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Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh The World Of Computers and such

My computer is "in the shop". The one I normally work on. The letter 's' fell off and then when I was trying to fix it, the directions said take another key off so you can get the plastic piece underneath it, configured correctly. So I took the 'd' off...only to discover that this is a bad idea. Now, both the 's' and the 'd' are off. Let's face it, we use those letters alot. That's why the keyboard is configured the way it is.

My dh said that he was a little worried for the Geek Squad guy at Best Buy. He thought I might eat him as he was trying to put the 'd' back on. These little plastic things that sit under the key are made in China by people with very tiny hands. You can just imagine a large overweight guy with fat fingers trying to manipulate this thing and shaking at the same time. I was probably giving him the evil eye without realizing it. But honestly, I'd already done all that, and to make matters worse, he was doing it backwards, inside out, all wrong. OMG!

I checked on the internet before trying to see if I could get this thing fixed because I wanted to try and fix it myself. This resulted in the 'd' popping off the keyboard and shooting who-knows-where. DH had to find it for me! I learned that the computer manufacturers do not sell these letters or their "seats"-shall we call them for lack of a better word. But a techie at Dell figured out, after numerous service calls about this problem, that there was a market for this. Although, in my whole life on computers, I've never had this happen before. I think it was a manufacturing defect in the 's'. But, there weren't any e-bay people, which is where this guy landed, selling Gateway letters. And the reason you have to take one letter off is to figure out which little plastic seat you need.

You can also buy the whole keyboard, which is around $64, instead of the $150 the local dude wanted to charge. To which I responded with my newly found knowledge, and the techie was impressed. He said, "I see you have done your research." DUH if you know me.

All this craziness to say that the computer is still under warranty. BUT have you seen the disclaimer you have to sign at Best Buy for them to send off your computer? It says that they are not responsible for incidental damages while your computer is in their care. I had to ask the little techie guy about that because how could I be responsible if they were in possession of it. DH is used to me. Then, there's the disclaimer about some sort of deposit and also another thing about if repairs are above a certain amount. Techie had to fix that because my cost is zero under warranty and I'm not giving them any room to maneuver when I can get replacement keys or a keyboard myself for less than they are going to try and squeeze me out of! But since it is under warranty, that is a non-issue.

Poor techie did ask me if I had bought the extended warranty at Best Buy. To which I had to reply, "Everyone knows that if something is wrong with your computer, it will die within the first 30 days." DH loved that one. Techie knew it was true and he left it alone. Honestly, I was under duress facing CT assignments, bills coming due, schedules for work all on my laptop. I was trying to be polite at the same time, irritated as all-get-out!

Anyway, this leaves me with much time to scan and put photos on disks to be used in 2weeks to start digi scrapping like a fiend!
Happiest of New Year's to y'all. Check out the Rasberry Girl blinkie that Jill Zwick made for us. I'm totally jazzed!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dr. Oz Would Not Approve

My dear girlfriend, Nancy, gave me this recipe last night which she got off a site at AOL.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip
Boil, poach, saute, or microwave 4 chicken breasts
or pull the equivalent of a pre-baked chicken
Shred chicken and mix with 12 oz. bottle of Frank's Orignal Red Hot Sauce
Spread into a 9x13" baking dish.
Put 2-8 oz. bricks of cream cheese and a 16 oz. bottle of Ranch Dressing in sauce pan and mix together until melted.
Pour the cream cheese mixture over the chicken.
Top with 1/2 C. finely chopped celery.
Bake @ 350 deg. for 20 min.
Sprinkle with 8oz. cheddar cheese and cook for additional 20 min.
Serve with carrots, celery, or chips.

She's a newbie blogger so if you would be so kind and go to her blog and leave her a friendly comment, it would be most appreciated! One Mermaids View

It's New Year's Eve! YAHOO!

My family will eat jelly donuts at midnight, a tradition we picked up living in Germany. We usually go to a fireworks/cookout party, but the poor guy just had surgery so we'll be hanging and have our own family party!

So to you and yours a blessed and fulfilled New Year! I'll see you girlies in 2008!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Page for my Planner

Rasberry Road Bed & Breakfast; stitches Lisa Whitney @ Scrapartist; font: Monika & ?

Digi credits: background papers, pin Doreen Stolz "Walking in A Winter Wonderland Kit"; font DJB Plain Jane, Idiot
This page is my own design.

