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Friday, January 01, 2010

Art Journal Caravan Expedition 2010

So Tangie Baxter is taking us on a fabulous journey this year in creating an art journal. I have decided to do 8x8 pages because I can print them out if I do them digitally. If I do hybrid or just paper, I can make them any size I want and fix my page protector to fit what I've created.

First off I made a cover for it last night, which will really end up being a title page as I plan to use a three ring binder style 8x8 album.

I hope you like my cover/title page.

I have also created three pages to go with it. I see someone has suggested that we create ATC's to go with each page, and then at the end of the year we would have 52 cards...just like a deck. Which I could do this as well, a piece part of each page I create and include some baseball card pockets in my art journal to keep this all together. It is also a fab idea if I feel that my creation is ATC size for what I'm feeling. Here are the created pages...and sometimes I will share my journaling and sometimes not.

I hope that some of you will tag along with me as I take this journey throughout the year and also join in. Check out the link: Art Journal Caravan

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