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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hello and welcome to November!

I've been working my p/t job so my post is not very exciting today. I did have a crazy customer today, but the thing about crazies is, when they go to complain about you, they act crazy. So management realizes they are crazy and tells you to disregard the crazy person.

If you had a funny on Halloween, I'd love for you to share it! I always imagine what this would look like to aliens...you know, like E.T. Not that I think about aliens, people! It's just that it looks so funny to be driving home and see all these short costumed people running around begging for candy.

Princess Lala asks what five events you'd like to erase...
OH! I don't know. I'm still sticking with nothing, even though there have been some painful moments in my life. I know that there was a purpose for these trials. I'm none the worse for wear on the other side, but I'm sure my character has been strengthened.

That's all for today. Wish I had more, but I'm exhausted!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Excitement at CottageArts.net

Lots of exciting things are happening at Cottage Arts. Some of them I can share and HAHA some I can't...yet. But it's worth the wait. Check out the Bountiful Blessings Collaborative Pak Bountiful Blessings Collaborative Pak. Just click on the banner!

While you are there, don't miss out on the new PhotoShop (PS 7 & Above) Actions and the Scrap.Templates1 Torn Edges & Frame. I used both of those in the lo's I posted today. I just love the absolutely rich colors in this kit!

And guess what...Sale & Digital Scrapbook Day GC GiveAway there's even more reason to head over over to Cottage Arts. If you sign up for their newsletter, you are eligible to win a $20 GC to their site on National Digi Scrapping Day, Nov. 3! Plus all downloads are on sale through Nov. 5!

And now on to Princess Lala's question of the day... What are five moments in your life you wish you could relive?

I have to be honest about that. NONE! God gives us one go-round. Every part of life is essential in our journey. Now, do I wish I did college in 4 years instead of 7...yes. Do I want to re-live it? NO! I'm lucky the first attempt didn't kill me. I kept my guardian angel very busy! LOL!

Maybe it's not the same for you. Several important people are no longer with me in this world, and I surely don't want to relive moments with them. That would make me too sad.

A friend of mine lives by the motto: No Regrets. I think it's a pretty good one. Don't look back. Always move forward.

That's all for today! Happy Halloween! (I will be raiding my kids stash for chocolate!)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Questions and Scanning

Digi credits: Autumn Forest Floor by Tangie Baxter.

I wasn't ever going to scan my photos that weren't already digi. But then I saw some lo's done by Patti on the Cottage Arts CT with me. It got me thinking and then guess what I did today. I was cleaning out the garage, which is a never ending project. I found a wedding album thing that someone had given my mother that was partially filled out. I scanned what she had written and took out the memorabilia she had placed in there and scanned that, too. Which leads me to think that I will be scanning my wedding album photos to scrap next!

Princess Lala asks what five things made you cry? I'm assuming these are life's moments.
1. I cried when my Dad lifted my veil at my wedding. I don't know why because I was very happy to get married. I guess just the emotion of it all!
2. I cried when my dd made cheerleading in 7th grade because my mom had just died, and she was a cheerleader when she was young. Plus I as very proud. It's hard to make when 100 girls try out!
3. I cry on my children's birthdays because it is one less year they will be living at home with me. Not that I want them to live here forever, especially when they are afflicted with teen-itis!
4. I always cry on the first day of school when I drop them off. Just one less year for them to be with me at home and one more stage of growing up! Mind you, I cry in the car. Not infront of all their friends!
5. I cry when I think of my mother who I miss dearly. She died unexpectedly young and even though it has been five years, she was my dear friend. I miss her!
So there you have it. Kind of depressing, isn't it.
I also cry when my friends are so funny that they make me laugh hysterically like they did at the crop on Friday night.

And to leave on a light note because there is too much sadness in this world! A man called dh to order some paint today. He was foreign. When dh asked him what kind of paint he wanted the color he selected in, the man replied, "in a round metal can." OMG! bwahahahahahahhah!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beth Rimmer It's Raining Men at Digitals

Ok. Some people are just creative in an exceptional way. I love the way Beth Rimmer thinks. Her kits are beautiful and the design is impeccable. I'm playing with It's Raining Men Backpack available at Digitals Template was a freebie from Lindsay Jane Designs that I picked up this week doing the Blog Train at DST.

It's Raining Men Backpack available at Digitals Used the OptikVerve filter to get a black & white. Cut out the clutter from the background. Brushes are Obsidian Dawn Scribbles.

