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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Project 365 February

So far I have managed to get a picture everyday. Some of them are not so great, but it's all the in the process. Here is a preview of some of my fav's for the month: Snow sky on our 2nd snow day of the year. Hard to believe we got 2 snow days as it hasn't snowed in seven years before that!
My Carolina Moon photo! Carolina is famous for it's moon! I had to take this photo last night. It was so beautiful.

I'm kind of burned out on scrapping now. I guess my marathon scrap weekend stole all my creative juices. Boohoo!

Work has been working me to death lately. But that is not a complaint as I am not bored. Just tired when I come home. But I'll take that any day over boredom.

Our weather has been fantastic recently. Low 70's and no humidity. Perfect for this time of year. I know it is just a teaser, but I love having the fresh air with the windows open and the doors open!


Jess said...

that moon photo is awesome!!!! I would frame that!!!

Jennifer W. said...

Great moon photo. Glad the great weather balances the working too hard. Make sure you get out for a stretch during the day to keep your sanity.

ValeriGail said...

Gorgeous Picutres!! Love the moon photo!!!

Our weather has been lovely too, till last night! LOL I love having my windows open, but living in Texas, I only get a very small window of opportunity (pun intended, lol). The next month, I will probably open up the house and try to leave it open for as long as possible. hopefully this year, its longer than 2 weeks! haha

Melanie said...

Both of these photos are stunning Leigh. Its wonderful that youcould capture these.