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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Night Sketch Challenge

Did the sketch challenge tonight for Scrapstreet. Had to go digi, of course. Hope you like it!
I've made it to 80 layouts left towards my yearly goal. That was my goal for the weekend. So whatever I do tomorrow is a bonus.

More Digi Doin's

Okay, I used a free kit from 2Peas for this one because I needed a break from making my own elements. Kit is by Tia Bennett.

One of my friends at Scrapstreet mentioned a digi mag: Simple Scrapbooks so I went and got it. They have some articles in there on HOW TO and they are for PSE. I'm so glad about that. When I have to read articles in old versions or CS2 or CS3, you have to translate, which wouldn't be so bad, but I'm not sure where everything is yet!

I'm going to try making some bookplates. They have an article on that in there. Lots of digi stuff out there too, as far as kits and stuff. I checked out 2Peas since I sold all that stuff on e-bay. I might get one or two, but I want to make my own so I can sell mine, too!

Digi Mania

I made my own background paper on this one and then used Dora's White Wedding as an overlay to get the border. Embellies are Sue's Tropically Hot collection. It takes a while just to figure it all out, but I am really enjoying myself.

One more lo towards my goal! Wahoo!

From Scratch Digital Layout

Okay, I'm down to 83 layouts to go towards my goal. I have to keep counting down! I hope to whip out another 3 layouts this weekend. I'm not sure they will all be from scratch like this one. It took a long time.

I went to Di Hickman's blog (check out my links) and I found out how to make ribbon from scratch. She is a guest designer somewhere. I'll have to find the place. Anyway, Scrapstreet has a little blurb to check out her blog to make scalloped edges. So I went and did that, too.

It took me some time to make this layout. Like all night, but I've learned alot. I messed with opacity some to get the textures to look a certain way, and of course, filters.

I want to do all these cheer pics I took of Caitee digitally for her book this year. I need to get the color matching right for the blue and gold, but all that in due time!

I think I'm possessed! It's 1:20am, and I'm still up posting my creation!

Friday, June 29, 2007

UCA Superior Award for Home Pom

Live Love Laugh Blinkie

DD downloaded the original. I really liked it. I dressed it up a bit in PSE.
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Crankin' Digi

Okay, digi lo number two...I've got

84 more layouts to go to hit my goal of 272 for the year.

I played with my font and the brushes and changed it up for the title. That was new. I added the black frame successfully. I also added text just on the lo instead of journaling on a tag or block.

My family loves that darn brick sandwhich. It's just a sandwhich you make on a big loaf of bread that you cut down the center and pile stuff on! But it is great to travel with and good at tailgating events, too.

I got this kit free at Scrapbookflair. They have free kits so I'm doing all my experimenting with those. I did download some "fill in the blanks" type lo's, too. I haven't done those yet. I do have a few more beach pics so I might try some of those for that!

I've been having fun and appreciate the comments folks are leaving about my new adventure! I'm sure I'll be posting something else later today. Maybe I'll try some more stuff and make something exciting. We'll have to see. AFter all, I've got all the time in the world, eh!

I have recovered from 3 days at cheer camp. I need to get those pictures up and edited. The girls are going to make a scrapbook on their camp adventure with pictures they pick. Caitee's like, "Mom, you should do it," but I don't like to scrapbook for other people. It's not "emotional". I'm vested in our books. Plus, they couldn't afford me! LOL!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My first venture into the digi world

Okay, here it is...the debut of my digi scrapping. It was fun. Especially considering it was 90 deg. outside today. I could enjoy the view of my pool from my kitchen window and scrapbook to my hearts content. No mess, either, since it was all digi. Not that I mind the mess. Lou's boss was supposed to come over today. So we had to keep things kinda clean. I say kinda cuz you know how messy I really am. LOL!

I need to figure out where to get these printed oneline and how to make the file size smaller for posting. I swear. If it's not one thing it is another! But we have major progress here, and I am tickled pink. I think I will scrapbook like crazy for a few days! Get closer to my goal. I mean I have 86 layouts to go...well, I did. Now I'm down to 85! Be pretty cool if I could knock out a few on digi.

There are lots of free kits online. I'm using those right now. I don't feel like investing cash in more sb supplies. I might treat myself to one or two kits just for yucks once I sell my stamps on e-bay. I don't want to go too crazy because CK Charlotte is coming up!