This is my first CT assignment for Beth Rimmer. I hope you will check out her stuff. You will be seeing more of it on my blog and galleries as time goes on!
Beth Rimmer at Digitals

Princess Lala asks today: What are your five favorite comfort foods?
1. chips
2. chocolate malt
3. smoothie
4. diet coke
5. Toblerone

Let me just say that I have worked very hard not to turn to food for comfort. I do my absolute best to go the gym and work it out that way! All excessive food is going to do is put on unnecessary pounds. I know because after my mother died, I gained 30 lbs., which I have lost and kept off. The problem is getting rid of the rest I have, but all things in due time. So yes, I do have comfort foods, but I never refer to them as that. And I know OUT LOUD, that when I had a bad day/week/moment that drives me to eat instead of the gym, that Dr. Phil knows exactly what I am doing. Eating to find solace. hahahahah but we all know that there really is no comfort in food. So I post this question with some hesitation as I do believe in being healthy so that we can live a long time for our families. But I also know that sometimes we just don't give a rat's arse, and we want that bar of chocolate. So in your moment of desperation, what is your turn to food? Do you have one?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Movie Stars & Crops

Digi credits: NadlM Autumn Leaves & Shabby Princess Harvest Spice
Princess Lala asks: Who are your top five favorite movie stars today.
1. Clint Eastwood. I love him. I always have. He is the best! And his movie Mystic River is the absolute best film I have ever seen!
2. Vince Vaughn. He's funny. Really funny.
3. Vin Diesel. He's HOT!
4. Tom Hanks. Although I really prefer his comedies to his dramatic roles.
5. Denzel Washington. He is a man of many talents. I'm always amazed by his movies.
So there you have it. I just went with men, although I could have done men and women.

Went to a crop tonight at my lss. Took my laptop. Talk about traveling light! Had some CT things I wanted to get done. I was the only digiscrapper there, but I had so much fun with my girlfriends. I haven't been able to crop since August so it was a real treat. We laughed so hard, I was crying. It's great to have chick friends, isn't it! We are looking forward to our upcoming crop weekends after the holidays when we get to go away.

We signed up for one crop already. And my gf, Missy, asked if we would mind if Angela gave our room to a group of six instead of us sharing a room with 3 double beds. There are three of us. Well, frankly, we do mind. Cuz we deserve a big, fat bed all to ourselves on our getaway weekend! Maybe we are demanding, but it's the truth.

Oh, and thanks to Natalie Bird for her Distressed Lines Rak. I can hardly wait to play with it. I would have played with it tonight but some of the stuff I was making had to be exclusive to the site I was creating for. And another thanks to Sassy for her Cutsie Bears RAK. I have a cute idea for a lo that involves my cat. I thought I was going to get to it tonight, but I didn't.

And last, but definitely not least Beth Rimmer at Digital Scrapbook Pages e-mailed me so I can get started with her CT. Oh what to pick, what to pick!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tangie Baxter, The Lobster, Fav City

Digi Credits: Way To Stinkin' Cute & Sparkly Orbits Frames & NadlM Page Templates 10

Playing with Tangie Baxter's creations again. Having fun with these lobster photos from when my cousin and her family visited this summer. This float cracked us all up. So everyone of us had our picture taken in the pool with the lobster. I'm going to give her all those lo's for a Christmas gift in a mini album. I'm sure she will appreciate me sharing her lovely photo on the web with everyone!

Did 3 loads of towels today. Hosed down the refrigerator. Went to the grocery store. Cleaned up kitchen. Took a nap! Football game to coach cheerleaders tonight.

Princess Lala asks what are your top 5 favorite cities you would like to visit again.
First off, I know Maui is not a city. OK! It's an island of Hawaii.
1. Maui
2. Kaui
3. Vienna
4. Bahamas
5. Hot-lanta

Okay, I love Hawaii. I don't think I'll ever get over staying in Maui at a 5 star resort. It's the absolute best place I have ever been in my life and I am well traveled. I'd like to go to Kaui because it is supposed to be even better! I'm going to Vienna to visit my cousins in 2009. Been there before! LOVE Austria! I just want to take a cruise and the Bahamas is an easy place to go. And Hot-lanta or the A-T-L...whatever you want to call it. Atlanta has the Coke tour, the CNN Tower, the new aquarium, the Braves, the zoo. So I'd like to hit it again.

And that is all for today folks! Thanks for stopping by.
I was rak'd by two lovely girls at Digital Shop Talk. I'm going to post their blinkies and direct links to their spots tomorrow because DST is acting funny today. I don't want them to think I"m ungrateful. So look for that tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Playing With Tangie Baxter

Digi Credits: Way To Stinkin' Cute & Sparkly Orbits Frames

This is my first lo using Tangie Baxter's products. I posted my lo here for your convenience and direct links to the products I used so you can go see them right away.

I've learned two things on blogger today. I figured I needed to. I learned how to direct link my blinkies. So if you click on the blinkies in my blog, you go right to the sites. And I've learned how to direct link text so when you click on the text, it takes you to the right URL. Whew! What a day! Sometimes geek speak is confusing and you have to decipher it a little. I'm sure there are other things I will be learning along the way to make my blog user friendly!