I've got to get my creative team stuff in order so I can manage it with all the other stuff I have going on! I have the worst habit of keeping stuff in my head, but as the kids have grown and gotten busier, and I've expanded my interests, this has not been the most effective method! Each CT I am on has its own requirements so now I can check off each month as I get them done.

If anyone is interested in this PDF file, I can e-mail it to you, just leave me your e-mail. I will send you a page without the colored background so you can add your own. After all, I don't want Doreen to be "pirated".

I'm also making a page that will include the contact information for all my CT designers, their main website, and the specific requirements. When I finish that, I will post that. I just have to find the page I originally wrote it all down on. OMG! So bad at being organized! It's around here somewhere!

I don't have to work until New Year's Day. My dh is shocked that the store would be open on New Year's. He said, "People don't have anything better to do than go shopping all hung over?"

Now this makes me laugh. I think what he was actually saying was, "Who would go shopping when football was on?"

We don't drink that often, and the last time either one of us was hung over has been years. Where did that come from?

Clementines are out at the grocery store. If you get them where you live, they are a delicious semi-tart tangerine sized orange. Oh, is that a good way to describe them??? They are part of the mandarin family. They are delicious. They are usually available from mid-November through January which also has given them the nickname Christmas oranges, according to Wikipedia. Check them out! They are yummy! We have a drawerful in our refrigerator!

Two last comments...I'm thinking about ACDSee to organize my stuff and I didn't get my external hard drive for Christmas so I need to save for that!

Okay...one last thing...a quiz I took...
I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Let's Chat Amongst Ourselves for a Moment

That line comes from Mike Meyers character on SNL. It just tickles me, but maybe you have to be there to appreciate it! LOL!

Rasberry Road CT Blog Check this out and add it to your fave places. It's the new home of the Rasberry Road Creative Team. I know you've got to love Susan's designs. Wait til you see what everyone of us does with them!

I feel like I just came back to earth. I pulled a muscle in my back working on the 23rd. Went to work on the 24th for 4 hours. Painful on the 25th. So bad on the 26th when I went to work that I could hardly walk because my back kept locking up. It was like I had a corncob UKNOWWHERE. Anyhooo...went to doc. Got 3 drugs. That's about the last thing I remember until today.

Gotta wonder if working 2 jobs led me to this horrible ordeal? Or if not working out for the past month was the culprit?

I normally work out 4-5 days per week for an hour. I haven't had my regular workout schedule in quite some time. I did do 2-3 mile walks the week before Christmas, but I guess my body likes my normal routine...

My "s" is sticking on my keyboard. So if you read anything that should have an "s", and it doesn't, I missed it.

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? Just curious...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tired, Out of Customer Service, Wondering What I Did!!!

It must be insane to think that I could handle two jobs during the Christmas season. Now, I am refreshed as I didn't have to work any job on Sunday. So I had a nice day off. But working two jobs at the same time is HARD and TIRING. Friday and Saturday, I go to both jobs and won't hit the door until 8pm. Mind you, I did this to myself and the benefit is a cash only Christmas so no bills come January! The payoff is totally worth it, but I do not know how people do it that HAVE to do this in order to live their life and support themselves.

Working two retail jobs has made me realize that 5 days before Christmas, I am out of customer service. What in the world makes someone think that because they are in a hurry they can be rude? This woman was in our store today who had to be at school to pick up her kid at 2! Anyone who lives around here knows that if you need to be somewhere this time of year, you better leave early because everyone is shopping and running errands so the roads are crowded. Small town, but everyone comes in from the surrounding areas to do their stuff and we have about 3x the normal cars on the road. She kept telling us she had to be somewhere while we were trying to get her stuff situated. Finally, she announced very loudly, "I'll be back at 5!"

What was that supposed to do? She runs the store? We all have to wait for her to come back? What?

Then another whacko comes in and says she just picked up her necklace, and she asked for it to be gift wrapped, and it was not. I waited on this lady's daughter 5 seconds before. I looked her right in the eye and said, "You didn't pick this up. Your daughter did, and she did not asked for it to be gift wrapped."

What is the point of lying? We gift wrap for free. It's not an issue, just ask. We're happy to do it.

