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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Cropping Weekend, Fun With Tangie Baxter, Politics, and Teens

(1) The cropping weekend. I'm off tomorrow for a cropping weekend. Wahoo! Paper, not digi. I haven't done paper in so long! I'll be with my girlfriends. Lots of talking and laughing! Can't wait!
(2) Playing with Tangie Baxters Pink Sea Kit. Photo from our recent trip to our beach house. I love the beach in winter! It is so beautiful even if it is cold!

(3) My dh is a political junkie and is watching every little political show on CNN he can get his hands on. Myself, I just wish they would get it over with. Don't get me wrong, I'm voting, but I hate all the yada yada yada before they get into office.
(4) My dd was mad today because the car had to have new tires put on it, the oil changed, and new windshield wipers installed for her safety as she is a new driver. She wanted to drive to school or have the car dropped off, but that didn't work out so I had to pick her up ...much to her disgust. Then she was mad because the JV cheerleaders can't get their snap/clean motion right which means at the pep rally, the Varsity will have to do the same cheer they've done all year. They're all mad at JV. It's been a bad JV year.

And that is about it for today. I'm delaying packing my crap because I hate packing all my scrapping stuff. Just because you need everything but the kitchen sink. So I'm going to finish my Tangie lo and then go pack my junk!

Do we ever really know what they are up to???

Climbing trees, jumping on the bed, hiding in cabinets, or climbing on the roof? Evidence they got on themselves as these are all pics they took when we were at our beach house a few weeks ago!

Do they ever grow up? It's good to see the kid in them still, especially during these teen years.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Faith Sisters, Tangie Baxter

digi credits are here.

Okay, I knew when I saw the Faith Sisters week 1 challenge exactly what scripture I wanted to use. So here's my page. Well actually, I am making them to fit in a 5x7 card box. Fun, eh!

I don't have much to say today. Hard to believe. I'm tired. I worked today. Tomorrow is gym day. I was good on my eating plan. I made a tasty dinner, but most importantly, the coffee maker worked! LOL!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Faith Sisters Scripture Challenge, Bad Dinner, Coffee Crisis

Okay, what do you say about a day that starts with coffee shooting down the cabinets and all over the floor? I am not awake when I get up so I had to make the coffee as I was the first one downstairs. Let the dogs out, cleaned up a little poopoo accident, washed hands and went over to the coffee maker. Got the pot out of the dishwasher, put the coffee in, turned it on and next thing you know, coffee is spewing out of the base of the coffee maker, across teh counter tiles, and down the front of the cabinets onto the floor. I kept trying to figure out what was going on in my early am fog, and frankly, I just couldn't figure it out. Turns out I was missing the basket that actually should be holding the coffee instead of the piece that swings out, which is where I put the coffee.

Let's just say, the day was hairy from there so I'm glad to be scrapping and trying to wind down! And to end the day, I made a new recipe, which turned out very badly. It smelled a little funny and didn't taste that great.

I've lost another pound on my gym coaching thing so I'm down three pounds. WAhoo!!!

Finally, I needed the WORD today so I did my first of the Faith Sisters Scripture challenges: WAIT, which turned out to be an appropriate word for today.

credits: here

I hope you do photos of yourself. I have lost a few pounds over the past several years, and so now I am at a point where I am comfortable with my image. Trust me, this was a long time coming. It's important for your family to see you, too, in photos when they look back.

Anyway, I tried a new technique from PhotoShop Friday hosted by Jessica Sprague on her blog. I made myself glow! I also had to play with this new kit from Tangie Baxter My Little Sweetheart {Girls}

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunshine Blossoms at Cottage Arts

Digi credits here. This paper is brand spankin' new at Cottage Arts and is called Sunshine Blossom. I think it is absolutely yummy!

What a day today! I thought I was going to get to scrapbook all day, but those family duties kept me going. DH and I ran to breakfast, which was great! And then he had to get new tires on his car because he got a flat yesterday. So while we waited, we went to Barnes & Noble where I read scrap magazines for free, and a Photoshop mag, and drank another cup of coffee while DH showed me hilarious dog pictures. Then it was off to pick up ds at his friend's house, which involved seeing their dog chase foxes. By the time we got home, it was time to run dd and I to the eye doctors for our eye exams. When that was over, I had to run her home so she could get to church and run back to the mall to pick up my sunglasses. My new regular glasses weren't ready. Then it was home to get dinner and there went the day!