I hope you really will check out Tangie Baxter Designs. There's all kinds of fun stuff coming up. If you sign up for the newsletter by Oct. 31, you will be eligible for a $15.00 gift card! YAY! Now that is fun!

Oh Cottage Arts will be releasing something new and fun in their newsletter. I've already seen it. Sssssshhhh! Can't tell. Don't you hate that?! I do! I go crazy at Christmas with all those wrapped packages. I can't stand not knowing, but then, of course, knowing would ruin it, wouldn't it!

Now on to Princess Lala's question du jour: What are five pets you've had?
OMG! If I made the list of pets we have now, that would be six. But these are supposed to be pets you had growing up!
1. Father Frier - a poodle with a bad temper...sweet dog, but a wee bit on the crabby side! Love him! Nickname of Fri-Fri.
2. Moppette - looked like a miniature sheepdog. Sweetest dog that ever lived besides one of my current dogs, Harry. I was devastated when Moppy died. My mom didn't tell me for a few days cuz she knew I would cry.
3. Tulip - a male cat. Yes, my mother let us name the cat and we insisted on Tulip. What did we know about male/female and flower names.
4. Tinder - a dog before I was concious of my existence. In other words, I was a baby!
5. Guinea pig - that was when we lived in Europe. Our dog was with my grandparents so he wouldn't have to be quarantined for 6 months. We thought that would be too much for the dog!
Ok, so there you have it. Tell me about your pets!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

5 Nicknames & Tangie Baxter & Personal Requests

Ok. I am a lucky duck. Tangie Baxter picked me as one of her new creative team members. That was my big secret. This pic was directly from her blog and website.
Which, of course, I will be posting a direct link to. I'm going to have to clean up and arrange my links so that it makes more sense. Add some blinkies and such. Maybe I'll play with my blog tonight while I watch tv. Not sure, but sometime soon these things will be done!
I hope it's alright to post Tangie's fridge here because it is so cute, and I don't know these ladies, and I didn't want to leave anyone out!
Princess Lala's List for today...your five nicknames from school.
The obvious ones:
1. Red - duh, I have red hair. Real original!
2. Fanny Farkle - I never got this one as my parents were very strict about tv when we were growing up. It wasn't until I was 25 that I saw my first Laugh In episode and there were the Farkles. I always thought it was a play on the word "freckle". Kids are so innocent, arent' they!
3. String Bean - ah, those were the days. I used to be ridiculously thin growing up. Legs and tall so my dad called me string bean. Oh, what sorority life, kegs, and pregnancy will do to a woman!
4. Clueless - Oh how my brother loves this one. That was my college nickname - a play on my maiden name. I'm above average smart so I guess people thought it was just hysterical, although I think I went around pretty airheaded so maybe they didn't know I was smart!
5. JennyBean - I do not know why my friends called me this name. Our friend, Ralph, gave all of us names cuz he said they were better than our real names.
I wasn't sure I could come up with five. I had a short first name: Leigh, that didn't beg for alot of nicknames and wasn't used to make funny words. I guess God thought that my red hair and freckles and glasses was enough to live through without a horrible first name! LOL!
I'd love to hear all y'all's fun nicknames.
I will tell you one that my dear friend Nancy did not enjoy growing up with. Her middle name was a family name: Barnhardt...they called her barnfart. Kids are just mean! You can't help what your parents feel is a great idea using a family name.
I do believe that is all I have to say for today. I didn't work today because they had an audit and I guess it upset the whole store. I'm being rescheduled. They're supposed to call me back.
I almost forgot this highlight of my evening: a special request for a lo! Yes, it's true. Scrapstreet needed a lo for an article in the Nov. E-zine, and they asked me to whip one up! How cool is that? A personal request to fill a spot! I was so jazzed. I'm already in the Nov. issue anyway, but I submitted that one.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. The dj's played it on the radio this morning and I had to run home and find it! How original and creative and what a great way to reach teens!

Monday, October 22, 2007

More About Me

Now, before I get false credit for this idea about which I will be blogging for as long as it lasts, it is from Divine Digital...and actually Princess Lala Designs. It's a list challenge all about you (me). So I did the day one yesteray. I'll do the day 2 and so on. I'm just doing it on my blog, but her idea is a mini album about you (me). Like a BOM with a list format, which I think is cool. I may end up doing one anyway, but for the time being it is limited to my blog.

No lo's to post today. I was training at my pt Christmas job. So I'm not full of energy this evening and my teenage dd kind of chapped my hide today. LAWD... this was the happiest child you have ever seen until she hit puberty. I know she will come out of it on the other side and be as lovely as ever, but while we are going through it, she sure is aggravating! But, let me be clear, a blessing none the less!