I think that if people just used their manners, allowed time, and didn't wait until the last minute, the Christmas shopping experience would be better for everyone. I don't believe in being rude to customers. I don't mind waiting on people, but I do mind if they are rude to me.

It's like the guy at my other job who told me the only reason I couldn't take out more than two items (of jewlery) at a time was because I couldn't count to two. What was the point of that? Did he think that would motivate someone? I explained very patiently that it was a rule that loss prevention put in place and checked us on. He said, "Well, that's because they knew you could only keep track of one thing at a time."

I'm not saying these things to complain, but I'm saying that my holiday spirit has suffered due to rude, inconsiderate, ingorant people who really should get a lump of coal and a stick from Santa Claus! I'm also saying that if I wasn't working two jobs, I might be more tolerant of their idiocy, but dealing with it seven days a week has worn me down.

In that light, I am pleased to say that I only work one job tomorrow for a total of 4 hours. So I do believe I can muddle through!

So if you are out shopping, please allow yourself plenty of time. Remember that person behind the counter is doing the best they can so give them a kind word and help them keep going!

Also, the moral of my story is that next year, I am only getting one Christmas job!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Goodies in the mail and Great News!

I'm having a great digi scrapping year. I just got an e-mail that I made Rasberry Road's CT! I can't believe it! I'm so excited. What a thrill! She's announcing it on her blog. I'll have to post a direct link!
Rasberry Road Designs

Let's see...my secret pal, Lisa Peppers, mailed my Secret box, and it was chock full of goodies. I was trying to get on ScrapStreet, but they must be having server troubles. So I'm not able to thank her for her fantastic cat treats and dog treats!!! Yes, she remembered my pets. And without knowing it, she sent me jellybellies...my absolute favorite candy in the whole wide world. I've eaten myself sick tonight! LOL! Snowman soup! So clever A beautiful wallhanging for Christmas that says JOY and a stocking that was full of treats. The scrapping goodies were absolutely over the top, and I nearly fainted...Tim Holtz's new grunge board. Yes, it's true...What a nice treat for me today!

I have a lo in the works, but I wasn't happy with it. It think it was the combo of pics I was trying to put on. But I hope to finish it tomorrow and post it...ooops nope..can't post it. I forgot...it's for an ezine...never mind...

Let's see what other hot gossip about myself do I have? Nothing really! Gotta get scrapping! That's all I've got to say!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random Comments and Layouts

I finished my CT assignment for NadlM at Angel-Dreams-Boutique using her Shimmer Alpha with Doreen Stolz's Walking In A Winter Wonderland kit. I used Luminosity in the layers palette to get the effect on my photo after I changed to to black & white using the Optik Verve filter set.

Now I have 2 more lo's to do for Doreen's CT and two kits to download and play with at Scrapstreet for the mag. I need to make a list in Jan. and check off as I go. Tangie Baxter cut us all a break this month cuz she's on the run, too. I'm glad. I've got a few days off, which is unbelievable, but I've got catching up to do on home chores. Then work, work, work until Christmas.

Speaking of work. At the dept. store, my supervisor is a complete psycho! It's unbelievable, but I always manage to find the extreme cases wherever I work. I don't want to go into it, but the proof is in the pudding as she ran off two employees who refuse to work for her and moved to another dept. And, she is in the process of trying to run off a 3rd. She tried to intimidate me the other night, but all she ended up doing was pissing me off. I think she thought I didn't have a backbone and wouldn't stick up for myself. Bitch. That's all I've got to say about that, but what should I have expected from someone who said GD at work and the F word. Not professional! So then my dh says to me that that is harrassment and creating a hostile work environment and the hr people at the place I work would have a cow if they knew cuz it could cost them $$. Not that I'm doing anything. It's only a temporary Christmas job and it's gone in Jan. cuz I've got things to do!

Anyway, I've gotten a great discount and saved a ton of cash shopping for Christmas which was the desired result!

Took a fabulously long nap today. Ah, the joy of a day off. And I got some grocery shopping in. I'm sure the family was relieved!

The highlight of my days off was getting a pedicure yesterday with dd. She was getting ready for her dance and getting a mani, pedi, and spray on tan. What can I say girlies? This is the south and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! So I joined in on the pedi and my feet and legs feel brand new after 12-14 hour retail days between 2 jobs! My toes are a bright holiday red. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a pick-me-up! I feel picked up!

