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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun New Lo with Cottage Arts and Senior Portraits

CottageArts Play & Grow Collection by Julie Meade


Okay, I have always wanted to do one of these kind of cartoon lo's, for lack of a better description. When I saw this kit by Julie Meade over at Cottage ARts, I had to have it. It just so happens that I found these photos of my dd from about 4 years ago that were just perfect to be scrapped with it.

I can't remember if I shared this pic of ds that I took. I need to edit it, but I just love it. I believe it will be his Christmas card pic! And the one he can give his friends when they are passing out senior photos! I just love it when he cooperates with me.

His senior proofs came, but the tuxedo yearbook pics didn't come out. Photographer flubbed up so he has to redo those, but the casual looks were great. Now dh and I have to pick which one to order. TOUGH choice! LOL! I'm only going to get an 11x17 as otherwise it is way too expensive!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Digi credits: HERE

That lo is for the July 4th Challenge at the TBD Loft which is a Christmas in July challenge. I will say one thing, it was hard to get some pics for this cuz I really took some stinky photos this year. I'm talking cluttered backgrounds, shadows BLAH! I know not every photograph has to be museum quality, but for heaven's sake, these photos stink-stank-stunk as the Grinch would say!

Let's see, today was HOT! I sweated. That's what I did today! LOL! I had to finish mowing the lawn. Just as I got about 1/4 done, the irrigation guy came to chat with me about our impending sprinkler system in the front yard. I was dripping sweat. I mean, literally, sweat was pouring down my face. It was so gross. At least I didn't stink! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

I planted the rest of my begonias. I just wasn't sure where I wanted them. I finally just put them in the rest of my pots. So I'm done. No more planting...big fat lie! I still have another camellia to plant and some hostas...this weekend...

I did enjoy some time in the pool today, which was wonderful and welcome considering the heat and the sweat. Mind you, I'm not complaining because summer is my favorite season! Even HAWT summer's are my fav!

I have got to do something with my family so I can get some pics of us this summer. DD is the only one traveling, but she lives the life of the Rich and Famous cuz of all her friends. Hilton Head, ATL ya know. but anyhoo, the rest of us gotta do something. A lil day trip somewhere. I really want to go white water rafting. Frankly, I'm the only one excited about it, but too bad. I may just have to drag them all along anyway.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So Much I Had To Make A Slide Show

I have been a busy bee lately, although I do swear that my mojo is dead. I think I taxed my scrapping creativity so much with Christina Renee and Tangie Baxter, that I killed it! LOL!

Anyway, I hope that you will visit Tangie's ATC Emporium because they have so many new ATC kits, you won't believe it. She partnered with Sherrie Drummond to create all these goodies, and they made a ton of stuff!

Hope on over to Tangie's CT blog HERE for this weeks Big Picture Challenge which ends on Thursday 6/26...yeah...today! But you can knock something out real quick and win a $10 GC to her site and buy some cool ATC stuff or something else.

And while you are at it, hop on over to the Authentic Artistry blog where Christina REnee has some awesome freebies posted and two challenges.

I had a migraine today, and so I am very sleepy now. I was worried about it, but I took my lil sumpin and I feel so much better. Sleepy, but at least the headache is gone. I was supposed to go to work, but I was too afraid to be stuck over there with a major migraine cuz it's hard to drive when you are dying of pain! And I don't feel to friendly when I don't feel good!

My teens are out and about as usual. Yes, I know exactly where they are cuz I am a strict mom all up in their business. DS was supposed to go to this go-cart track today, but his friend's dad got mad cuz they were playing XBox 360 online and his friend stayed up all night long. So that was the end of that.

I did have to lay an egg the other night when they hooked up the online XBox because I kept getting woken up by ds's friend saying, "hello? Hello?"

It turns out ds's headset was malfunctioning. I got smart and kidnapped it, and left a ransom note. They are however, teen boys, and got smarter...they got their other friend's headset, and it only delayed them a few. So I threatened them with taking the whole system if they did it again. Cuz I am the smartest!

And on that note of mom power, I shall say, "Ciao!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Senior Portraits

digi credits: HERE

I took some photos of my son before his senior portraits. He is a comedian, and couldn't help but act goofy. He kept cracking up and then say, "Okay, I'll be serious now."

What can a mother do, but photograph those silly moments, too? So I made a lo of the silly. Then I can make one of the serious. What a kid!