Okay, topic for today is My Five Favorite Features. I hope if you read my blog that y'all will play along. Think about your grandchildren reading these things one day and learning some unconventional things about grandma!
1. I love my hair. I have thick wavy/curly hair that is easy to style and a fab color. Even my hairdresser loves my hair.
2. My nose. It is very tiny, and I think a good feature. I'd hate to have a big schnaz, although, God don't make no junk as the saying goes! I do believe in the famous words from the three bears that "it is just right."
3. My hands. Even my husband, who is not one to comment on these things, says I have beautiful hands. I have long delicate fingers, pleasantly shaped nails. I mean what do you say here, people! LOL! So I do wear alot of rings because I figure if I have nice hands, I should!
4. My toes. I have cute, fat toes. Some people have gross toes and unshapely toes. I am very fortunate. I think my feet look great in sandals cuz I have short fat cute toes! LOL!
5. My lips. I have juicy lips. I think so anyway. Not thin. Not overly large, just ripe and luscious! hahahhahahaha Full, kissable lips.

So go ahead. If you read my blog, tell what your fav 5 features are and link back here so we an all read and enjoy you bragging on yourself!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Layouts I couldn't post yesterday on blogger

Rasbberry Road Fall Festival; Kelly Mize Ad Challenge Template

Tracy Beck Seeing Dogs; Shelley Rae Play It Loud; brushes from Obsidian Dawn

Circle Template by Jen Caputo; Rhonna Ferrar Color My World; CottageArts.net Scrape.Frames 2; Rasberry Road Girl Power

I used another set of the scrap frames from CottageArts.net. I love the way you can use the groupings or use single frames in that kit. I also love the way some are jazzed up and some are plain.

Oh, I have a little secret, but I can't tell. It will be revealed tomorrow. Sssssshh!

Got this question over at Divine Digital: What are the five best crayons in the crayon box? It's a prompt for a Book About Me exercise...
Now my first question is...do you mean the 64 Crayola Crayon box...my favorite as a kid. Remember when the crayons were new and all sharp. Lined up so neatly in the box, ready to be used.
Magenta is number one for me. I just love the name of that color aside from the color itself. It was always one of the ones I used down to a nub.
Cornflower blue. Do you remember that color? Well, my dh has eyes that color. Amazing! So that is my favorite color number 2.
Number 3 is burnt sienna. I'm in an orange phase right now, but not orange orange...burnt sienna. I love it's deep, rich color.
Red is number 4. Who doesn't like red. I have red hair. I used red alot. Plus red is such a great color. It's vibrant, and I love wearing it. It says HELLO. I'm HERE!
Forest green is number 5. I've always liked forest green. I love all shades of green except mint. I can't stand pastel colors. They are like colors without any heart or conviction.

What are your five favorite colors in the crayon box?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tagged and Scrapping Like A Fiend and DELETE

What shall I talk about first tonight? How about the fact that I was cleaning up my computer to arrange all my kits and get my lo's in order that I wanted to print out and I emptied my recyle bin like a good girl. Take the garbage out right? I should know to always double check because I deleted my downloads file, which was some newer kits I was going to move over to my PSE file. Not that I paid for any of them because as luck would have it, it was all kits that I had from CT's I am on AND that I had used the hound out of on recent lo's. I'm so glad that I had used them, and anyway, the great thing about digi is, most sites let you go back when you bought them and re-download up to like 5 times. So all is not lost or wasted. Whew!

I have done several lo's today, which I will post for your viewing pleasure! LOL!

And finally, Jen, from Scrapstreet tagged me. So I'm playing along cuz it's fun! And who doesn't like fun stuff?
1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok here are my random facts

http://jenthecrazyscrapbooker.blogspot.com/2007/10/alrightso-ive-been-tagged-twice-this.html That's my link to Jen's blog.

Weird facts about me:
1. I do not drink milk out of a plastic cup. I think that is disgusting.
2. I do not like feet.
3. I do not like anyone's feet to touch me because I don't like feet.
4. If you hit your head, I laugh hysterically. Not sure why, but "head injuries" kill me.
5. I drive with my seat straight up not leaned back at all. For some reason, that is what is comfortable to me.
6. I have a bathrobe nicknamed MUMU because it is so big. Apparently my brother thought I was quite a large woman! LOL!
7. I get night sweats. Always have since I've been a kid. How will I know when menopuase hits!

Now, I'm going to tag some of my new CottageArts friends and we'll see how that goes!
Plus if you read this blog and see this tag, consider yourself tagged. HEHEHEHHEHEHE!