Dd looked incredibly beautiful in her strapless party dress and peep-toe pumps. Will be posting pics. Her date brought her a gorgeous corsage with white roses. Lovely! A good time was had by all!

Mainly that is it for today. I finished my paperwork. Filed it and lined up two bills for payment.

What excitement for tomorrow? Exercise. OH yeah! And cleaning!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Working on CT Assignments

Digi credits: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" by Doreen Stolz; NadlM "Shimmer Alpha" (recolored) at angel-dreams-boutique; fonts: Jump Start & Monika.

Just a little chuckle before I ramble. I remember taking geometry in 9th grade and the teacher saying, "Do not abbreviate assumed." Or whatever that word was you had to write when you were "proving" those theorems or whatever they were. He didn't want to see "ass." all over the papers he was grading. On that note, I don't think we should abbreviate CT Ass. (I can't help myself. I have the humor of a kindergartener!)

I'm up to date on my CT work (although it's play, let's be frank!) for Cottage Arts. I'm ashamedly cramming it in between jobs. This week has allowed me more free time than normal. Which I am glad about because I'm totally missing all my scrapping time! LOL!

Now I'm working on Doreen Stolz. She got a beautiful pack called Walking In A Winter Wonderland. Next will be Tangie Baxter.

It really is hard to think of winter layouts and get into the whole Christmas thing when we are having record temperatures in the 80's!!!

A little chat about job numero uno...the big wigs are coming Friday for a review of the store. I mean how often to these people come. Apparently I made quite an impression last time with my shaking. Well, HOLY CRAP, I'm the newest person on that area and they always come when I'm working, which is once again the case. AND the store mgr. gets everyone so riled up with her say this and say that, but don't say this and don't say that, and make sure you can answer this and blah blah blah. I think I'll need a valium! LOL!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Stuff At Cottage Arts

Julie Mead has been going crazy over at Cottage Arts and so has Michelle. There are several new page packs soon to be released and a fabulous Christmas template set.
Check out my lo's with the new product and rush right over to Cottage Arts to get it!

I hope you like my journaling font. It is CK Becky. I got it the other day, and it is my new fav!

My other hot news, and it is the best, is that I have been invited to join the Creative Artist Team at Scrapstreet. WAhoo! I'm tickled pink!

I'm Here!

Oh yes, I am alive and thinking about things that happen that I need to blog about. First I need to share a really good laugh with you. Well, I thought it was funny. I work in a gift shop that does monogramming, sells jewelry, and does engraving. An older woman comes in and says to me, "I'm looking for a thing."
That's exactly what she said, no lie. And then proceeded to look at me as if I would know what the THING was she was referring to. I had to pop her bubble and say, "I need a bit more of a description so I can help you."
So she then says, "A thing that was right here."
Holy Christmas, lady! So I've got about 40 things in the general area she is pointing at AND we move stuff around so it could be any THING that she is talking about and it could be anywhere.
"Can you tell me what the thing looked like?"
Now can you believe I am having this conversation? Honestly. She was a very nice lady, and very polite, but I think she might have been a dingbat!

On Oprah and Obama
Yes, Oprah made her way to the USC football stadium. If I would have gone, I would have gone to see Oprah, not Obama. It's not that I do or do not care for him, but frankly, Oprah would have been the attraction for me regardless of which political candidate she came with. And, I don't vote for someone anyway, based on some star supporting them. Kinda silly if you ask me!

Employee Discount
I'm working pt for a major department store to earn some Christmas money. People, I am working for the discount. Now, when I applied for this job, we filled out a form to tie our discount to the store credit card. Mine happened to be my husband's card. They took this form and mailed it off.

We have employee shopping days where they will double our discount on top of the sale and clearance prices! Plus you can use coupons you have. So you can save a significant amount of cash on those days.

When I went to look at the statement for the card, I didn't see my discount so I called the credit number. They told me, I needed to talk to the store.

So I talked to the store, and they said they don't have a thing to do with credit, I needed to talk to credit.


I call credit. They've never heard of attaching my employee discount to my spouse's card. They don't do that and so I wouldn't get my discount using his card even if I was an employee. HOLY CRAP. But I can either be a co-signer on his card or get my own. They suggested I do that first and then worry about this discount, although this guy said he'd never heard of them making credits retroactive.


I take a few days break. Mainly because they are working me to death, and then I ask the store secretary about the form with my husband's card. She mailed it off. She doesn't see what the problem is.

