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Friday, May 23, 2008

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This lo was done for the Loft Challenge at the TBD Loft which will be posted today...it's a challenge to do a lo about what you love about Spring. Frankly, that summer is right behind for me as my lo says. Spring is cold and damp here and annoyingly long. I'm all about SUMMER!!! Anyway, check out the challenge, you could win a GC to Tangie Baxter's terrific store. She and Sherriejd are coming out with a new collab kit on Tuesday, and if you saw their last one, you know it is a big deal! We get it today. It's not ready quite yet.

I have to work every single day this weekend. OMG! What we mother's do to have flexibility for our children but provide some extra income...however, I do have 3 days off next week, which will mainly involve replanting everything I had to have ripped out since it was overgrown after 17 years in our yard...and affecting the water pipes...still waiting on my check from the city, although they did forward my stuff to the Risk Management folks who sent it right off to their third party handler with whom I spoke yesterday.

Meanwhile in order to be sure I am aware that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, the city's paperwork arrived which instructed me to mail (1) two estimates...uh, no, work is already done... and (2) send it to the Risk Management office who would then forward it to their third party handler...didn't they already do that? OMG, it really makes you wonder what the hell they do over their all day, doesn't it. Bumblers is what I'm thinking...Doesn't give you alot of confidence in the local government.

And when I spoke to the third party, upon receiving their letter saying they had tried to contact me...NOT...we have an answering machine, caller ID and cell phones...no message...no caller ID...I called them anyway, and they want me to explain the whole story, so I do, but then they start asking questions trying to make me say something. I tell them I don't discuss the plumbing since I am not an expert, but they can call the plumbers and, "I'll read you what they did. I have their e-mail right here."

"Oh, no. That's OK. I have a copy of that."

What do they think I am going to say? I'm not an idiot. Anyway, I wasn't really that aggravated because the city had sent everything off already cuz they know they are culpable even though their letter says they admit no guilt or responsibility. UMMMMmmm...ok.

Anyway, it should take about a week for them to get back to me. They have to get the city's paperwork. Which will say they came out, which they didn't. Which will include a photo of the dirt pile in my yard as evidence in the plumbing issue. Which will go against my photos of broken end cap, completely 100% clogged pipe and all photos taken in the hole where the plumbing is...now whose case is better. OH MINE!

One thing about me, I do not like to be unprepared. When I was working, I had to be 100% prepared for anything I did so I could answer any and all questions. It was just me. Kinda freaky like that. I don't like to be surprised with something I don't know about my job! LOL!

And speaking of ultra dorky and jobs. So I'm working this retail gig til the kiddies graduate and they are having some sort of contest while they educate the sups in each dept. They learn a lesson every week, give us the answers from the quiz they take, and last night the store manager gathers us all up and quizzes us. Now, frankly, I don't give a rat's behind about knowing the other departments because I don't care how they hang their shirts. I don't do it. I can't leave the jewelry department, even to go to the bathroom without at least a dept. supervisor there to cover so I don't get anywhere else all shift! Anyhoooooo, if you answer your question right, your dept. supervisor gets a point. Mind you. I'm standing behind the store manager because they have to have the meeting in jewelry because I'm still open. I can see all the answers. LOLOLOLOLOL! I got my question right, but it was about jewelry so duh! And so my sup got a point and lo and behold, I got a little dorky pin to put on my name badge like I'd done something spectacular at work. I'm sorry, but I find all that a little gay.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day. We do not celebrate it where I live as they celebrate Confederate Memorial Day. So everyone is open except Federal businesses! LOL! Doesn't that kill ya! What can I say about a state who is proud of "First to Secede," and "the South shall rise again!" King cotton and all that! Heritage not hate. I'm just quoting, btw, so don't get panties in a wad, not expressing my opinion. Now let me go have a mint julep under my magnolia tree, I'm gettin the vapors!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rasberry Road and Boo

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You might recognize the photo from my post the other day. It's my dog, Boo, who weighs 85 lbs. and thinks that he is still a lil' pup. What that means is he wants to sit in your lap. He is such a big baby, but oh so protecive of his mommy that if a workman comes to my house, I have to warn them not to pet the dog! Boo is a very smart dog. My dd taught him to sit, lay, and roll over. She basically had to get him to do it once and he got it! Boo is a mix of everything... a Heinz 57 dog. His favorite toy is a tennis ball, which he will fetch for me until he gets tired. He gets tired because he is overweight. When he is finished, he takes his ball in his mouth and goes and lays down. Sometimes he even plays with the ball himself like a kitten. That is really hilarious!