Blogger won't let me post my lo's right now. So I will post them when it quits acting strange!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Seeing Dogs by Traci Beck

Digi Credits :
Traci Beck Seeing Dogs @ www.scrappinggarden.com
Royanna Fritschmann Sweetie Pea Label @ Divine Digital
Refresh Word Art Titles @ Scrapgirls
font: Love Ya Like A Sister @ fontologie

My daugher loves this ride. It looks like a pirate ship usually and swings back and forth and goes higher and higher and around...bleh! But isn't that what rides are all about! She loves the state fair and she and her daddy go every year as a special father/daughter treat. He even takes a couple of her friends. They had so much fun at the fair that they all fell asleep on the way home, which was fine with dh because the Gamecocks were playing and he wanted to listen to the game anyway!

My knee is getting better. I can tell. Hopefully a few more days and I'll be good as new! Ah, the benefits of exercise!

Special thanks to Mel, who is a regular visitor and commentor on my blog! Shout out to ya, girl, and your sweet baby, Lillee!

Hope ya have a great day everyone! I plan to be scrappin'! Playing with Traci Beck's Seeing Dogs kit and a new kit from NadlM...she sent me the link, but OOOOPS, forgot to include it...so I'm waiting for her new e-mail! LOL!

I also picked up a few extra hours for work next week, which is good because I need to pay for the scrapping weekend I signed up for in March!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Card for those days when things just happen...kwim

I made this card for a challenge at CottageArts.net. Hope you like it!
Digi credits: Growth Spurts Element Pak & Page Pak www.cottagearts.net; Jackies Hand @ fontologie

Other than that, I hurt my knee in yoga. Think I popped a tendon. RRRRGGGHHH! I'm on an anti-inflammatory. But I'll be back to yoga next Tuesday! I do enjoy it.

I also started my pt job today. It was fun. I was training with a really nice girl named, Tosha. We're learning all about jewelry. There are some beautiful things in this world, girls.

I'm not coveting. I'm not buying. I'm just saying that some creations are just lovely. I do believe that the pearl is such a perfect creation. Think about it...small and round, lovely, irridescent. A thing of beauty taken from an irritant. Tosha said the Greeks call them tears of God. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I feel ya, Marilyn!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Book Alpha Upper Case & Book Alpha Numbers

Two new sets available at www.angel-dreams-boutique by NadlM! But not until Oct. 21st! I think they are really fun and versatile. I did two lo's with them yesterday. Here they are:

Signs of the Fair - various photos dh took at the state fair this past weekend.
Digi credits: Traci Reed Serene, Obsidian Dawn Scribbles, NadlM Book Alpha Upper Case

DD's best friend, Annie.
Digi credits: O.N. Designs Kit No. 1; NadlM Book Alpha Upper Case

Not much to say today. I have a headache! Bleh!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scrap.Frames 1 From Cottage Arts

Digi Credits: Hoots & Hallows Page Pak & Scrap.Frames 1 both from www.cottagearts.net! Scrap.Frames 1 is newly released!

The scrap frames are single horizontal and vertical frames, along with sets of 2, 3, 4 and 6 frames, both plain and decorated. What a terrific idea! I loved playing with them and I have another lo in the works where I'm using 3 of the single frames on a lo because you can move them around where you want. Scrap.Frames 2 is also available. I just haven't had a chance to get my hands on it. Michelle and Doris are creating things so quickly now that I can't keep up! I hope you'll check them out!

New at the Scrapping Garden is a praise game like over at Digital Shop Talk. I hope you will check that out! www.thescrappinggarden.com. They are also having a Halloween "party" all next week with lots of challenges and games and prizes! One game that I thought was really cute was dressing your Avatar. Best Halloween one wins! So hop on over and check that out!

Off to yoga! Chat at ya later!

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Kit Runner and No Scrapbooking

Ok. I'm in reading mode. What happens when I'm reading? Absolutely nothing! I'm reading "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. I've read about 3/4 of it. This book is extremely well written and a very good story. What I like about it, is that it is about an Afghani that comes to America, but leaves behind a terrible memory of a life altering decision he made as a child. He returns to Afghanistan to right this wrong. The book is about his journey.

I don't know much about Afghanistan, except what I see on the news. It is interesting to learn about this country from an insider's point of view. This is not a political book. It never gets political or religous. It is about the young man and his journey.

Aside from that, I didn't scrapbook because I couldn't put my book down. I will today as Michelle at CottageArts.net has released some new frame groupings, and I just have to play!!!

