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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hawaiian Scrapbook More Pages

Once I get the last page posted tomorrow, I better get working on some more! Not that I mind. I have alot more time in the summer since I'm only working one day a week right now. I really want to sort through all my sb stuff and sell my embellishments that I am sick of. I'm sure it isn't cost efficient to sell some things in smaller lots, but I have many things I just don't want to look at anymore!
One idea I have is using old stickers for collage on containers that I am making to store some of my stuff. That is a great use for old stuff and since the containers were free, too, it's economical all the way around!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Get those themed albums done!

The thing about scrapbooking is you can squeeze in five minutes here and there and end up with completed pages, cards or projects. Of course these were all done on National Scrapbooking Day. What made them easy to complete and helped me get so many done is that I only took a few paper choices with me and I hade all of my memorabilia together in a large sized ziploc bag. I didnt' use alot of embellishments because I let my memorabilia be the embellishments fot the most part. Yes, I could have been alot fancier and artistic, but what would that have accomplished? Every page doesn't have to hang in the Louvre. Right!!! And now I get great satisfaction looking at my pages in my album at home, remembering the good times that I have been able to record so far.
I've just done too many theme albums not to learn a few lessons. First of all, don't keep those photos for a special occasion. Get them out and scrapbook them now. What are you waiting for? Focus on getting them scrapbooked. I'm not saying quantity over quality. I'm saying put them in albums now while your memories are still fresh and your journaling can include all those things you wanted to remember. If you hold on to those photos for too long, you forget things. If you want to use all your photos, use all your photos. I'm a great believer in scrapping what I have. I hate one picture pages. It doesn't mean I don't do them, I just prefer to tell stories with my albums. Similar pictures can tell stories. I mean, check out the Sunrise over Maui photos. (Frankly, they are much better in real life!!!) Similar photos, but imgages I wanted to save. Scrapbooked simply so as not to detract from the photographs, but duly recorded for posterity!!!
All I can tell you is 3 years after my Bahamas cruise, it is not fun to realize that album is not done. Yes, my CKU album is finished...that was lesson number one for me in the don't wait section. My Mexico cruise album is done. My dd's cheerleading album for 7th grade is done (8th grade is nearly done. I just got the last of the photographs). My Club Scrap 2005 album is done. But the one album that isn't finished is hanging over my head...the Bahamas cruise. I'm finishing that one after my Hawaiin vacation album. Otherwise, who is enjoying them? Certainly not my family yet!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Incorporating Memorabilia into your Scrapbook pages

As I have scrapbooked my Maui vacation, I have incorporated alot of memorablia I collected while I was over there. What is a pocket on this first page is actually the envelope the company sent our information in for the trip. I then used it to display our room key, a chocolate candy wrapper we got each night and the brochure his company sent us as well. At the very top is a tag off of something!

If you look through these pages you will see I have used maps, hotel glass coasters (those paper things with your water glasses), and even the label off of a beer bottle that my husbad dutifully pulled off. He is a scrapper's husband, he knows what is important!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Starting my Maui Scrapbook

National Scrapbook Day was a great opportunity to start my scrapbook of Maui from which Lou and I had just returned. He won President's Club with his company and that was their reward. So I'm sharing what I got done that day. I'm pretty pleased with it so far. This blogger page will only let me upload so many photos. So we will get a few on here each day...I haven't blogged in a while. I also have a little storeage container I made out of a Wyler's Lemonade container for my brushes to post this week. Who says you have to pay alot of money for scrapbook storeage. There are lots of free resources right in your home!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Watercolor stamping Card

So I was messing around today because I had to make some cards for some friends. I had bought some watercolor paper a while ago at Hobby Lobby and needed to use it.

I have some of those water color crayons. My dear friend, Nancy, sent me them in the mail. I have used them before, but with paint brushes to color in images. I found out you could color on your stamps with them, spray with water and stamp on water color paper. It doesn't work on regular paper because you need the absorbency in the water color paper. I like the fact you can use several colors and run them together.

Natch, I had to use my BG Color Me Silly Paper and coordinating Bazzil. I have used the hound out of that set since I got it. The colors coordinate with my dd's cheer uniform plus they work great with my recent photos from Maui! Those scrapbook pages will be posted here shortly.

I have to post these photos on my blog. I am obsessed with light and photography. I'm fascinated the way light affects objects and the play of light. I just LOVE the way the light is in these photographs. The challenge of shooting outdoors is just great. You can't control the light. I mean you can to some extent by choosing the time of day, but when it is right, it is right.