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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Savings and Great Evangelization!

What does big savings and great evangelization mean? Two different things actually.

I bought a new laser printer to have in my home office, which has paid for itself almost 2x over in savings at the grocery store simply by printing extra coupons and using them! Stores accept printables. CVS and Bi-Lo are fantastic about no limits. Harris Teeter gets a little cranky and has a four max printable, with only two on the same product. Whatever! I just got to CVS and Bi-Lo, and if I need to go to HT, I know I can only use their printable coupon limit. Great deal on a Schick Hydro with extra bucks at CVS and a manufacturers mail in rebate for FREE. This paid for itself! I might be weird, but I love when I end up with something free! And it's just for taking a little extra time to print my rebate form and mail it off.

Pastor Perry is visiting Florence tomorrow night to talk about Evangelization. I'm excited he is coming to Florence, and I'm excited to hear him speak on Evangelization. Don't ask my why I am capitalizaing evangelization. No reason at all!
And this is not the IN YOUR FACE SCARE YOU OFF EVANGELIZATION type of talk. Anyway, it should be good, and I can hardly wait! I'll talk about that on Wednesday or another day. Depends when I get to blog next.

I told you I needed more room than FB had to offer. While nice, FB is limited. And for the talker, who has alot she needs to say, this is just the medium for me!

No pictures today. Didn't take any!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Another Day...not another dollar?

Big excitement...I tried Craigslist for the first time last week after my friend, Nancy E., recommended it. It was a successful venture. I'm going to root around for more things to see if I can't sell something else. I also had a successful week on e-bay. Not that I do it that often. I go in spurts, but I had some things I needed to sell, and so I listed them. We're trying to Dave Ramsey ourselves, and if you don't know who he is, I recommend looking him up. I'm too lazy this morning to URL! lol!

In that vein, I'm trying some new financial software that I seem to be having a good success with...which SUCCESS must be the word of the day! Mainly for budgeting, and that means expense tracking!

And as luck would have it, when doing some research on how to use this new budgeting tool, I found a great article on two headed snakes. What?!!! Not two headed snakes really. It was an article that basically said, pick your two biggest expenses that you think eat your budget...i.e. not your mortgage. Let's call them your budget eaters. Where you go off track...NOT THE LATTE. For me, right now, it is eating out. Not that we do it alot, but you get tired, and then next thing you know, you are getting a sandwhich somewhere. Try a goal of trimming this over the next month. By attacking your two weekest areas...and not eliminating them, but trying to reduce them. You free up the money you were spending there, to go to other areas. It may be a potential savings that if you keep on trying to find your two headed snakes, will help you keep your spending on track.

I think it is kind of like dieting. If you just go cold turkey and cut everything out, your mind is not happy! And you set yourself up for failure. But if you pick a habit, such as not getting fries with that meal, it's a change that when added to another change, becomes a lifestyle change and leads to weight loss on its own.

This is my last scrapbook page, which was sometime in June. I just have no mojo like I said. It doesn't have anything to do with a lack of materials, it's my brain won't cooperate. Maybe it's because life is busy right now. I miss my outlet, but it will come. I just need to give it time.

One thing really fun about my iPhone is the Hipstamatic film app. I bought it, which I don't usually buy apps. It has been worth every penny. This is my favorite combination (you Hipsters know what that means). B&W is my favorite film type. It can be so expressive in its contrast.

Anyway, that may be all I have to say for this day, aside from my glee in my coupon shopping yesterday at Bi-Lo! Save, save, save! Not my usual over 50%, but I bought alot of fresh fruit on sale so I still saved! Just could'nt get double coupons on top of the savings.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Posting from my iphone

How about it? I'm back to blogging. I've found I have more to say than Facebook can handle. Lol! I need more room to express myself than the limited characters. Not that anything exciting is going on. I have been in a creative dry spell. I'm hoping this will pass. I've tried everything to get the ole mojo back. Nada! Eventually it will come. I guess for now my excitement will come from fixing up my office. Woohoo! Got a new printer for an awesome deal, and now can print my coupons right from my office, clip, and file them. Coupon central! Look out world! More posts tomorrow. I'm going to take my creativity back!