I also planted pansies and some mums in Gamecock garnet yesterday! That way I will have some pretty color over the winter. Although, my camellias will give me some lovely pink blossoms as well!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Creations with the New Hoot & Hallows Kit

I made two layouts today using the Hoot and Hallows kit that will be released later this week at CottageArts.net. One layout is of my cat, Bits. I used a gradient adjustment layer to get the darker bottom of the photo so my title would stand out a little more. Plus I wanted to draw out my cat's crazy night eyes! (Additional digi credits: Scrap.Edges Brushes and Overlays 6 www.cottagearts.net & Love Ya Like A Sister @ fontologie)

The other layout uses a template by NadlM at www.angel-dreams-boutique Layout Templates 10. Of course, the Hoots & Hallows kit. I used Jackie's Hand and Jackie's Doodles from fontologie.

I actually made 3 layouts today if you count the fact that my computer locked up when I was nearly done the 2nd one, and I lost the whole thing. I was so mad! AHHHH! But I just went right back and whipped it out since all the thinking had already been done on the first go-round!

Hope you notice that both these layouts have nothing to do with Halloween, yet they use a kit that does have a Halloween tilt to it. However, Michelle wanted to make sure that it was useful in more ways than one, and she definitely did a great job. Don't you agree???

DD and Dh and some of her crew went to the state fair today. Dh took photos for me to scrap. Such a good scrapping husband isn't he! So I'll be doing those this week probably! He also took picture of a giant pumpking, a giant watermelon, rabbits and roosters. His favorite is the pig races. He cracks me up. The highlight of the pig races. The little swimming pig, who took a wee piggy poo-poo before diving off his little piggy platform! Ah yes, caught by dh with my camera!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another New CT!

Digi Credits: NadlM Template Collection 10 from Angel-Dreams-Boutique; Tracy Beck Boys Like Dirt from The Scrapping Garden; Brushes from Obsidian Dawn; font is Love Ya Like A Sister from Fontologie

I'm just a happy camper. I got an e-mail today from Natalie Reinold at Angel-Dreams-Boutique that she wanted me to join her team! I got to pick from her collection, and I chose a set of lo templates: Template Collection 10. She has alot of great PSD template collections and some fabulous page elements like melted wax and crayon scribbles. I love things like that. Different! And lots of uses!
Anyway, here is my lo I did with one of her templates.

I will definitely be scrapping tomorrow. Cottage Arts has a fun new treat to be announced in their upcoming newsletter that I get to play with! YAY! Hope you're subscribed so you can find out about it! Check out the direct link to subscribe under LINKS.

Also need to do another template lo for Natalie. I have a technique I want to try on a photo of my dog, Harry.

As an aside: I got my eyebrows waxed today. I do not know why my mother insisted on plucking hers all those years. I never knew about waxing your eyebrows until I lived in SC. What a waste of all those years and PAIN! Of course, dd is right in on the waxing. I'm not making her wait 4o some odd years to discover this little beauty luxury!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My first guest CT spot

That is my goofy dog, Runt. I need to do some fixing to this pic, but he is peeking is fat, sausage like body with stumpy legs, up to say hello in the morning. Sometimes he jumps up and down. How can you have a bad day after that! LOL!

I am going to be the guest CT for Jacque Larson at The Digi Chick in December. I'm so excited. I didn't quite make her CT, but I'll take a guest spot! I'm so thrilled! Wahoo!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Audition Lo & Chatter

Ok I made this lo for a CT audition. Oh, I'm so nervous. Gotta wait. I'm not good at waiting. Digi credits: Shelley Rae Play It Loud (paper); Karen Heckathorne School of Arithmetic (elements); Sandy Lion Designs (fish brushes); font: Love Ya Like A Sister @ fontologie

Had my orientation for my seasonal job today. Can't wait to get started. Earn some Christmas money.

Did yoga yesteray. I work out all the time, but my butt is sore. Not sure why. All the stuff I do works my butt! LOL! Back again tomorrow. Hopefully that will release that lactic acid and get rid of my sore butt!

I am reading the most fantastic book. Bump Oprah's book club. You must read "90 Minute in Heaven" by Don Piper. It's in paperback now. He died. He was dead for 90 minutes at a car wreck. The paramedics didn't believe the man running over to them telling them this man was alive because there was no way anyone could survive his injuries and he was dead as a doorknob. But he was a miracle. An answer to prayer by a preacher who felt compelled to come to pray for him in the car, knowing he was dead. He reached out and put his hand on the dead man's shoulder and began praying and singing hymns. Miracle of miracles after some time had passed, the man started singing with him.

It's a terrific story of recovery, faith, miracles and the power of prayer. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Oh, and I love that new show Cane with Jimmy Smits. Yeah, he's hot, but it has a great storyline! I tivo it because it is on the same time as Boston Legal, my other fav show!

One last book recommendation. I'm reading "The Kit Runner" next.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Humor, CT and Design!