I have some very cool glasses that should be here in about a week. When they get here, I will photograph myself. They are a little edgy and fun! Something different!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Play Time and Yummy Dinner

I made the most delicious dinner that was a tomato bisque soup with whole wheat tortellini, bourbon marinated salmon, brown rice with broccoli, and a fab green lettuce salad with walnuts, dried cranberries, and goat cheese. I'm full and very pleased with myself.

Tomorrow I do not get off work in time to catch the bus with the varsity cheerleaders, so I have to meet them at their game. Luckily, these are very responsible and well behaved girls so I am not worried. Also there will be about 4 other adults on the bus with them.

Oh, my crop is coming up. One whole week and then I will be on a scrapping weekend! Wahoo! I haven't paper cropped in so long, I hope I can remember how!

Now on to the fun part of the day...the scrapping. I got to play with a kit by Doreen Stolz. I love the rich colors of the Memory Lane kit. I decided to scrap part of my Christmas lo's with it. I just don't want red and green on every page! Since my guest CT spot with Natalie Bird Designs is nearly at an end, I had to play with a few mor things, too!

Digi credits: HERE


Just some random chatter today. I started a lo last night, but honestly, after working all day and then being aggravated by a flagrantly defiant JV cheerleader and having her mom in my face, I didn't feel the mojo!

I don't usually do the JV games, but they have run off two coaches with their attitude and the other Varsity coach was ill so I had to step in. Mind you, I'm a volunteer. When I got to the game, this girl showed up ten minutes late. Why? Cuz she didn't know what time to be there. No one told her. They announce it at every practice. I said that she should have asked one of the 15 other girls on her squad if she wasn't sure and to take 2 laps. The bball team was running to warm up so she could just fall in line with them and since no one was there, it wouldn't be a big deal. She tried the "she didn't know tact", but I have no sympathy for that this late in the year. Next thing I look up, and no lie, this girl is walking around the court. WALKING right under my nose. Now, I have 12 girls looking at me to see what I'm going to do. I told her to run, not walk. She told me she'd get sweaty. (um, hello? You're a cheerleader, duh...) Run. She said she wasn't running. I told her fine, that she could sit on the side and not cheer for me.

She ran to her momma who got all up in my face in front of the 13 girls. (I had 2 others that were late, but one of those just doesn't give a crap. I knew she'd be running when she got there.) Now, if I just say, "Oh, your momma yelled at me. You can just go in the game." What lesson is learned. The principal wasn't there because momma wanted to know who else she could talk to. The AD wasn't there either. What's a girl to do??? And I don't coach them so they can't run their laps tomorrow because how do I know they will do it? With that bunch, I know for sure they wouldn't!!!

Anyhow, they called the other varsity coach and since she's doing their practice, she said they will run today. Fine. I'm off the hook. And everyone behaves for the rest of the game.

Now, I went to yoga this morning. It was fab! I also have lost 2 lbs with the "coach" at the gym where I go. Right now it's about our eating. So I'm still waiting for him to give me a fitness plan. My diet is pretty good. There are some areas for improvement, which I know so I guess I'll focus on improvement this week and also exercise! LOL! I'll take 2 pounds. My goal is to lose 10 while I do this program. I'll take 8, if that is all I get!

Mind you, I lost those two even with being at the beach for the weekend! YAY!

Soon to have a licensed team driver at my house. She nearly lost her priviledge before she ever got it. She went out to start the car this morning and then actually HONKED the horn at me to come as it was time to go she had decided. DO NOT HONK THE HORN AT YOUR MOTHER or you will not get your license any time soon.

So mainly today I'm just doing stuff...laundry, errands...scrapping! YAY! That's my treat later today!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doreen Stolz, Idol, Heath Ledger

Digi credits: Holly Jolly Christmas by Doreen Stolz, circle stitches by Lisa Whitney @ Scrapartists, fonts - CK Becky, King & Queen, Christmas on Crack

Well, another layout down as far as Christmas and designer obligations! I finished this one today. I made the "font" as far as using one of Doreen's papers to give it the stripes for something different.

I keep saying I'm going to try all the new techniques that I don't know in my Digital Scrapbooking mag. Soon! Right now I'm trying to catch up and working. I'll have a day off soon so I'll be able to take a little more time and fool around. But I do love trying new things and getting different effects.

Are you an Idol fan? I am. I love it! I love having my laptop cuz I can scrap and watch Idol at the same time.

