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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I need your help and gratitude: Terri Hale Kessler

Today I sent out sixty requests for donations on FB to my TKE friends and scrapbookers I have met through the years at various places and events!
I watch every day as the Spirit moves in the world and amazes me with the generosity of the people I know. I can't do it alone. My motto is, "Getting to Kenya one cross at a time, one donation at a time."
No cross order or no donation is more important than another as quite simply without each one, I cannot get to fulfill my dream to serve in Kenya!
I've told you about some of my amazing sorority sisters. The thing is, over the years, through the joy of FB, we have reconnected, gotten to know each other better, and have even better relationships now! One special girl is Terri Hale Kessler, who I met in 7th grade at Gunston Junior High. Yeah, she scratched out Alice Lee's name on a Valentine card and said, "Oh, I spelled your name wrong."
I can picture it to this day...in the gym locker room. Funny the things we remember. But a simple error took two girls on a ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous journey of friendship, lasting through a move by me to California! Where she called me, as our parents allotted us so many minutes on the phone because back then you had to pay by the minute, to tell me she just cut her finger off by slamming it in the door. She took her mitten off, and the rest of the top of her finger was in the mitten. Gross! HA! But all part of friendship through the years. I moved back to Virginia, and went to George Mason where Terri and I had to pledge the same sorority. She was telling me all about rush and we went in thinking to pledge one cuz of a friend of hers, and wound up in a completely different and fabulous AOII!
Anyway, Terri and I lost touch with each other. Facebook came around and many of us girls reconnected. Everyone who got on here said, "Where is Terri Hale?"
Talk about popular! Everyone wanted to find her. We searched everywhere, and then one day she pops up online! She's Terri Hale Kessler now, but she will always be that funny redheaded girl I met in 7th grade!
Okay, off on a tangent I went. So I posted how I need $68 a day to get to my first goal of $1, 760 by December 19th based on what I have received so far. I only count cash on hand cuz if it's not in my hand, it's not in the church's mission trip fund for me! And lo and behold, lil' Miss Terri Marie Hale Kessler says she will buy me a day!
I nearly cried. I might still. I was humbled. You see, I asked. The Spirit worked. God fulfilled. One day closer! One day, through a beautiful woman I knew at 13 (EGAD scary isn't it!).
Thank you, Terri!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Sage Writings of Friends and Raising $1,325 by Dec. 19th

Okay, I have a very verbose friend who has exceptional writing skills. Far beyond my capacity to express myself. You read about her in my previous blog post...Beverly Tucker Schaeffer. She wrote the most beautiful FB request to her friends to help support me in my fundraising efforts to Kenya. It told her I was going to post it here because it was so beautifully written. Can I find it? No. FB won't let me go back that far. And why didn't I post it when she wrote it? Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda...I'm finally off today. GACK! I wanted to share it. And it's not on her FB page for me to get. Double GACK! Oh well, I shall request she IM me it and post it later!

I have another helper, too. Her name is Beth Walsh, another Gamma Alpha AOII. Gotta love those girls! I posted about needing to raise another $1,325 by December 19th and she writes, " Well, that's only about 14 friends puchasing about 10 necklaces and/or keychains that they turn around and use as small gifts or stocking stuffers at Christmas with  (a note of who made it and why is what I plan to put on the boxes for mine). And a straight out donation towrads the trip is OK, right? And probably tax deductible."

Then she wrote, "C'mon Greeks -- we don't want Leigh out in front of the supermarket ringing a bell hocking her necklaces.  Let's get her to Kenya before she starts thinkjing of which intersections in Florence have the longest traffic lights."

How I wish I lived near these two! And thank God for FB. They are a delight!

Anyway, you can purchase my necklaces and/or keychains to give as gifts. To keep for yourself. To share with friends. My keychains hang on backpacks! Kids love backpack tags! That is one way to support me.
Another way is to simply make out a check to NewSpring Church and mail it to me at home or you can mail it directly to the church with a post it note on it - Leigh Bossinger March 2011. Please don't put anything in the memo section. The IRS has a fit.

