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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Watercolor stamping Card

So I was messing around today because I had to make some cards for some friends. I had bought some watercolor paper a while ago at Hobby Lobby and needed to use it.

I have some of those water color crayons. My dear friend, Nancy, sent me them in the mail. I have used them before, but with paint brushes to color in images. I found out you could color on your stamps with them, spray with water and stamp on water color paper. It doesn't work on regular paper because you need the absorbency in the water color paper. I like the fact you can use several colors and run them together.

Natch, I had to use my BG Color Me Silly Paper and coordinating Bazzil. I have used the hound out of that set since I got it. The colors coordinate with my dd's cheer uniform plus they work great with my recent photos from Maui! Those scrapbook pages will be posted here shortly.

I have to post these photos on my blog. I am obsessed with light and photography. I'm fascinated the way light affects objects and the play of light. I just LOVE the way the light is in these photographs. The challenge of shooting outdoors is just great. You can't control the light. I mean you can to some extent by choosing the time of day, but when it is right, it is right.

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