Keep It Crunk

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Well, I've had some aggravation trying to figure out all this stuff. All these tutorials act like you already know everything. But I did manage to make another blinkie. Although the first two I really made were the best. This will have to do for now until I figure out what the hell I did! Something to do with the two photo images I put in them...hmmm....

I made a blinkie!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
There it is! My first one ever! I'll get better at it, but that's what I have for now. There's quite a bit to learn about my new Photoshop Elements 5.0 software. I bought it with my recently earned e-bay money! Wahooooo!
I also have a digi lo that I am currently working on. I'm stuck at the moment. I need to do a little research and I should have that to post by the end of the week!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Altered Flip Flops

Okay, DD's lil' sis on JV said she loved cheap flip flops. They have to bring them a gift for cheer camp. So dd bought these blue flip flops. They looked like they needed some LOVE, so I altered them and made them cute!

I don't know about you, but I think they are just about the cutest stinkin' things I have ever seen, and I might just have to make myself a pair! Maybe they will all love them so much, that they will pay me to make a pair for them!!!
These were done in less than an hour! What a great craft. I stuck that red tacky tape along the thong top to make sure the ribbons wouldn't come off. I just simply tied the ribbons around the thong and put a bow where the piece is that slides between your big toe and 2nd toe!
Mojo was on vacation. It might be back. I do love summer colors!
I was at Walmart of all places today, and saw some totally awesome stuff for scrapbooking by Colorbok. They have these chipboard cubes that are so cute. They are just layers of chipboard tags, alphies, and words. They also had Autumn Leaves kits and some more Colorbok stuff.
I'm selling some more things on e-bay...rubber stamps. I've used the hound out of them, and I am sick of them. So when I get my cash, I'm going to buy some holiday rubber stamps to make my holiday cards and some of that stuff from good 'ole Walmart! Why not!!!
I also used the money I got from selling my old scrapbook mags and idea books to purchase PhotoShop Elements 5.0. I'm very excited to try that out. That way when we are on vacation, I can still scrapbook. I don't have to cart all my crap with me. I can just do it on my laptop! Will be playing with that tonight and while dd and I are at cheer camp.
I certainly hope I survive camp with 40 teenage girls on our two squads and probably 1,000 other girls...OMG! I must have lost my ever-lovin'-mind. I should get some great pics. I hope so. I can scrap them digi while I am there. Or at least try!
We leave at the crack of dawn or as Madea would say, "Oh-dark-thirty." Oh, it'll be dark alright! And the girls have to perform right after they register. I'm sure they are ready, though. They practiced like dogs! They're going to be awesome. I'm definitely videoing that!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tagged by Amber

I have been tagged by Amber from Scrapstreet! Here's the rules: I must post the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right?

These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1. I can read an entire novel in one day.
2. Housework drives me absolutely nuts. I hate it!
3. Hawaii is the most fabulous, exotic place I have ever been and the one place I would LOVE to go back to.
4. I think my hair may be entirely gray, but I'll never know for sure!
5. Kohl's is my favorite place to shop these days.
6. I haven't scrapped since May's National Scrapbook Day at the lss, which is very unusual for me.
7. I have 4 dogs and one of them looks like Frankenweenie.

Seven people I will tag??? OH my, not sure...Missy, Melanie, Denean, Di, Linds, Emma and Mandy (when I can figure out where I put her blog addy!)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Selling OLD Scrappin' Stuff

You wouldn't think there would be a market for it, but girlies, one man's junk IS truly another man's treasure. It seems like the sorrier I think something is, the more money I sell it for on e-bay. There is no accounting for taste is another theory that accounts for that!

All I know is I have sold paper I no longer want, eyelets of all shapes, sizes and colors, old tools, extra tools, extra embellishments, prizes I've won that I don't want, idea books, mags I've read...the list goes on.

So why are you letting stuff sit around collect dust? Because you paid for it? Well, if you are not using it, at least a little cash in your pocket is better than NOT USING IT! And if it doesn't sell, it must be junk, so donate it to your local school or charity. They can sell it or use it for projects. Teachers love our old scrap crap!

Nothing is worse than having to organize stuff that you don't use. You are just shuffling it around. What is the point? Try it sometime and see how happy you are when you get rid of something and have some cash in your pocket.