I ask the store HR person, who is the store asst. mgr, about this form, my discount and my husband's card. She doesn't see why I'm not getting it, but she will check into it for me.

OK. Someone is finally taking me seriously...NOT! A week, and I hear nothing. An employee shopping day is coming up and I want to finish my Christmas shopping. I call the store asst. mgr, and she says she hadn't had time to check into it, but she will make a call right then and let me know.


She calls me back two minutes later and says that they can't attach the discount to my husband's card, but that I should just apply for my own. They have to give me my employee discount so not to worry about it. Just bring my receipts in and they will take care of it.

OK, she should know right. ASST MGR and all. NOPE! It gets even more convoluted.

I bring in receipt no. 1 for a major purchase. I have double discount, plus a manufacturer's discount for employees only, and a coupon. So I can save 25%, plus 20%, plus another 15% on top of that. A significant savings! Only the first customer service girl can't get the register to ring up 3 discounts. REmember, it was from an employee shopping day, which normally would have taken off 25% and the 20% so they would have only had to ring up the extra 15% from my coupon. VOID. What to do? But she just decides to add up two and put in the third and voila. Done!



Enter the next experience...bring my long receipt with many items purchased to customer service. CS person has small stroke, but lucky for her the CS Supervisor comes up so she passes me off to him, who wanted to go on break, but decides to stay ad do my heinous return/ repurchase, until he sees one of the dept. managers. He passes me off to her who then proceeds to tell me that she is not pleased to be doing this. HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD. Is she kidding me? With all that I have been through? It's their fault in the first place for feeding me misinformation and no one taking the initiative to fix the problem right then. Like I want to take my spare time to fix this crap, too?

OK, items returned. CS Supervisor comes off break and dept. manager passes me off to him again to re-enter all my items. His vision is going he tells me. Another area manager comes up and they tell what they are doing. Everyone has a good laugh at my expense and then there is a huddle. WITHOUT ME.

First dept. manager says they cannot give me my employee discount because it is not employee shopping day. That is 30% people! She also says that whatever the price of the items is not is what I'm going to have to pay because that's what they are. HUH? Now, the savings for me is $200. We are not talking about $10. I think at this point the world turned upside down for me.

HOLY CRAP? Mind you the store policy is for the customer to leave happy and do what it takes. But apparently if you are an employee they can just POOP on you. It's one button they touch on a touch screen and my discount is in. That's it.

So she passes me to the CS Supervisor who says he can't do anything. I tell him the store asst. manager told me it was no problem. I don't get it. He says, "Well, this girl has worked here longer so she knows more."

HUH? The store asst. manager is her freakin' boss, I'm thinking. So it would seem to me that since the store asst. said to do it, ya do it. But he says his hands are tied.

I have been there an hour now after an 8 hour shift of Christmas mayhem. I realized I had to leave, and leave quick, or their would be alot of crying over my $200. I was about to lose my mind! Nobody would help me get what I earned working all those stinking hours for.


I cried all the way home. I cried and cried and cried. I ripped open every box I had wrapped of stuff I had boought and put it in a bag to return it. I cried some more. I ripped the boxes that I had the stuff in. I cried some more. I was so frustrated.

I mean, I could call the corporate office, get everyone in trouble, and get my discount and probably lose my job because everyone I worked for would be pissed at me and figure out how to get rid of me. What else could I do?

To make a long story short, I calmed down. CAlled credit one last time. Was denied any help until I played the "what would you do if this was your $200 and nobody would help you" card. She bit. And fixed.

So I thanked her profusely. And then took time to talk to her supervisor to thank her and say that seven people had had the opportunity to correct this and her employee was the only one that took the initiative.

So what am I thankful for today? Cash. I went shopping with cash today. Even though I pay my cc off every time I get paid, I shopped elsewhere today and used cash. It felt good.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Rome

I vaguely remember this joke from my growing-up years. It's an old line from a movie. And frankly, it's how I feel. Not in a negative way at all, just humored. If it's Tuesday, I must be somewhere. The days are all running together right now between my two pt jobs. I'll put in about 30 hours this weekend between the two of them. I'll definitely be dog tired come Monday! Which I will have off from one job, but not the other!