The church address is:
NewSpring Church

Attn: Kenya Trip
PO Box 1407
Anderson, SC 29622
No, I do not want to stand infront of Walmart with a bell hocking my wares. Tres embarrassing, but if it would get me to Kenya, I would do it. I do have my necklaces/keychains at two local businesses who have offered to sell them for me: PurseNalize It and Desert Sun Tanning. Please patronize them, and while you are there, pick up several of my crosses for a good cause!!! All proceeds from the sale of my crosses go towards my mission trip! In addition, to selling them myself, putting them in two local businesses, I am teaching at the local scrapbook store: Scrapbook Concepts. $5.00 from each person who takes the classes I am teaching is going towards my mission trip! And yes, I am sending donation letters out. US MAIL has delivered some, and I"m about to start using FB to contact some people whose addresses I don't have. And yes, I am praying ardently...
And no, I do not want to stand at Florence's busiest interesection with the longest lights...clearly five points...which is actually six, but who is counting...if you live here, you know exactly where I'm talking about. It's a mess!
So as they say, leave no stone unturned. And if I have, please let me know what it is so I can fix it. It is my drive, my desire, my heart to get to Kenya to serve!!! Please help me! I can't do it alone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beverly Tucker Schaeffer and Stepping Out In Faith

Back in the fall of 1982, I pledged AOII at George Mason University with my best friend from high school, Terri Hale Kessler. We were initiated into this sorority founded in 1897 by four ladies...who had no idea Facebook would ever exist. Facebook has allowed many of us from Gamma Alpha Chapter to reconnect. The president when I was a pledge, our pledge trainer (poor woman...we were a rebellious class due to our size and strong mindedness), my fellow pledges, sisters from before me, and sisters who followed me, including my little sister, Theresa Lynch Wheeler.

One who followed me was a young lady named Beverly Tucker Schaeffer. (Have to use all those married names and maiden names in case people forget your married name!) I had my crew. She had her crew. We shared the bond of sisterhood.

Now come to 2010, and let me tell you about a conversation we had on Facebook. You see, I have as I have mentioned in previous posts, stepped out in FAITH. I must raise all the money in order to go to Kenya because I don't have it due to some life circumstances.

My FB post: "AOII-Gamme Alpha Chapter... You girls are friggin' awesome! Were, are and continue to be! Thanks to each of you helping me get to Kenya!!!"
(My post was made in response to figuring out I need to bring in $52 a day between now and Dec. 19th to make my goal of $1, 760 by that date. And I just had gotten an order from Terri Hale Kessler for five of my crosses that I have been making like a fiend. $50, plus an order from one of my daughter's friends, making a total of $60 because God is always bigger than my dreams.)
Bev: "How closst to goal are you? I mean, I know you're already going, but how goes it???"
Me: "Oh no! I'm not already going for sure March 2011. If I can't make my $1, 750 by Dec. 19th, they keep the money raised and push me to a later date! That's my first deadline.The Balance is due Jan. 29th! Right now I have raised a whopping $240 on top of my deposit! I have a ways to go! Now, that is cash in hand. I  think I have another $150 in firm orders for crosses. A few more peeps have promised to order...I'm putting along and also will earn $$ for my scrapbook classes...And I've sent out about 40 letters asking for donations... :)
Bev: So, put that in layman's terms for this English major. How much more do you need? Just gimme a number. I'll make it happen.
(My heart was aching from joy; tears were filling my eyes from shear amazement. Frankly, I was embarrassed to tell her how big my goal was.)
Me: $2,960 total... :) if you make it happen, I'm sneaking u in my luggage! It was $3,500 to go plus $150 deposit.
Bev: Lemme see what I can drum up, sweetie. I got on the horn & got two of my coworkers to their goals for their Komen for the Cure walk. God needs you to go, the people there need you to go. Your heart is already there.
Me: You are making me cry! and my heart is already there. Not truer words spoken! The bonds of sisterhood surely are special! <3