All I can tell you is I LOVED David Cook singing with ZZ Top. Talk about fantastic. I'm waiting to buy your album, dude!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Magnolias and Cottage ARts

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I love magnolia trees. I always take a pic of my blossoms. I have 3 trees in my back yard. What a glorious bloom. They are so big and white and pretty! They just remind me of a gentile life and summer.

I wish I had more sage things to say today. But I just got off work, and I'm tired! We were busy. My kiddies are out and about (yes, I know exactly where they are), so the house is quiet and I'm waiting on a nice apple streudel to finish cooking for a lil' snack.

A bit of good news in that it appears the city is going to reimburse us for our plumbing disaster. Now mind you, I don't know how long it will take to actually get the money out of them. We have to fill out a form. OMG! CAn you believe it, but that's the government, even if it is local! But I'll do it to get that big chunk o' change. I'm very ahppy about it anyway!

I need the big chunk o change because I have to have 13 bushes and 3 trees taken out. Our house is about 17 years old and the original planting are overgrown to the point they were affecting the sewer lines. Now that we know where they are, we are going to either plant nothing or shallow rooted plants in those areas so that nothing interferes with them. However, to have the roots dug out, which of the bushes, go about 2 feet straight down and 3 ft each out to the sides...and the trees, forget it...the roots are way out and down! We have to pay almost as much as we will get back from the city with a bit of money left over for new plantings.

Family was all tired from the weekend and grouchy this morning resulting in lots of yelling and kids nearly being late to school. What a way to start the day! Bleh.

We had some friends over for dinner last night and I made bbq chicken, asparagus marinated in Italian dressing, zuchini and mushrooms, and pineapple skewers...all on the grill. It was sooooooooooo good!

And I leave you with those few recent pics of my kitties, Kibbles and Bits (Bits is the fat one), and a picture of my dog, Boo, who is a big baby, but so protective of me! Cuz I'm his momma! LOL!

Tangie Baxter

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Tangie Baxter has come out with some fun new kits lately. I love the Office Basics Mini Kit, especially which I did use in my lo above. Check out those models. She has three sets of those right now from the 20's, 30's and 40's. I think they are so clever and unique. I could go on and on, but I suggest checking out what's new at her site!!! I have a direct link on my blinkies.

I did so much laundry yesterday that I need to open my own Chinese laundry. I am down to one more load...maybe two...and then it will all start over again! One tragedy during laundry was dh left a pen in his pocket, which somehow managed to get all over 8 of my t-shirts which luckily I only paid about $2-3 for with my employee discount. But still, that was all but two of my shirts for heaven sake. So I had to buy 5 shirts yesterday to have something to wear. Of course, I had to sneak in a handbag.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another LO with Sherriejd and Chat

digi credits: HERE

I managed to squeeze in another lo using Sherriejd's great kit: Sheeps in the Meadow available at CRD. That big frame is a freebie from Catherine Paturet over at the CRD Blog from a while back. I've been dying to use them, too.

What a great way to start my day: fighting over the car. We had the schedule all worked out for the week and ds tries to maneuver in and get the car when it was agreed dd has the car today. Then dd refuses to get in the car because ds has the windows down. Ds calls me from the front yard saying he needs to leave for school and dd won't get in the car. I have to go outside and yell at dd using her full name to get in the car NOW! Of course, neighbor is taking out his trash and is staring at me yelling like a fishwife for her to get in the car. Then ds goes up and turns around and is going to stop infront of the house again, but dd calls me on the phone to say she needs the windows closed because her allergies are pushing her over the edge. Which I have to agree. Mine are too right now for some reason. So I have to have her put me on speakerphone to get ds to put the windows up. Now mind you, ddis never going to go to school with all the windows down because it will mess up her perfectly coiffed hair.

SO just shoot me now and get it over with quickly! Forget torturing our suspected terrorists. Give them two minutes with my two arguing over the car. They will spill their guts just to get them to stop!

I do not want DC to win American Idol because they will make a stinkin' pop record with their formula songs, and we'll have to wait for cd #2 to really hear his stuff. So go DA because he will be fine with their pop record. And I hope DC releases Billy Jean cuz that is still my fav he has sung all season!!

It is fixin to rain this morning. I will be doing more laundry. I did about 5 loads yesterday. I think I am down to three left. I paid dd $5.00 to clean the kitchen while I was at work yesterday, and trust me, it was worth every penny! She said it was a $10.00 job. Yeah, right! LOL!