The jewelry counter has been a scene of love lately. First, I was on my break and I heard them page our floor manager to the jewelry counter. Of course, I'm thinking, "Holy crap! What did I forget to do?" That's not it at all, silly me. Her boyfriend was there to propose to her, which I caught the aftermath of...many photos and lots of congratulations. Jewelry is one of her responsibilities! Plus the person watching the jewelry counter when I'm on break, can't leave so they just call everyone over there. She got a lovely 1 carat ring...princess cut.

Then there was the young couple...twenty...maybe. They came to look at a ring, but it came in a wedding set. They only wanted the engagement ring part. I couldn't sell it separately. So they left. They were very cute when they walked up, holding hands, looking at each other. Very sweet. They didn't have much money and were looking at the fake diamonds we have set in sterling silver.

A little while later they came back, strolling hand in hand to try on the wedding set. She put it on her hand and laid her hand on top of his on the counter. They looked at the set. They looked at each other. It was so stinkin' cute! They decided to take it! He paid cash. I asked if they were getting married. I couldn't take it anymore. They said yes they were. Very soon. How sweet. They were obviously in love. It was a pleasure to see them!

Oh, now to the funny love story. This girl comes over and wants to see a diamond engagement ring. Now, she is probably a senior in high school...I'm guessing...Maybe a junior. She had a class ring on and was all buddy-buddy with this girl that works at our store who is a junior so I wasn't sure about the age exactly. But she is too young to be thinking about marriage. Not a high class girl, average looking...with her two friends there to oooh and ahhh. She says, "I'm hoping my boyfriend will see me looking at rings and get me one for Christmas. Look at him over there (working, mind you, the register by the door) not even looking at me. He doesn't even see me over here."

I'm thinking to myself, "Honey, you are going to scare him off if you are over here trying on rings, and it's not his idea." But of course, I don't say anything. And off they go...only to come back when the poor boy apparently gets off work.

She tries on the ring for him and he looks her right in the eye and says, "What? Do you think I have money out the butt?" oh GAWD, I nearly died. BWahahahahhahaha. That backfired! He then proceeded to wander off, obviously unimpressed by her desire to have a ring and went and bought himself a Mountain Dew out of the break room.

This kid looked so young. I mean, he didn't even have peach fuzz on his face yet. Me and my co-worker were laughing over in the corner so we couldn't be seen. Her friends each hit him in the head when he came back with his Mountain Dew. Yes, friend hitting, a sure sign you are too immature to get married. It was hilarious!

And one last story of love. Older love. Senior citizen love. A nice looking gentleman comes in with the store ad to ask me about a perfume, Oscar. He points at the picture of a gift set and says he wants to get it. I find it for him. He is very pleased. He then points to a picture of a sterling silver 1 carat diamond bracelet sort of tennis-y looking. Very nice and asks me where that is because he wants to see it. I find the bracelet and show it to him, and he decides to take it, too. It is very shiny and pretty. I ring him up and when he hears the price of the Oscar set, he says, "Oh that is such a good price for Oscar."

I just love a man who knows his wife. Knows what he wants to get her, and has been buying her stuff long enough to realize he got a good deal. They'll have a great Christmas together. I can tell!

Frankly, no scrapping photos. In between working, I have been addressing Christmas cards and printing out my photos for the insides. And coaching cheerleading.

One last thing before I'm done. Took the girls to an away game last night. Lower class school (known fact...not my opinion). Their cheerleaders did a great job. Good jumps (bad form, but if their coach is who I think it is, she doesn't know any better). Tight cheers. Loud voices. No stunting. Our girls were busy cheering, stunting and such. Went out at a break to do a crowd pleasing stunt with some tumbling. The game was within 1 point, and their side BOO'D my cheerleaders. Boo'd. Can you imagine? What kind of people boo a bunch of teenage girls doing their thing. Not cool. Oh, it ruffled my girls' feathers and I had to calm them down so they wouldn't get jumped on the way out. Yes, jumped. Low class. Remember. I said it. What tickled me was they asked the AD if they heard the crowd boo them. People unless it is a male wearing a uniform and holding a ball, he doesn't even know it exists. He was totally into the game. No he didn't even hear it! LOL! OMG! That killed me...did he see it! bwahahhahhahhahhahha

What I am thankful for today is a nice day off. I plan on napping in between all my chores...ie vacuuming, laundry, cleaning etc. Got another game tonight, too!