1. I could not believe what I was reading! My stepping out in FAITH was being made whole. My friend, Bev, was answering my prayers. Divine intervention at hand. Glorious and beautiful Holy Spirit filled conversation.
2. How could Bev put into words this: "God needs you to go, the people there need you to go. Your heart is already there."?  I felt led by God to go on this mission trip. This mission trip reached out and grabbed me, and said this is the one. The people need me, she said, yet I know, I will learn more from them than anything I can humanly do for them. And, "my heart is already there."
Yes, Bev, my heart is already there. You made the sun stand still for me last night.

I know this mission is meant for me because I kept wavering. Afraid. Afraid to step out in FAITH. It's scary. Stand on a precipice and say, "Lord, I have nothing. You must do it all. I am here willing to serve. Help me." And over the ledge I went because my little sister, Theresa Lynch Wheeler sent me a check to cover my deposit and a piece of my trip.  And I continue, not to fall, but to rise because if you step out in FAITH, God will lift you up. And Beverly Tucker Schaeffer is a living example of the Spirit working through people and of goodness and a true heart.

I can't say thank you. It's is small word for such large gestures. But, I will carry all ofyour names to Kenya in my pocket. And every day, I will say a prayer of THANKSGIVING for God's greatneness in allowing me to serve and each of you for getting me there!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Purse N Alize It (Silver Impressions)!

I used to work at Silver Impressions, now PursNalize it (located next to the Piggly Wiggly on 2nd Loop Road). Yesterday, I went up there and ran in to Jerri, one of the owners. I told her about my mission trip and my crosses, AND THEY AGREED TO CARRY THEM FOR ME! And to make sure even when they have sales that I always get $10 for each one they sell. I'm so excited! That is such a huge blessing and divine intervention! I thought they might do it, but I dared not assume or get my hopes up to far...I must remember the sermon about the day the sun stood still! Quite amazing how God is opening the doors for me to go to Kenya, one cross at a time!
I hope you will go by there and get one of my crosses and while you are in there, browse their amazing personalized gift selection. They have everything! They monogram and engrave!
While at Linn's store, Scrapbook Concepts, I ran into a lady telling me about her Etsy store and how her product has taken off. I have seen some people I know on FB talk about things in their ETSY shops...I got her phone number in case I need help. Next stop Etsy!
Met Laura Broach's mother-in-law today. Lovely woman! She bought a purple cross. While Laura was here with Barbara, she mentioned zipper pulls and back pack tags! Kids love to hang things off their backpacks!
You see, when the door is wide open, you know you are doing the right thing.
Two more goals tomorrow I can't mention...
Now I have to get William Major going...the trend setter that he is! Gotta make his so he can wear it around and show everyone.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks to Desert Sun, The Plaza and Scrapbook Concepts

Thank you to Tammy Chapman at The Plaza...my hairdresser and owner of the salon. She is letting me put my crosses in there to see if they sell! So please go by there and get one...or get your hair cut there! That would be good, too! She is awesome!
I'm going to be teaching some classes at Scrapbook Concepts in December. So I hope that everyone will come because all the proceeds I make will go towards my trip!
Susan Overstreet is going to put my crosses in her Desert Suns. So go get a tan or a spray tan and buy a cross and tell her I sent you!
I"m doing everything I can to raise this money and the rest is up to God. I can push my trip out to another time if I can't come up with the funds. I feel motivated and encouraged to keep moving forward.
I'm sure people are starting to get sick of this...but I gotta keep it on the front burner! Donations are accepted! Checks made payable to NewSpring Church. You can mail them to me, and I will forward them to the church! Then I can add you to my list of fabulous supporters!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Donations and only 32 days left to raise $1,690

Progress is slow in the area of raising money. I know it is going to be hard, but the Lord keeps telling me to step out in FAITH, and so I am. This is completely an act of FAITH. I do not have the money to do this myself.