Heath Ledger - what a waste to die so young. I'm not a fan of "Brokeback Mountain", but I loved "The Patriot", "10 Things I Hate About You", "Lords of Dogtown". I don't know why he died exactly yet, but I guess it will all come out in the wash.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Catching UP!

Credits: here plus I forgot to add that the fuzzy stitch is by Amy Teets Sun Porch!

Credits: here
My laptop is back so I am mega catching up on all my CT assignments. I was at our beach house this weekend thinking I would get alot done! Nada! Even as cold as it was. The pull of the beach is irresistable! I made this lo in the car on the way home!

I've also started the six week fitness thing at my gym. We have a "coach", and I'm meeting with him this week on Thursday. I better have lost some weight. We did not pig out at the beach and hopefully walking will have made a difference while I was there!

I entered CK's HOF many years ago when you had to send in photos of your lo's! It was just a fun challenge for me, but apparently some chicks think otherwise. Check out this article in Newsweek: A Scrap Over Scrapbooks

While it appears all work was not original, and the lady signed a statement saying it was, I think getting your panties in a wad over that, which I do agree is cheating, also means that people have too much free time on their hands. Why take someone else's joy, even if they didn't follow the rules? Just let it ride! It's not like your name was next on the list! I don't even read CK anymore because they kept publishing the same people who even re-scrapped the same photos and it was just more of the same ole same ole. Plus you can find lots of ideas online for free!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beth Rimmer

Beth Rimmer at Digitals Miracle on Main Street & It's Raining Men (brad); fonts: Monika and Dear Teacher

Oh, the joy of having my laptop back and scrapping away and chatting with my scrapping friends! Happy, happy, happy!

As I sit here blogging, my cat is next to me on the top of the sofa making many tiny little sleeping noises.

DD bought this hat from AE with her GC from my sil for Christmas. It really is a silly hat, but she loves the darn thing! I'm definitely scrapping this photo! My laptop might be back today so maybe I will have something to show tomorrow!

I have been a working fiend since Sunday, but I am now of for several days. I'm very happy as I need a break to catch up on the ole housework. KWIM!

DS had the best day of his life yesterday because he had no exams, he got to stay home legally from school. That is his idea of heaven. I never let him miss school unless he has a fever, diarhea(sp???) or is vomiting. He got to sleep in and watch some shows and play video games. I did make him do some chores.

Now my two are on to a new semester and the last half of the school year starts today. New classes.

Not much else going on except my aggravating dog, Runt. When it is cold out, we bring the four dogs in at night. Runt is a Australian Cattle Dog according to our vet, but he looks like a Jack Russell/Corgi mix. He runs right in the house and jumps on the furniture trying to see if we will let him sit in the living room with us. We will not because in about 10 minutes, he will take a big poop in there. When he sees the other three running for the kitchen and hallway area where they sleep, he does go in with them. No bribe.

As for the morning...he's too smart for me. That's all I've got to say. He will run right to the oversized chair and sit there looking all innocent while the other 3 run outside to go potty. I've tried cheese. NOPE! Cereal. NOPE! DH said I must bribe with meat. Took out the ham. He looked very excited from his spot on the sofa. He sniffed the air and then buried his head in the pillow. Not budging.

I bring the ham over and wave it under his nose, carefully pulling the ham back as he snaps for it. He moved an inch, and realized he had moved, and so burrowed in the chair. He looked at me innocently. I know I've got to get this dog out or he is going to POOP in my living room. He just is like that. I try the ham again. No deal.

Finally, I have to go get a towel, in case he pees in excitement, and wrap it around him to cover his wee wee like a diaper. Then I have to lift his overly elongated body with his four little stumpy legs dangling and carry him outside. What a mutt!

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Stuff At Tangie Baxter Designs

Pink Sea

Just cruising around this morning seeing what is out there in digiland! I came across this gorgeous alpha from Tangie Baxter's Love Letters and of course, the Pink Sea, above. Aren't they just terrific. I can hardly wait to use them.

Which if you know about my laptop, will be soon. It's on its way back to Best Buy as we speak. I'm going to call and check this morning. I can hardly wait for it to get back here. Even though I have scrapped some on the other computer, it's not the same as my laptop with all my stuff on it!

Here's another gem I found on my wandering from Natalie Bird Designs Ultimate Element Collection.

Not too much else going on this week. I hope to get alot of scrapping done!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rasberry Road, Natalie Bird Designs & Cottage Arts

DD on Christmas Eve...