Humor: I was trying to upload a lo to Scrapstreet's gallery and it gave me a bizarre message about my file being to big. I couldn't understand why my file would be too big as I have that file size thing down pat. I tried twice and got the same message.
So I decided to go have a look at my lo and realized that I had sized it to 50 INCHES by 50 INCHES in stead of 500 x 500 pixels! LOL! OMG can you imagine a 50" lo!

Design: So check out my first lo for Tracy Beck's CT at The Scrapping Garden. I"m so excited. I really like this kit. It is called Boys Like Dirt. And frankly, yes they do! The papers went perfect with the photos I had taken of ds playing basketball with his friend. Obviously, friend is not in photos! I love the funky shaped elements and the cool tag, don't you!!!

CT: Ok, so these aren't in the exact same order as my title, but here is the deal. I have an exciting chance at a CT that I would like to be on. She asked me to design a lo using her products and sent me a coupon. I went to the store and couldn't get it to work. I tried several times, but NADA! Then I e-mailed her to let her know it wasn't working. It appears now the whole site is down. OMG! I have this idea in my head floating around, and I just gotta get it out! LOL! Patience is not one of my strong suits. I'm sure things will be back to normal tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me for the store being online and me getting a position on her CT!

Web Border Design

Digi credits: Rasberry Road Rasberry

I made this border for my web page. You know that space on the side that we have that is unused? Well, at least I know we have it in blogger, here. I'm not using it becuase it actually is completely the wrong colors and style for my blog. But I did it which was my goal and I even got it on my blog following the directions that were provided in a thread at Digital Shop Talk. Fab directions. They work, of course.

I will make a new border that matches what I have going on right now. I'm always in search of new ways to improve my blog!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Busy Scrapper!

You can see I was a very busy scrapper yesterday. Dh and ds were watching football all day. So I fell if they do that, then I should scrap guilt free! Not that I ever feel guilty scrapping!

I think I am going to work on a new blog header today to showcase some of my digi stuff!

I had fun yesterday playing with some freebie kits from Rasberry Road! She has such a great title to her website and a story to go with it. Wish I had a story to go with my blog title. I don't!

I do need to make a card to day for a ct challenge about things that crop up. I think I'm going to do a "When life gives you lemons, dance!" card. If you watched Arnold, you remember his friend, Harold, saying that.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cutting out photos

It's so easy to cut out photos in PSE. I love it. I've done two in a row today where I just cut out my subject. This photo of dd had a bunch of clutter in it. So easy, chop/chop!

Then I felt like having a soft look because, let's face it, I've done so many cheerleading layouts, I need some variety! So I went through several options and chose the overlay mode for this pic. It softens that bright gold anyway, but gives my dd a sweet look, too.

I'm not entirely comfortable with the plain look which I was experimenting with because so many scrappers are doing such basic, simple lo's. I'm always one to try something. I'm just used to bright color and lots of elements on my page, whether they be photos, writing, or embellies, shapes, paper...

Digi credits: Cottage Arts Painted Tapestry Paper Pak
font: Daisy

Digi Credits: Cottage Arts Butterfly Wings 2 font: Jackies Hand @ fontologie

So I had another go at the plain lo with a cluster of photos. You know. I have to keep trying until I get one I really like and then I can move on!

Next subject for tonight is family football tailgating!

Digi credits: Rasberry Road Fall Festival & Rasberry

Fall & Homecoming

Cottage Arts: Naturals 4 Paper Pak, Growth Spurts Element Pak, Butterfly Wings 2 Page Pak at www.cottagearts.net
Font: Love Ya Like A Sister @ Fontologie
Isn't fall a terrific time of year. You get a small break from the heat...well, we're not, but some people do! LOL! I love the way fall smells. Pine needles and such! The colors are so rich and divine, too. Check out this cool thing I spotted on my walk the other day. It was awesome whatever it is...so rich in color and texture. As it is fall, they are falling off the tree. Believe it or not, I took this photo with my camera on my phone. It has a 2.1 megapixel camera. I think they turned out great! So sharp

Homecoming Pep Rally where I sweated my brains out because it was hot as fire outside and there is no air conditioning in the gym. I know the cheerleaders, band, and students were hot, too. I was busy videoing.
Then later on, it was off to the field for the big game. They were womped. I mean like 52-to-who-cares-its-stopped-mattering. The other team scored 49 point by 1/2 time and put in (no lie) there third string. Our boys have heart. Our cheerleaders cheered their hearts out and the band played on!

Here is a pic I took from 15 rows up at the 45 yd. line. Talk about awesome seats! They were so great! This was shot with my camera phone, too. Soon to be scrapped. Look how sharp and detailed this pic is! I just love my phone...LG Env! In orange because I"m going through a love affair with orange right now!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Five Months of Calendar Pages

Ok, so I've been a little fanatic about getting these done. Just sharing the first five months of the year with you. The flower one is the start of another calendar gift for someone else!
These are all from Cottage Arts Calendar Pak 1 available at www.CottageArts.net and featured in their current weekly newsletter. Check it out and subscribe. There is a lovely freebie in the newsletter for you!