Now, a bright note in the aspect of fundraising, my cross necklaces and keychains are hits! As soon as the money really starts coming in for them, I will be on fire! Towards my goal of $1,750 I currently have $60. I have paid my deposit already. That means I have $1,690.

I worry that people are going to get sick of hearing about this, but if I don't keep it in the forfront, it won't happen.

If I sell 170 cross pendants and keychains, I got it!!!! Then on for the remainder due in January! If 100 people gave $10 each, I would have $1,000 towards my goal.  If 50 people gave $20 each...and so on. I try to break it down like that. Small steps into the big picture. Thirty two days left to reach my goal....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Horseshoe Nail cross necklaces and keychains

I am so blessed. I am making crosses wrapped in wire, any color, to raise money for my mission trip. They can be necklaces or key chains and all proceeds go to my trip. This idea came from this cute girl I know at work. The Lord has lead the way and opened the doors. I got my first donation for one today from my friend, Laura. My high school bud, Dorsey, is ordering some. Two of my sorority sisters have placed orders! And three of my small group friends have placed orders, too. I desperately need to raise $1750 by December 19th! I would have to sell 175 crosses or get donations.
I will post a picture of my crosses tomorrow and the current colors of wire I have, but I can get more colors! I feel this idea is blessed!
I am also trying to combine with another person I know who is gig to study at Hillsong in Australia. We can split our proceeds by combining our efforts because he knows different people than me. This will also satisfy my desire to help him achieve his goal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kenya Post 2

Not too much exciting to say. I really need to do more like get my passport and figure out all these shots. The only thing that freaked me out a little was how the information of the risk of malaria was so alarmingly long. Treatment before trip, treatment during trip, and treatment after you get home. I don't want malaria, and I'm not worried about it, but if I had that kind of personality, the web information would have scared the tar out of me.
I hope that my friends and family will be excited for me to have this experience. Everyone who has gone has said it is life-changing. They went expecting to help and make an impact but came home being helped and being impacted. God will do amazing things, I'm sure.
Please pray for me that I am able to raise the funds for this trip. Even if I can't get it all together for March, I can still use he money I raise for another trip.
Some people ask me why I don't serve in my own community. Why I would go half way around the world to serve when people need help right in our own backyard. Isn't that a bit presumptuous? I do serve actively in my church. And as an extension of that, I would like to reach out in the world. America is a blessed country, and we as Americans enjoy a high standard if living. I feel that as Americans we should be involved in the world. What is a great nation if we only serve ourselves?

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mission to Kenya Update 1

I am sending out some letters to family and close friends today. Only 10 so far. Not alot, but I was truly blessed with the very first donation (and you know who you are!)

It is hard to ask people for money. It is hard to ask people for money for a mission trip. I am truly stepping out in FAITH on this one, as if I don't raise the cost of the trip: $3,500 through donations, I simply cannot go.

I would love to thank everyone personally on my blog and make a list of donors! I will set that up as I get some in and also a little "meter" to track my progress. December 19th isn't that far off so I really need to get in gear.

Everytime I think of not going, the Lord puts something in my life that says you need to go. I think that a mission trip is a calling. It is not for everyone as we all have different gifts and talents that can be used in various ways and places. Why me? I do not know, but the Spirit has spoken loudly to me, and so, I will follow.

I hope you read and enjoy what I write...and photos eventually. Post a comment. Ask questions if you want.

I do worry a bit that people I ask for donations from will wonder how legitimate is this serving in Africa. I will set u direct links, too, on my sidebars for that. Not today. The 410 Bridge and New Spring are directly linked if you have questions or are curious now about my trip which is again March 17-26, 2011.