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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kibbles our Krazy Kat

This is my cat, Kibbles. If there were such a thing in the cat world as a dumb blonde, she would be it. She is not very bright at all. Beautiful and soft with huge eyes, but she is dumb! She will do #2 in her cat box, but she pees on the paper infront of the catbox. She will not pee in the cat box. We have tried everything. For some reason, she just has this mental block! At least she goes on paper!
She also takes her front paw and takes water out of her water bowl until she is standing in a puddle of water. Once she has herself a nice puddle, then she will drink out of the water bowl. Mind you, not the puddle, the water bowl!
If she wants you to pet her, she will head butt you until you do or she will meow in your face. She will also tap you with her front paw.
For a while, she had a crooked head and looked at us cock-eyed. That seems to have passed. She must have had a kitty cold that affected her in some way. She is fine now!
I have not scrapbooked this photo yet. It is on my to do list. I really like it because it is right up in her face. How often will a cat cooperate like that...NEVER!
My friend, Missy, has started a scrapbook blog this week. I have really enjoyed seeing her stuff. I love seeing her stuff in person anyway. She has a great scrapbook style. She always has the greatest papers! I love what she buys. I always tell her that I just need to go behind her in the scrapbook store and buy whatever she buys.
She buys some of the coolest kits. I never seem to be able to find this stuff. I guess I just need Missy with me. Not that I need to be spending anymore scrapbook money. I have spent more in January than I did in the last four months of 2006! In fact, I hardly spent any scrapbook money last year.
So far I have purchased $5.00 worth of red ribbon (on sale at Hobby Lobby), Pioneer strap hinges for two albums with 3 posts each, 2" extender posts, Ali Edwards Designers' Eye II and had it coil bound, $20.00 worth of Bazzill cardstock in various shades to match pp I already have, a set of chipboard alphas, a binder and tabs for my DW 2006 calendar, and finally $11.00 worth of 5x7's for my dd's cheer book. WHEW! The only thing I have left is some Cosmo Cricket paper that Hobby Lobby has. I'm waiting for it to go on sale, and then I am back on my spending moratorium. Still under $100, but as a SAHM, sb supplies are a luxury item these days. Not that I mind, it's just made me very picky!
Hmmm. I think confession must be good for the soul! LOL!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Coil Binding Ali Edwards DE2

I took my Ali Edwards Designer's Eye II to Office Depot yesterday and had it coil bound. That is like a spiral notebook. My friend, Missy, had hers done this way on our recent scrapbook trip, and I loved it! It lies flat now so I can easily scraplift her fabulous ideas, which I will be posting here, of course.
I also bought a small three ring binder to house my DW 2006 calendar. Now I am in the process of punch 3 holes in all the pages. Office Depot did not have a punch machine that would punch holes in something that small. Let me tell ya, it is boring to do it, but worth it. That calendar has plenty of good ideas for me to lift as well.

My favorite spot to hang these days is www.scrapstreet.com. There was a post there about pre-planning layouts. The girl who wrote it can plan 160 layouts in a week! And she can get 14 lo's done at an evening crop. I am going to try her method this Sunday at a football widow's crop.

Not that I am a football widow. My dh loves Da Bears so I will join him on the sofa for the game. I might be reading, but at least he has my company!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Black Monochromatic Layouts

I real.ly like this layout. It photographed darker than it is, but if you have BG Black Tie, you know the colors. I tried to use papers that emulated the scientific look my dh had going on with his project. It is really funny how much my ds looks like his dad, even though I've been told that Matt is the spitting image of my dad as a child!
This was a Becky Fleck sketch. She has a great website. I have printed off all of her 12 x 12 sketches for use at crops and such.
Anyway, I think black monochromatic can be an effective "tool" if used correctly. I really wanted to keep the emphasis on this photo, especially with the title on the project board. I felt it would get lost if I used color. I used some graph paper from American Traditions that I just so happened to have found at the scrapbook store. It has a hint of blue on the lines. The rest is all black and white as you see. I really am pleased with the way this turned out! My dh got a kick out of it, too. The kids love it. That after all, is the goal, right!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Boy's Fun

check out www.scrapstreet.com and their online mag in March!
This was a scraplift from my online friend, Mel from Australia. I'd been dying to do these pictures. I just think they are hilarious. Matt also has a record to be broken. None of us have been in the pool as early as April 2nd!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crate Paper

For some reason, I am having to do this post twice. I'm having to re-write what I just wrote. Aggravating! Anyhow, I received an awesome prize pack from Scrapstreet recently for a two week layout challenge. I got the most points of anyone.
Part of that prize pack included some Crate Paper. Their paper is delicious. It is high quality and a nice weight. It has a subtle texture and beautiful patterns. I am a patterned paper junkie! The paper was used on this lo along with my favorite font, Enviro, for the journaling. I believe the Smile rubon was from Scenice Route.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slide Show of Recent Layouts

Went cropping with my two girlfriends this past weekend. We had a blast. I made 34 layouts. I used some sketches from www.scrapmaps.com, a great site and some ideas from Ali Edwards Designer's Eye 2. It feels good to "git ur done", although that is never the point. But if you don't have them finished, how can anyone look at them???
I finally finished my Bahamas album from our cruise in 2003! That was a long time coming, and what was the point of waiting so long?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Get a move on that scrapping! It's 2007!

I've managed to welcome the new year and today I have actually scrapped 3 layouts! Yes, I have taken time out between celebrating on New Year's Day and my general housekeeping duties to scrap and get a jump on my goal of 272 layouts.
Two of these layouts are photos I have been carting around for over 2 years. They are when Missy, Mandy, and I went to Charlotte, NC, CK Convention for Faye's talk and some classes. We loved Faye and drooled all over her like buffoons, but who cares? It was fun.
We also went shopping in the convention center. What a mecca of scrapping goodies. Things we don't see where we live. We actually got overload and finally got so tired shopping, we couldn't do it anymore. It was so hard to buy because what might be around the corner. Not that we didn't buy plenty of stuff to play with. Good thing Mandy and I had our business at that time, and it was a write off!
However, don't wait 2 years to scrap photos that mean the world to you at the time. If they are that important, do it now.
And, make sure if you meet someone you've wanted to meet for a while, you give someone else the camera. Otherwise, you'll have great photos of all your friends with them, and none of you!