I am surviving teenland so far today. Ds has managed to go fishing for two days in a row. His friend got bit by some fish, but I wasn't there and he is fine! I swear my ds could fish all day and love it. When we are at the beach, he is fishing, fishing, fishing! Right now there are four of them in the pool at 11:30pm. I did have to tell them to quiet down once, but they seem to be managing not to offend the neighbors.

Last night they had big fun as there was a turtle in our pool. They decided to swim with it. I tried to take a picture of it, but I was too busy screaming to concentrate and so it didn't turn out that great! It came out of the water and his friend had picked it up! bwahahahahahahah

I did manage to relagate the number sleeping over to one tonight. I just need a break! LOL! KWIM!

I'm not sure my mojo is quite right. I feel kind of out of scrapping sorts as if I can put the stuff on the page, but it isn't clicking. I think a need a break for a few days!

Okay, I am hosting the challenge at Tangie Baxter Designs Loft starting June 20th. HERE. You can win a great GC to Tangie's store with lots of awesome new stuff and the debut of her ATC Emporium just around the corner!!!

Some things can make you feel pretty darn good. How about being a preview lo at Christina Renee? I nearly had a cow. If you look HERE, I am the third lo down. The orange one! I gotta tell you, that just totally made my day, week, month!

Oh yeah... and check this out: Can you find me??? OMG! Isn't it great!

I think that is it for today. I'm sleepy. Although with all these teen boys, I gotta stay up until they go home! bleh!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Camera and A LO and TEENS

Everything is CRD!

So I made this lo yesterday. I also made 3 ATC cards for Tangie Baxter Design's upcoming ATC Emporium release on June 25th. Can't post those.

Maybe that is what sapped my creative energy? I made the ATC's first. Then I tried two lo's and had to get rid of them. This was my third attempt. I went with some Christmas photos, hoping that if I got out of the current photos that it might spark a lil sumpin. I don't know if I will scrap today or not as I have to go to work later. But that might be a good thing. Get some mojo going!

I decided to use the manual settings on my camera to photograph my ds for before his Senior pics at school. I figured I would go with 800 ISO because I like the look it gives for portraits and then use an f/stop around 4.0. Well, my camera, being a Kodak Z740 only goes up to 400 ISO so I used 200 because I did like shooting with that when I was in the film world and using my SLR. Daggum gas prices keeping me from getting my digital Rebel. I shot one I really love. I just miss having total control with my Z740, although it has a 10x zoom and does take good pics.

More teen stories...dd's friend, C came in the house and took his shirt off. He was hot, only to reveal about 5 hickies on his chest. I said to him,"OMG what happened to you."
C, who at 17 thinks he might be smarter than me, replies, "Oh, messing around with them." (meaning his brother and my ds)
I looked at him and said, "They look like hickies to me."
Snagged. Exactly what they were. He confessed.
Remember the girl I had to shuttle out of the room full of boys? Well, he just so happened to hook up with her when he took her home. Which then led to a whole conversation with dd and her friend and them about how he could do better and blah blah blah.
Let's see...horny boy. Willing girl. Do better? I'm sure he was very happy.
But the icing on the cake was when C said to me, "How do I get rid of these? Isn't there something you can do? They hurt." bwahahahahahhahahah "Shoulda thought about that when you were getting them."

Then, earlier in the day, C and his brother, D, got their senior pics. I had to take them. Well, I said I would because they have no a/c in their car and they were upset about being sweaty. Once again I had to tie the ties. Meanwhile these two, who are fraternal twins, are fighting about: their dad calling and who will answer the phone, who got the shirt with the bigger collar, who always gets the shaft, no belt, who's G, who's not. Finally, I looked at them and said, "I'm glad I only have two children. If I had added two more to the mix and had to go through this x2 every day, I'd be in the funny farm."

They looked at me and said in all seriousness, "Oh, that would be bad."

Do they really have any idea?

Then ds calls me from work and complains I have no snacks. His friends are complaining about the crummy snacks we have. I cannot keep up with these locusts. They swarm in, consume everything in sight, and swarm out. "So buy some I said."

I'd had enough. I was teened out. OMG! I needed a break. I was mean. I wouldn't let anyone stay over. And now, my house is quiet. I'm at peace. Recuperated. AHHHHHHH!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I hope you like my lo. Everything is from Christina Renee. I'm too lazy to link tonight. I've had a trying day in the parental realm.