Digi credits:
Frilly Knickers Papers and Frilly Knickers Elementsby Handmaid Designs (Katey Green) at Scrapstreet!
brads: Cottage Arts Scrap Attachments
frame: Natalie Bird Designs Eclectic Desires Frames
hinge, leaves, flower center: Natalie Bird Designs Eclectic Bits & Pieces
barcode: Natalie Bird Bar Code Stamps

This is my cat who is very excited that we have a leaky faucet. He only drinks from a running faucet...what a nut!
Digi credits:
Rasberry Road Hemingway Collection, Natalie Bird Designs Doodle Alpha, Natalie Bird Designs Eclectic Desire Frames, Natalie Bird Designs Sparkles

Been scrapping all day using my PSE 5.0, which I loaded after my frustrations yesterday. One of my fellow CT members at CottageArts was kind enough to point out what I was doing wrong that was frustrating me the most. To make a long story short, you don't just drag your element up from your tray. That's what's different. But I survived and got an answer so all was not lost!

Finally got to play with Natalie Bird's stuff. Oh yes, being a guest CT member is very exciting! And I played with the Rasberry Road Hemingway Collection which I have been chomping at the bit to try out.

Please excuse me for being lazy and not posting direct links to everything. Just click on my blinkies on the side if you want to go have a peaky...Although I do need to add Natalie's direct link and her guest CT blinkie. I'm tired. Maybe I will do that after work tomorrow!

I survived yoga with my healing back. It felt so good to stretch out that knotted up muscle. I can't tell you how much better it feels even if it is somewhat strained. It is looser. It may sound insane, but it is true! I will be back in yoga next Tuesday since that is the earliest class I can make.

I did basically nothing today except for a load of laundry and the dishes. Oh well, what can I say...heheheheh.

Disorganized, Cottage Arts, and PSE 6.0

Digi credits: CottageArts Paper Bag by Julie Meade font: Enviro

This is my most recent lo done on my non-laptop computer with PSE 6.0 trial instead of my usual PSE 5.0. I HATE PSE 6.0. It is aggravating. Not that I was considering changing, it was a matter of convenience to try and get some lo's done because I was going crazy not scrapping!

I'm not sure why, and I have yet to figure it out, but when I put an element on the page, it ends up with a gray background, that I have to cut out. Annoying when you have do to this on every element. And, one element it wouldn't even let me put on the page, which of course, was the one I wanted the most. It kept giving me some stupid message. If this is an "improvement" from PSE 5.0, then bump that is all I've got to say!

I love this Paper Bag set by Julie Meade at CottageArts.net. It really is alot of fun and versatile. The alphabet is one of my absolute favs. I must say about the stitching, too. It is the most realistic I have seen of anyone's. Top notch!

Let's see what else is going on? I am off today and then work for seven days straight. I can't complain though, because they are majorly cutting hours, so I'm lucky to have the mega hours I do have!

I heard a great talk last night on radio by Chuck Swindoll about the uniqueness of each child and appreciating that in your children. Having a child with ADHD, and I mean the poster child for ADHD, and one that is not, and a boy and a girl and so on...I have been very careful not to compare them to each other because I do not want one to feel either one is favored, more special, or better. Both my children bring joy to my world and brighten my day...except for the teenage part. Sometimes they both really chap my hide! LOL! Anyway, hug your kids today and appreciate what makes them different. It's what makes the world go around and keeps us from being bored.

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Guest CT Spot For Natalie Bird Designs

YAY! I found out today that I get to be a guest CT for Natalie Bird Designs. I'm so jazzed. She is very talented and has great designs! Check out her site: Natalie Bird Designs Oh, there's so many things I'm drooling over...hehehehe I love the Doodgle Alpha! It's so cute! And the Grungy Bold Alpha...along with the 20 Tattered Tags...I could go on and on. Hope y'all check it out. Can't wait to get busy creating!

Kids back at school today. Had a very productive day cleaning and doing laundry. It had to be done. So tomorrow I'm going to play some. I went to the gym as well. I'm going to give yoga a try and see if my tendon has healed and my back can take it. Garsh, age is a pooper isn't it! LOL!

If you have teenage girls, you know they love to photograph themselves and their friends. Of course, mine is no different. She took this photo of herself recently, and I absolutely love it. To me the lighting is amazing! Of course, in photography, that is something that always catches my eye.

