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Friday, November 24, 2006

Am I Thinner?

I took some pics of myself because I know I have lost weight since the summer. I can tell by the way my clothes fit. This one came out the best, but it is still blurry. I have yet to figure out how my dd has managed to take all those great pics of herself!
I do work hard, at the very least, maintaining my weight. The goal is to lose a few more inches, but I do it slowly so that I am sure it stays off!
Do I look thinner? I think so!

Monday, November 20, 2006

A slide show - A Study In Lines & Textures

I like to photograph different things. Here is a recent shoot I did while at the beach.

Scrapping Pets

This is my pupparoo, Runt. He is an Australian Cattle Dog according to my vet. He looks like Frankenweenie. Sometimes we call him "Sausage Dog" beccause he looks like a sausage with legs. This was for a layout challenge about eyes. My dd took this picture, and I just had to use it!
Just remember that sometimes you need to get up close and personal to your pets and get some different shots. You don't always have to shoot the whole body or head on. This photo says alot, and is just darn cute!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My first photobucket slide show. Not to be my last!

Here is a slide show I made recently to show a votive holder I made and a recent paper and fiber purchase. I know, silly thing to do , but why not!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Altered Votive Candle Holder

Rachel Ray had some cool chick on who used cinnamon sticks to decorate a votive candle. Well, I went to the store, bought cinnamon and this votive holder. The cinnamon sticks were sold with six in a jar for $3.96. I estimate it would take about 16 to go all the way around this votive. I tried using just 6, which looked ridiculous. So I took them off and stuck some Beadazzle beads on anyway. The paper is WRMK, which an online buddy, Lisa, sent me to try. Very nice paper, btw. Thick and two sided! This would be a lovely gift idea for Thanksgiving to your hostess or as a Christmas gift to friends, teacher, or co-workers. You could make a set of 3 for practically nothing!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Birthday Cards, All Occasion Cards, Cory Boyd

Hello Cory Boyd! #3 on the USC Gamecocks! He's my favorite player this year. I love to watch him. He is a very driven young man who loves football, and you can tell . This was taken at Steve Spurrier's Ladies' Football Clinic.
What does that have to do with cards. Nothing. But I do have some great pics to scrap from that day!
I made the masculine card for my brother's 40th birthday. Hard to believe the little man is going to be 40 years old. I still picture this little butch haircut kid with a big little round belly at 5 years old! Cute little freckles on his nose. Fun to play with. Now he is kind of an ornery ole cuss, but what do ya do? Gotta love him anyway!
The rest of the cards were from the road trip I am on. Had to use flowers. I have these great flowers and this fabulous paper and all these cards from Self-Addressed card kit I got for a while as something different. So I went crazy. Gave them as my bunko gift last night...which I won most bunkos...5! woohoo! I was on a roll, and that was fun!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Try some new colors

I had scrapper's block in the worst way. I was just running out of ideas. I decided to use some new colors to scrap these photos you see here. It was just what the doctor ordered. So next time you have scrapper's block, step out of your color zone and do something different! It really does help!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some things I have been doing lately

I have been very busy lately making some awesome layouts. I love this Shutterbug one. It is my favorite. It is a self-portrait taken in a mirror. Isn't it fun!
I scrapped my cats, Kibbles & Bits, looking at who knows what, but it definitely had their attention.
And I did some Christmas memorabilia from when dd and ds were around 5 and 6. I'm on a roll!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cards In Many Shapes and Sizes

I think I went crazy the other night. I made 12 cards! It was for a challenge. You had to make cards with flowers on them. Well, this girl I met at the CS Retreat gave me some flowers as a hostess gift for a swap I hosted. I have used the hound out of those flowers. They were delicious colors and all shapes and sizes.
For a while, I was a member of a card kit monthly club. We got lots of cute papers, cards in all shapes and sizes and embellies. I made some cards along the way, but the other night I was compelled to just make cards until I exhausted just about every card base I had left! That was the 12. Now I do have a few more cards left to make, but they are from another kit and another company. I'm sure I'll whip them out too somewhere along the line.
These cards will be used for my Bunko gift coming up next week. Our theme is something soft. A fabric flower is soft, and so that is what I am giving in the form of these delicious cards.
I will also save some to bundle together for Christmas gifts, to whom I'm not sure yet, but I'll worry about that later. A nice ribbon and a pretty tag, and they will be good to go!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cards Galore

I have been playing at a scrapbook website again. They are having a little "Road Trip" for two weeks full of challenges. It has actually been very practical as far as card making goes! I made all my Thanksgiving cards and about 11 Christmas cards so far! That aside from all the layouts I have gotten done.

I have been a scrapping fool lately. I guess I am just in the mood. I made 5 layouts Friday night, 4 on Saturday, 3 yesterday and 2 today. Go, girl, go! I can't complain. I'm using current pictures AND pictures I have had matched with paper that I've been carting around to weekend crops for eons! I'm nearly done scrapping my family vacation from this summer, which is a small miracle.

I think this website has been good for me as far as giving me different ideas to get things done. It is sparking my creativity. I don't think I will win this road trip contest. And honestly, for $30 worth of scrapping supplies, it's not worth all the work it would take to win. There are 10 stops with about 4-5 challenges at each stop. I'm on stop 5 right now.

Now, do I go crop or collapse? I'm tired. I did housework all day. My kitchen is very clean, and I have dishpan hands!!!