Altered Tile Magnets - More Gifts

Okay, I'm posting early today after a late night post last night. I'll probably post some more calendar pages later, too. I have 2 more to do and I am DONE! Yes, done. Since tonight is homecoming, I'm going to take more pics and see if I can get the last two I need! Those girls are so crazy, I'm sure I'll get something!

Look at these altered tile magnets I made! They are tiny tiles. I used StazOn to stamp and SU stamps and then colored with pencil. They are sprayed with Fixatif to seal them so they can be slopped on, but since they are magnets, I don't think that will be a problem! Do you!!!!?

Anyway, now I just need to make a tin to put them in and another gift down! Wahoo!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pubbed and Blog Train and More Calendars

Well, I knew I was going to be pubbed in Scrapstreet.com's Ezine for Nov. because my recipe page got pushed out from Oct. 'til then. And then, we did that fun scraptag, and that is being pubbed in Nov, although I don't like the lo I did for that in particular. And I got an e-mail from Linds today that they are picking up my Catnap lo which was posted on my blog, but I've had to pull since it is being pubbed! Wahoo!

It's never something I take for granted. It's always a thrill!

Been checking out a new digi site: Digital Scrap Talk. Joined a thread called a Blog Train. You post on the person ahead of you's blog. What fun! I've had some visitors today from there. I posted a Blog Train over a Scrapstreet because I thought it was such a cute idea! So thanks for visiting wherever you came from!

And last, but certainly not least, I took some time out of my insane day to make 2 more calendar pages for my gift calendar. These calendars are just so easy to use. I love the fact that I can add something or not add something. It's my choice. They're fun.

So here are two more from the Cottage Arts Creative Calendar Pak 1, which is the first six months of the year!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Christmas Gifts - A Calendar

Okay, here are the first three pages of the calendar that I am making for the other cheer coach. These are templates. You just put your photos in. You can add journaling and titles like I did! Or shapes like the squares in August. Jazz them up how you want. They come complete, but if you want to add a lil sumpin' sumpin', you can. I think it is a terrific gift idea for friends and family! How 'bout pics of you and your bff or dh or family??? That awesome vacation you want to remember???

I'll be posting the full deal when I get them all done. I'm going to try and do 3 per day. So I will have it done in no time at all. Then I can take it to office depot or wherever and get it bound! I'm going to show it to the girls, too, and see if they want one.

Check out the templates at www.cottagearts.net. http://cottagearts-net.stores.yahoo.net/208capak2.html is the actual linke to the 2nd set of six. They are sold 6 months per set! Very pretty!

Chat Box

Check out the new box on the side panel. You can leave me a message or just chat! Be nice! LOL! I can delete what I don't like!

If you visit my blog and haven't left a note in my visitor's book or put yourself on my visitor's map, please do! I know some of you visit and don't say anything! I want to know you are here!

Need to get some photos taken. Might go to the farmer's market this weekend. Of course, homecoming. That will be a gazillion photos!

Cottage Arts has some new fab calendar Scrap Over Templates up that would make great Christmas gifts. It's still early (see my countdown calendar on my side panel!) so you have lots of time to get these done. Easy and attractive. What a great personal gift!

Check out www.rasberryroaddesigns.blogspot.com . She is one talented chick and her digi designs are free. I do pay for some, and I do use free ones as well. I like a nice mix of styles, don't you. Of course, I make alot of my own stuff as well. Just depends what I 'm doing and what I need!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Cottage Arts Challenges

Cottage Arts is having some challenges for us. I'm excited. I always like anything that sparks creativity and gets me thinking in a different direction.

This is part of the photo crop challenge. I cropped 3 images out of my main photo as an accent and also to reinforce my journaling. I used a collage style, which is my fav to go along with this lo. This is actually our week 3 challenge, but you know me, I can't do anything in order!

Digi Credits:
Butterfly Wings 2 Pake Pak & frame: Growth Spurts Elements all at www.cottagearts.net
font: Love Ya Like A Sister @ fontologie
scalloped square is my own design!

My church is offering some new small groups. I'm rather excited about one in particular. It is a photography, paint, and drawing group. They are designing everything right now so it won't start until after Christmas. That will be really cool to meet with other folks and see what we all have to offer! I hope they have heard of scrapbooking! I signed up for it. If they have some great lessons, I'll share them with y'all here on my blog!

Ready, Set, Create

The issue I'm in is finally out today. I'm so impatient waiting to see myself! LOL!
I'll post the page here later with my project. It's very exciting!