I'm off to read the blog train at DST and see what everyone is up to today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Working on Blog Posting

My entry for the CRD Build A Bloom CT Contest. OMG! I really cannot believe I am doing that, but if you don't stick your neck out, you will never know. Right? So if you are feeling extra kind, please stop by my DST Gallery and leave me your comments!!!

digi credits HERE
My new card for the Faith Sisters Weekly Scripture challenge. I'm still not caught up, but I'm still doing them, which is the important part. I love reading the different verses and being led to the one that inspires me. I can't wait until I have them all done and in a pretty box for sharing.

I think I've mentioned I fell into a CT gig for Sherrijd over at Christina REnee Designs. Gosh, I am just so honored and thrilled to use her collab kit that I just gave you the direct link for. She worked with another Authentic Artist named Sue on this one: Summer Breezy. So please check it out. Now I gotta find out how to get my stuff in the gallery there, as if I even can aspire to be half as talented as those ladies. And, the circle in the photo is from Cottage Arts.

I'm just going to be slack this summer posting on my blog. I know it. OH WELL!!!

I do have some secret fans who read my blog and NEVER post a "Hi!" They freaked out one week when they hadn't heard from me via phone or blog. They thought something was wrong. Schweeet of them! But nothing was wrong. Just working and enjoying the warm weather.

And finally, seeing David Cook singing Roberta Flack, OMG! I almost cried. He is so freakin' talented. And Randy is on drugs if he didn't think that was the best SHIT he has ever heard. Take the glue out of your ears. He was awesome. I LOVED HIM and if he doesn't win, the world is deaf! LOL!

Blogging In the Summer!!!

Birthday card with Simply Spring Kit by Nini's Notions at Digitals

Denim Kit by Scrap4Brains at Digitals

Denim Kit by Scrap4Brains at Digitals

Digi Credits

I love summer. It is my favorite time of year. I adore the sunshine and hot weather. I'm compelled to be outside which interrupts my scrapping and blogging time! Maybe I'm like alot of people. I don't know. But I do know that I don't scrap as much in the summer because I'd rather be outdoors doing things. Now, I do have a screened porch, and I do scrap out there to enjoy the weather.

Of course, the other thing interrupting my life is that it appears they are not going to hire another person at work, and so I am working 30-35 hours a week. Which I totally do not want to do. That's why I got a part time job, but then in this economy, I don't want to complain. After all, I heard about a local business laying off everyone in sight. So we will see how this all comes out in the wash.

I have done a few lo's here recently, and I'm sharing them today. Finally.

I have a suggestion for you, too. Yesterday, I went to Cottage Arts and spent some time looking around. I mean really looking around and found four kits that I might not have seen my just clicking the "What's New" button. So I'm suggesting that you treat yourself to a really good "look-see" at your favorite digi store. You might have missed something from way back when, and it is fun just to look around and see what all is there.

I didn't get too much done yesterday as I had to go to the skin dr. and get a suspected skin cancer cut off my neck. I just had one cut off my arm about six months ago. They told me not to worry that they come in clusters like that. I'm trying not to think about it.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

TOOT and chat!

Postcard from garden center. Sorry it's upside down!

Okay, here is the before picture of my pots. Unplanted...finally. I guess Blogger is feeling cooperative this morning.

I had a very nice day off yesterday. I did a little bit of everything. I exercised, planted my pots, cooked, took a brief nap, cleaned. It was a productive and restful day.

My exciting news is that I am going to be up at the the high school today and next week to show my scrapbooks and talk about scrapbooking to a freshman English class. I got called yesterday by the teacher! Isn't that exciting! I think it's a TOOT and a different TOOT!

One thing I totally loved yesterday is my dd went to the grocery store for me. Yes, it's true. I HATE grocery shopping! So while she went to the store for me with her friend, I went for my 3.2 mile walk that I so enjoy!

I also finally got an EHD! I'm so exciting for that to come. A Western Digital 500GB! Wahoo! There was another one on sale, but I read the reviews, and it ran hot. It also had a rebate that several people complained never came. I'm just not in the mood for that so I went for the one I originally wanted in the first place.

I did do a lo yesterday for the August issue of Scrapstreet.com using a new kit by Katey Green that will be a freebie with the newsletter. I can't post it yet because it will be in the mag, but at least I got to scrap.

Now the big question for NSD is: paper or digital. I'm so leaning towards digital because TAngie Baxter and Cottage Arts have some great new stuff I want to play with. Plus I have some kits by Rasberry Road I haven't gotten to yet. Cast your vote. Cuz if it is paper it is doing my wedding album...which I've started...

And last, but not least, Lisa Bearnson will be on QVC on Friday. I love her. I guess cuz I met her at CKU-WDW in 2003. I'm going to DVR it and see what she is up to. I won't buy anything since I'm digi, but it will be fun anyway!