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Monday, April 18, 2011

No Rules, Just Right: Kenya

One thing I noticed while I was in Kenya was when the kids were coloring, both the big kids and the little kids: they used alot of color. They were not confined by the lines on the coloring page we gave them. They stayed within the lines, but used many colors within a specific area on the coloring page. It was fascinating. American children would color an arm flesh colored, or a skirt one solid color, but Kenyan children will use the colors they have and create a multi-colored arm or skirt.
This color came out in their cultural dress as well as their daily wear. It was joyful to see the beaded bands around the womens' necks that they had made with so many different colors of beads. Row upon row of color.  Their garments were colorful. No rules. Base clothes with tied on yards of fabric all in colors.
The dancing was joyful and the colors with the dancing were even more joyful.
It was amazing to me out of a life so uncolorful how so much brightness could come out. I was fascinated. The landscape where we were was dirt, dotted bushes, few trees...alot of brown, but not the people! Their smiling faces were accentuated with color.
I love color. Color makes me happy, too. Maybe we should all add more color in our lives!

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Carolyn said...

I couldn't agree more. I love color!! Thank you for sharing this, it sounds wonderful.