Both of mine are chomping at the bit to be licensed. By the end of this month, I will have two licensed teenage drivers in my home. Please pray for me, and I'm not kidding!

From the Ali Edwards blog, I picked ME for my word for the year. I found a quote today from the newsletter from Faith Sisters from Galatians 2:20 “I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."

I think I am going to make that my ME quote for the year. I will memorize it and remember it and reflect upon it. Part of me this year is Spiritual ME, always room for improvement there! So as part of this journey, I subscribed to the Faith Sisters' Newsletter. And look, I'm inspired already! Maybe I will make an ATC about that...hhmmm.... one never knows!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

More Vintage Photos and Rasberry Road Talk

Here's some more things I found in the vintage suitcase from the closet. I think I may be through all the pictures. Now to go through all the clippings and letters!

This is my mother at age 20.

This is a corsage I found preserved from a dance in the vintage suitcase I'm going through. How cool is that!

This is my mother at age 7 playing in the snow. It appears to be across the street from the house where she grew up! Isn't this great!

This is from a newspaper article about the cheerleaders at her high school, which of course, features my mom. She also played basketball, field hockey and swam!

Rasberry Road CT
Credits: All papers and elements from the Heirloom Garden Collection by Raspberry Road Designs with the exception of a few elements taken from various Raspberry Road Designs Collections and the Inked Edge Overlay from the Overlay Collection Vol. 1 by Kris Myers. Template by Yin. By Cheryl, a Rasberry Girl.
Just click on the photo and you will go straight to the RR Girls' CT blog!

I really feel lost without my laptop. It's so easy just to sit down on the sofa and go to it. Instead, I have to be in the other room now, away from the family, with non of my stuff. I'm so spoiled. To think that before this was the only way I got on the computer, and it never bothered me then!

We are supposed to share a quirky fact about ourselves and do a lo about it using our favorite kit from Cottage Arts. Let me tell you my quirky fact: I will not drink milk out of a plastic cup. I think it's disgusting. Only a glass!

I haven't been digiscrapping using this computer. All my pics for the most part are on the other one with all my kits and such. I don't have PSE on here. This is the kids computer! It's so hard not to scrap.

Of course, I could paper scrap, but it has been so cold and my bonus room is freezing with those attic dormers. Even though I have a ceramic heater up there, I'd have to wait until it warmed up. BRRRRR!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Scanning Family Photos

Since my laptop is off in Best Buy land, I'm scanning some photos from a vintage suitcase that was from my grandparents' house. The one that fascinates me the most is the sepia photo of my Nana. She was born in 1912 so I'm guessing this photo is from the early '30's. It's really fun to see her at such a young age and such a pretty photo of her. Can't wait to scrap it!

Nana is the shorty in the front-center. This one absolutely kills me because the Nana I know would be having a fit about being in the pool and getting her hair wet, let alone smushing it with a bathing cap. She liked to look just so and the definitely involved dipping body only in the Club pool. I bet these ladies have had a great time (and a few cocktails).

My last photo for tonight was taken in the summer of 1951. Nana is the lady in the middle with my mom. I'm not sure who the guy is. It's got to be Pop-pop, but it sure doesn't look like him in this photo! My mother was 11 in this pic, and they are off on a family vacation somewhere. It's a shame it doesn't say where, and sadly, everyone is dead that I can ask! More importantly, I have the photo and can get it scrapped so my family will know who these people are!

Ali Edwards has a challenge on her blog to select a word for the year. I have chosen the word ME. This year is going to be about me. Me at the gym, me eating healthy, me doing a job I like because I want the discounts, me enjoying the beauty parlor when I get my hair colored and cut, me getting a pedicure. I don't mean selfish. I mean taking care of me. Preserving me. Sometimes ME can get lost in the shuffle and with the kiddos leaving the nest in the next few years, I want to make sure there is a ME here when they are gone off to their first of life's challenges and triumphs - college!

You Would Be a Pet Rabbit

Playful and hyper, you enjoy being around other people... as long as everyone's having fun.
You are easily bored, and you almost always need some sort of entertainment.
If you're not keeping busy, then you're apt to get in some sort of trouble!

Why you would make a great pet: You're very entertaining, even when you're not trying to be

Why you would make a bad pet: Well, personal hygiene isn't exactly your thing... you kind of smell sometimes

What you would love about being a rabbit: Playtime... and eating flowers

What you would hate about being a rabbit: Being held like a toy