So I've decide talent never sleeps. That's what I think after seeing Christina Renee creating non-stop for DST and Tangie going crazy getting ready for her ATC spot in her shop. Personally, I could do with a nap. I'm tired! LOL!

How many kids can you have at your house at one time? Let's see, ds showed up with six friends to swim in the pool, and shortly thereafter, dd showed up with two friends in tow. That makes ten teenagers at my house. Perhaps one would worry that I would turn into the crazy cat lady with all this going on, but I read a post the other day, which made me hugely relieved.

You see, that lady was the CRAZY CAT LADY. She showed up at a neighborhood bbq with her cat on a leopard print leash. She told people that she bought him a live mouse every week for him to chase in the house. Most weeks he caught it.

So, I am not a CRAZY CAT LADY, yet.

One friend of ds's had to borrow a bathing suit. He kept saying that the legs were too tight, and he could hardly move. Frankly, that was the least of his problems. Over 1/2 his ass was hanging out. You see, my son is very lean and this boy was corn fed! LOL!

Ds's crew involved one girl who is one of the boys. I guess it's a good thing because she announced that her boob fell out of her bathing suit. I asked her if she would like a t-shirt thinking she might have some modestly and was assured that, "No, I'm fine." OOOOOOOkaaaaaay! Personally, I prefer to keep my boobs in my suit, and if one made a mistaken appearance, I wouldn't announce it. And I would've taken the t-shirt.

When ds and friends finished swimming, they went upstairs for a video game session and shut his door with girl in room. OOOOOOH NOOOOOO THEY DIDN"T!

DD says to me, "Are you going to get that girl?"
I said, "No, they won't do anything to her."
After all, she would probably kick their butts. She's a toughie. But this doesn't satisfy dd. She wants to know why ds can have a girl in his room and she can't have a guy in his room. "It's because I don't have a penis."

Fabulous. my dd said penis to me. It's a modern generation. She wasn't embarrassed, so I guess I have done my job as a parent who wants to keep the lines of communication open.

"No, it's because you don't have a reputation and she does, but I'll go take care of it."

So off I go. "Matt, no girls in your room."
His friend says, "Are you kidding me?"
I said, "Do I look like I'm kidding?"
"No. But he's seventeen."
"Is he married? No girls in his room unless he's married."
"You're serious."
"Yes, I'm serious."
"I didn't know you were like that."
"I'm a Christian. Yes, I'm like that."

What a day. I need a sedative.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two more lo's and Foodie Chat

digi credits HERE

digi credits HERE

Okay, a shameless plug for Tangie Baxter who is soon to launch her ATC Emporium within her shop, which will also be perfect for the amazing INCHIES shaking up the paper scrapping world. My first lo features an INCHIE on the star... they are 1" x 1" squares that folks decorate! Anyhow, check with Tangie's site on June 25th! That's the debut day!

While I'm shamelessly plugging, check out Christina Renee Designs who is featured at DST this month AND is giving away a freebie every single day. Part of her Ready, Set, Chase! designs are released each day. On Saturday, if you clicked on my blinkie at DST, you got the Fantasie Ornates, Windows. Boy was that fun for me to be able to do that!!! Anyway, hop on over and find the magic CT member to get the latest piece!

Dd came home from Hilton Head today. I'm glad. I missed her. We celebrated Father's Day after she got home and ds got off work. I made a Beef Wellington, Risotto and cherry cobbler for dessert. Appetizers were potatoe skins with blue cheese. Whew! Am I full. Anyway, can you tell I've been watching Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay.

I would like to know WTF is English mustard? That's what you are supposed to rub all over the beef tenderloin before you cook it in the shell. They don't sell it where I live that is for sure! Not a shocker, but never heard of it! BTW, beef wellington is delish. I used portabello mushrooms for the mushroom part. Yummo!

I have managed to master risotto. And it is really, really good. You just can't be in a hurry to make it.

And cherry cobbler. A whole stick of butter. Need I say more.

I do love cooking when I have time and watching Hell's Kitchen got me curious about risotto and beef wellington. Now both are added to my culinary skills.

So all that being said, I do believe dh had a nice father's day. He got two trees for our landscaping adventure: a pansy tree and a dogwood tree. Plus we got him a pair of Columbia shorts. I also took him for my "short" route of walking since he is wanting to lose some weight. I told him I would take him the long route another day. I think he thought the short one was the long one!