My friend, Nancy, and I keep each other going on this endeavor. She usually is the one inspiring me. She has incredible luck on e-bay, meaning if I sell the same thing she does, she always gets more!!! She's at the right place at the right time! KWIM! No hard feelings, though. The point is you can make room for more stuff, which I'm not doing because that defeats my purpose, or make room for the stuff you have after the "junk" is gone.

I have some stamps I have used the hound out of. Some I have used once or twice. My next goal is to go through all them and sell them in lots. Now those I can make room for more of. I try to buy ones that have multiple uses, but some of them came in kits. I won't get rid of the ones that have words or sayings on them, unless I have used it to the point that everyone I know already has seen it!

What are you doing with kits sitting around that you are not using. Sell them. Now I don't have any of that, but I see alot of it on e-bay.

The thing is, if you save it for a rainy day, it just gets old and outdated. You get sick of looking at it. I try now to only buy what I am using right then. If I buy brads or stuff that comes multiple in packs, I try to share with a friend so we at least have different colors and such. I'm not being stingy or cheap. I'm being smart.

I think I finally got to the stage where hoarding was just hoarding and that didn't make any sense. I don't even save my scraps. What for? I try to use every last piece of paper as I am scrapping. And the teeny bits that are left are tossed. It seems I never had the right scrap for what I needed. Why store it if it is just taking up space.

Now this may not be your philosophy. Maybe I have just opened your eyes! Hard to say. I just know this is working for me and lining my pockets!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cover Finalist Again

WAHOOOOO! I'm up for the cover for July at Scrapstreet.com. I just got my e-mail today. Now I'll have to wait the long rest of the month to find out if I'm on the cover. I'm so excited! The layout is called American Graffiti and is my mom and dad on the way to their honeymoon. It's a great picture. What a way to start the day! That will be 5 pubs this year. March, Apr, May, June, July, plus my pub in Nov. 06!
Let me do the happy dance.
I'll link to the pub when it's in the mag.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cake Squares All Decorated To Eat

Okay, here they are ladies and gentlemen, my cake squares. Now, the green man with the black hat, is actually a snowman. We were just making these last night and using the three colors that we brought with us! So my Christmas candle, tree and wreath might look a little insane with blue lights and such, but hey, I'm learning! LOL!

Look at all my cute things: balloons, pumpkins, nests with eggs, bunnies, chicks, Christmas, baby and rose buds and yes, clowns. I am not a big fan of clowns, but these icing clowns are really cute, and you can decorate them even more than what they are on here. Clowns can be sitting up, lying down, knees up. Lots of different ways to pose them. Just lots of icing! LOL!

I signed up for the Advanced class in the fall. We get to make a 3 tiered wedding cake. That will be interesting.

I really love this class and am having alot of fun with it. I'm not so restricted, and my creativity just flows!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cakes & Cards

Here are some photos of a cake I made recently for a friend and a card I made for a couple who is getting married.

Welcome June and Publication


Here it is - my fourth publication this year. I nearly made the cover as I was a finalist. Lisa Pepper was the cover winner with a gorgeous layout of her friend. It was all very exciting to be in that group. There were several of us from Scrapstreet in the group of finalists!

I don't know why it is so exciting to be published. Yes, I do. It's the fact that someone else feels as excited about your layout as you do. It is a very nice feeling to be recognized. It's a pat on the back. It's not why I do it, but I love that I can do it well enough to be picked from the many submissions as one that stands out.

Often times it can be discouraging on line to not get pubbed. There was one website that was all they talked about. What people fail to realize I believe, is that people that are online are obsessed with scrapbooking. I think they are the ones that excel and so you are in among the PhD level scrappers, IMO. It's hard to be recognized in that kind of company and can be discouraging to some.

I have found that I can't scrap for calls or contests specifically as it makes the hobby I love turn to work which takes the joy out of it for me. That's just how I am. Many scrappers I know love scrapping for calls, but my personality is such that it just turns me into a competetive nut and it ceases to be fun!

I like to submit stuff I already made in answer to calls. I need to submit more stuff, but I'm so happy to be pubbed at Scrapstreet with all the talent they have! I'm just a happy camper today.

So check out the rest of their mag, too, because it has alot of great stuff in it! Subscribe to it. It's so convenient. It comes right to your mailbox every month. Dora and her staff do a great job. I haven't seen a bad one yet!