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Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's Hope In the Teen World!

Not too much to chat about today. No scrap lo's. How sad! Mojo is not here for some reason. I'm excited about some kits that I've got available to me. I'm just not in the stinkin' mood! And that never happens...well, hardly ever!

My kiddies are 16 months apart and have always been very close until probably high school. It's been a rough go as far as that because I'm so used to them being close, and it was killing me to see them fighting. Until yesterday because one of ds's friends said something to him that dd didn't like. She told him not to talk to her brother like that. The friend said, "But you talk to him like that." And she said, "Yeah. I'm his sister. You're not allowed to." She told him he could just leave if he didn't feel like apologizing to her brother. Now the friend is a good kid, and he apologized. A little while later, ds texts his sister, "I love you sister."

So it's true. The foundation is there. There may be some rough patches, but I am confident they will come out on the other side as friends and siblings and still close.

I upped my running today to 1.25 miles from 1.0. I think I could have actually gone further, but one thing at a time. I'm just very pleased with myself. And I feel so much better than when I was just walking. I sooooooo need that run!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rasberry Road and Recipes and a Challenge

Don't you just love the jar in this set of elements? Susan always does something unique. Her papers are just beautiful. This also has a freebie alpha available at the blog. So check it all out here: Rasberry Jam at Rasberrry Road Designs by Susan Darter.

Only today and tomorrow left to participate in the "Layered Frame Challenge" I am hosting at the Rasberry Road Forum: Click HERE for details! You can win a kit from Rasberry Road Designs!

And finally a little teaser for next month's challenge is this recipe card from the Homemade Goodness collection at RR. They will be given away with a bunch of others along with QP's for a recipe book made with the Farmers Market Collection just for participating in August's challenge!

As far as comments on my daily life, it's hot. It's summer. So what else is new! LOL! I ran a whole mile yesterday OUTSIDE, which is a big deal for me as I have always run inside on a treadmill. I had to give up my gym membership, and since I ruptured my achille's tendon several years back, have been afraid to run outside. But I conquered that fear and am now out on the road! So hopefully I can get up to my normal 3 miles! Keep your fingers crossed.

Here we are scrimping and saving like all of America with gas so expensive. And I get a bill for having our wrought iron gates fixed. DH said, "I found a guy to fix our gates for $160.oo." Yeah, bill comes, and true to dh's form, it is $725. Yes, you read that right. I said to him, "Now? With all that is going on we get this bill? If I had known it was going to be this much, I would have passed on this project." *#$_)(*@#_)(*$(_@)(#$*_)(*_@#)($*_)(*#$)(*$_$*#(_)(*#_@)$ Sometimes I hate handling the family finances, cuz I sacrifice so much and then ($*_#(*$@#)M*%_#)(* like this happens. I mean, where am I going to cough that out of??? HELLO!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PUBBED and Clearly Something with a BIG GRIN

This lo was created using Wendy Pages Clearly Something kit available at Digitals. I am so tired so I'm too lazy to direct link and use html code, so just click on the Digital blinkie if you are interested!

And take a look at my little dog, Runt. He is the one with the most hilarious human looking grin on his doggy face. My family saw this pic, and we were just rolling. Y'all, that little dog has dimples. Fo' real! He smiles!

And my big news of the day is that Scrapbook News & Review has picked up one of my lo's to be featured in their next mag issue which comes out in August. And they are the kind of digi mag that you have to subscribe to. Not that I mind ones you don't have to subscribe to. I'm happy to be pubbed whatever it is! LOL!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some of July's Layouts & Page Maps for September

I made a slideshow since it has been a while since I blogged. I don't think I'm much of a summer blogger. There's just so much more I'd rather be doing outside. I don't like winter so I blog more in winter cuz I'm inside where it is warm! LOL!

Becky Fleck has sent me a sketch for the September issue of Page Maps. I am so excited to be asked to contribute to her new digital section. That just completely was awesome!

I went to Hard Rock Park yesterday with 5 teenagers. I think they managed to have a good time. I do believe the highlights of their day included (1) my cussing on a ride because I had lost my ever lovin' mind from fright and (2) my screaming, "Close your eyes if you can't make it through!" several times during a vertigo experience brought on by a drug induced spinning tunnel in the Moody Blues Nights in White Satin ride. Apparently I'm quite funny when I don't realize what I am doing brought on my extreme sensory experiences! LOL!

I rode some dag gum swings. Let me tell you about that. That scared the bejesus out of me. I do not like the feeling of falling. Never have. One reason I don't like airplanes cuz turbulence feels like free falling. So I hop on these swings and off it goes, scaring the wee-wee out of me because I am suspended in mid-air on a twirly-swirly ride where I am experiencing that falling sensation and the only thing I have to hang on to is the two chains currently in a death grip. If I even move one inch, the swing starts to turn, which sends another shock of fear through me, causing a more death defying grip. I realize I can't scream, "Stop this ride! Get me off of here! NOW!" I mean all the others enjoying the ride, don't want to endure my panic attack. So I have to endure, meanwhile my vertigo is aggravated and a wave of nausea is welling up. So on top of falling, I might vomit on anyone below me on this wildly spinning ride. That was it for me for the day. I then went to the Beach Blanket Bingo show. My speed! LOL!