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Cat's Fantasy & Medical Chat

digi credits: HERE

I made this lo imagining what my cat might dream about. I shot this pic when she was looking out of my screened porch at birds???? bugs??? something else??? So I thought I would have some fun with it.

digi credits: HERE

This is a little page for a book I am going to make for my son documenting his senior year.

My dh went to the dr. on Friday. Hard to believe (see prior post) but he was having pains in his kidney area that had awaken him during the night. The dr. determined it was not a kidney stone and sent him for X-rays.

The x-ray check in lady told my dh that he had been there three times lately, and he had to pay first. WTF? We have insurance with a major insurance company, and he is employed by a Fortune 100 company. The hospital hasn't even had time to file the insurance from the day before so of course we would have a balance...blood work, colonoscopy and now the x-ray. She tried to extort $700 out of him, but he told her no. She remaneuvered and he told her no again. Finally he gave her $100. Now, the last time I checked, we have active insurance so they aren't supposed to "deny" us service. Which is what he basically told her, "Take the $100 or I'll take my money and go somewhere else."

This type of treatment has really chapped my hide! Especially since the doctor asked for an immediate "wet" reading. Did he get it? NO. Did he get his report today? NO! So on Monday, I am going to call up there and raise hell. I'm glad it wasn't an emergency. I am really turned off by this hospital. We can't use the other one in town, which gave better service as his insurance changed and we are forced to go to this FOR PROFIT place instead of the other, which was NOT FOR PROFIT.

Not only that, when he was recovering from being anesthetized, he was in a room where the gurney fit. There was a sink about a foot away and a chair (for me) next to the sink. The nurse, who was a healthy woman, could not fit her butt in between me and the gurney. What type of facility is this? At the other hospital, you got a full room. This one is squeezing you in like a Japanese hotel and compromising the care you get by making a large nurse have no room. I suggest they either build a bigger room or hire smaller nurses that will fit in their sardine can. It was really a turn-off.

Oh, I almost wrecked my blog. I was in the HTML trying to figure out my ad-sense...not that I've ever made any money from it, but they sent me an e-mail to update it to google. Anyway, I was looking for this code they asked for and changed something, only to discover I'd lost all my customization. I wasn't able to get it back. However, it seems to have recovered by itself and then I decided to change to this black background to see if I like it or not.

Thoughts Du Jour

In 24 hours, my family has had 4 wisdom teeth pulled, a skin cancer surgically removed, and a colonoscopy. 3 of us down and out. The extra one is away at the beach enjoying herself. What a ride! LOL!

Update on the redo of our garden: I had 3 boys out in my yard laying putting down newspaper as a weedblock and laying pinestraw to keep the weeds out. They have done two beds out of 4 that need to be done. I'm paying them $1.00 a bale, which is great for me, and since it isn't over 100 degrees anymore, I think it is ok with them. They can jump in the pool when they get hot and there is lots of food and drink.

My ceiling has had a leak in our family room for about two months. It was finally determined to be related to the "terlet" upstairs. Which is a huge relief as we thought it was the flashing on the roofline. Finally someone is here to fix that mess...the leak and then next week, they will come and repair the ceiling in our family room...for the third time...The other three were do to storms which caused leaks.

And finally, my son's friend just turned 18. He is thinking of joining the Army. I don't know if they will take him as he was never able to make it past 9th grade in school, and this year finally gave up and dropped out. This is not a friendship that I encourage as this young man was headed nowhere, but I feel distressed about him joining the Army at this point in our country's history. I'm pro-military, but anti-Iraq, and I'm afraid they will send him to Iraq.

I plan to scrap today, as I am the one that had the skin cancer removed. I have a two inch gash on my neck. I shouldn't call it a gash. It was done by a plastic surgeon so I doubt I will have a scar that will look like anything more than a line on my neck that is supposed to be there. But I had no idea that they were going to make an incision that large, but they said it should all be gone, which is the main thing! Anyway, I don't want to get it in the sun so mainly I have to be indoors until the pool gets some shade.

That means cleaning up from the boys that have been here for the past two days. LOL!

And the highlight of my coming week is my son is scheduled for his senior pictures. Now I could shoot his myself, but it is part of the journey, isn't it? And I want to take it all in and enjoy him making it this far. If you have a child with ADHD, you know exactly what I mean. It's been alot of work and love to get him to this point, and I'm so proud, I'm going to do every corny little, traditional thing that comes along and wallow in every delightful moment! I'm just busting with pride at my evolving man!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Christina Renee and When Do You Work

digi credits:HERE

That is my latest creation using Christina Renee's designs, including her latest Freebie at DST: The Scenery-The Royal Garden. I hope y'all have been downloading those cuz the heart, fish, hearts with arrows, star and UP are all from her freebie this month, too, at DST!

