. Maybe it is the subject matter, my mother's childhood doll. I really like the colors I used, though, too and the sepia filter form Optik Verve! I've been scrapping like crazy and even skipped the college football game yesterday to stay at home and scrap. I had alot of fun watching chick flicks and digi scrapping. I'm trying to work on my Christmas card photo insert. I have two done, but in one I look like a frumpy housewife. I'm not sure which I'll use or maybe I'll use both. One is just of the kids. I've uploaded a little video of basically nothing the other night...the team running on the field, but it took a little longer than I expected. They have this new feature on blogger where you can directly upload videos so I had to try it out. It's kind of fun to be out on the field while all this is going on. I had this experience in high school, but it has been a while!