I told my son to be sure he had off Tuesday this week as he was getting his wisdom teeth out. Okay says he.

Tonights conversation went like this:
Me: Matt, when are you working this week?
Matt: Tuesday & Friday
Me: Matt, you can't work Tuesday. You are having your wisdom teeth out.
Matt: I know.
Me: I told you to tell Ryan you needed Tuesday off.
Matt: I did. We're having a tournament.
Me: Well, you can't work.
Matt: I know.

Why did I bother to tell him to be sure he had off? Anyway, he has to trade with someone now or WORSE, embarrassing Mommy will have to intervene!

UNCOOL: This girl at work asked me to work last Sunday for here which was my Sunday off. I did. She promised to work for me this Sunday, today. Did I hear from her? NO! Did I call her twice and text her. Youbetcha. Did she ignore my calls. Youbetcha. Did I have to go to work today. Youbetcha. Was I pissed? Youbetcha. Will I ever do anything for her again? NOPE! (Did you think I was gonna say YOUBETCHA?)

It was 101 degrees in the shade on our porch today. IN JUNE! Early June at that. That is HOT no matter how you slice it. Whew!

I've got to get out early and water tomorrow so everything we've planted lives. It was too hot by the time I woke up this morning for it to do any good. So I'll have to water extra tomorrow. Hate to see that water bill, but I gotta protect my landscape investment!

Any movement at all outside tomorrow will require a dip in the pool. That's what I do. Work a lil, dip a lil, work a lil, dip a lil! LOL!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

digi credits: HERE
So this is my attempt at (1) one of those fantasy lo's that so many people do and (2) a big picture lo for my challenge at Tangie's Loft June 20th, that I am hosting (and keep mentioning). I had alot of fun doing it, and I must say, I rather like the way it turned out.

digi credits: Tangie Baxter Beach ATC freebie @ DST (check out her Queen of the Day thread) & Mehndi Caravan, CRD Ultimate Art & StoryBoards 2.

The city where I live has turned down my claim against them saying that "they had no prior knowledge". I wonder how they explain my husband's phone call to them and my two phone calls to the City Manager? Bastards. I knew they were gonna do that. Deny the first time. I read RAINMAKER by John Grisham. I know all about denial as a standard procedure because most people will go away. So tomorrow I call the Mayor and forward my picts and story to a newscaster in the Junior League with me. Maybe that will get their attention? Too bad my friend moved whose husband was the head of our paper here. I'd be all over that, too!

Who wants to talk about that crap anyway? Not me. I have enjoyed day 3 of my 4 days off by scrapping, blog train(ing), praise game(ing), and swimming in my pool which is now a temperate 90 degrees! OH YEAH!

I also spent part of the day watering as it was nearly 100 deg here today. All those new plants and shrubs to to my plumbing fiasco need to be watered to live! Next to get in-ground sprinkler system so that everything we planted doesn't die. I feel like I'm in a money pit right now!

Tomorrow is errand day as we are out of groceries. Ds had his two friends over today. They were eating everything in sight, of course, being teenage boys. Each had a Totino's pepperoni pizza. One had some chips. The other had some nuts. They finished a thing of lemonade I had made. Gotta stock up. This was just their pre-dinner snack!

Dd has not been seen all day. She has possession of the car, and that means, was long gone!

Which brings me to my final comment of the day. I had to take pictures of myself enjoying my pool as ds was not home for most of the day and neither was dd. I guess the tide is changing, and I will be scrapping more things than just the kiddie patrol, eh!!!

And rest assured, there are not full length photos of me in my bathing suit. Why would I do that! LOLOLOLOL!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blog Challenge And What's Up Doc?

First off, I haven't posted this lo anywhere yet, but credit is due to Tangie Baxter & CRD whose kits I used to make this lo!

I'm hosting the blog challenge over at the Creative Team Loft on June 20th. I decided to make a big picture challenge as I was inspired by some lo's using big pics over at DST. When I say big I mean a minimum of 4"x12" and a maximum of 10"x12". So if this is something that interests you, c'mon over June 20th and play for a GC to Tangie's store. I'll be posting a direct link then so don't think you have to remember it, unless you don't visit my blog...then you do!

Okay, on to my current saga. Albeit a small one, it is really chapping my hide! I had a growth on my neck so I went to our family physician who thought it was a skin cancer. He said I should see a surgeon immediately and scheduled me an appointment for a few days later. But since I see a dermatologist every six months (red hair and freckles), I just went to see her...er only her wasn't available so I had to see her partner. He was a piece of cardboard as far as personality.

And much to my distress, he didn't take the thing down to skin level like my regular dermatologist would. He just scraped a teeny piece off and left the rest of this thing that was the size of an eraser causing me to feel like one of the witches from MacBeth. I felt it was my own beacon, lighting my way on the darkest of nights. To me it is huge and glaring. I wanted it OFF! I guess at Georgetown Medical School they don't teach you to take it all off.

So the biopsy is supposed to take 2 weeks. My appt. was May 12th. On the thirtieth, I called the office, and they just had my lab report in their stack. Their stack of what? Wait and ignore until they call? Eraser is still on my neck. It is still unsightly. Someone needs to get rid of it. Fine, they can see me. It is a sqemous cell (sp). Lovely. Take it off.

The earliest appointment is July 8th. WTF? I'm not going around with an eraser skin cancer on my neck until July 8th. Would you? Honestly, it's time to have this lighthouse removed. Moly russel's wart...remember that from Uncle Buck. I have moly russel's wart. Get it off!

So I'm more clever than these inept scheduling people who arent' alarmed that I have a skin cancer the size of Uncle Buck on my neck. No siree, I'll get the best of them and have this thing removed, by George!

So I call the local plastic surgeon. Added bonus of tiny stitches leaving minimal scar, which in the world of vanity is a big BONUS! Plastic surgeon sees me today. MOTHEROFGAWD he doesn't take the elephant in the room off my neck either because insurance says I have to be precertified. They couldn't do that before? They couldn't do it now? I have a freakin' family moving in on my neck. GET THIS ()*#@()*$ OFF!

So now, I am relegated to coming back on Tuesday to have this fabulously Aaron Neville-ish moly russel's wart Macbeth witch thing removed. IS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO WAIT THIS LONG? I'm glad it is not a melanoma. I might have had to wait to Christmas to get it off. By then it would have been so big, I could have stuck a bow on it and left it under the tree.

As an aside, for the first time in 19 years of marriage, my husband went to bed before me...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Christina Renee PlayTime

Digi credits: HERE

digi credits: HERE

Digi credits:

Okay, so I feel like I've managed to rock out 3 lo's that just tickle me pink. Sometimes the creativity is right on! KWIM! What I hate are those brain fart lo's. Do you have those? When your brain just apparently stops working, and you put something together and think,"Oh my, that's not that great."

I hope that you enjoy the last lo up on my post as it is for a blog challenge at Tangie Baxter's Loft. Click on my Tangie blinkie and you will be able to get to the challenge. The challenge was about your inspiration in creating a lo. What a great idea! Anyway, so that's what I made.

I spent my first day off pruning, cleaning up "left overs" from the mass planting, and trying to be in the shade and not get sunburned...all the while taking a dip in the pool whenever I got hot! Now that is a perfect day! The pool is a perfect 86 degrees. You can just walk in and not feel cold. I love it when it is like that! I love it when it is 90 degrees and we can night swim. You could night swim now, too, but I prefer the pool to be warmer.

I can only top this day by a nap under a tree by the side of the pool. Perhaps tomorrow!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Back To Blogging

OMG! Planting, digging, planting, digging, planting, digging, work, work, work, sleep! Those are two photos of my beds on the sides of my front porch. Mind you, we've had to replant the beds on the right and left sides of the house and the little bed by the front curb. I'd say we are 75% done planting.

I have been so busy planting. I'm so far behind on my CT obligations! WAH! I had to take a month off from Digitals, which I really hate, but I need to get things back on track. Which I am off four whole days this week! WAhooooo! So I made two lo's this weekend, which I really adore, using Christina Renee's products since I made her CT for the time being! OMG! And that is super big news so I am totally jazzed, and as always there are familiar faces on there from other CT's I am on. I love seeing people at different spots. Anyway, it is using DST Gold kit which features CRD this month, so I have to wait to post them until their newsletter goes out.

Anyhoo, I'm keeping this short today.