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Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Save Big on Meat and a few other tidbits...

I mentioned in a previous post that I have a friend that has two full size freezers full of meat. Her husband told me he was thinking of getting a third freezer. (I use the term meat to describe all things such as chicken, burger, steaks, etc...and yes I know chicken is not meat...ok!)

I am not as good at Tally as snooping out the deals, however, I do quite well. You have to cruise the meat area whenever you hit the grocery store and look for the marked down meat. Stores have various policies as to when they mark their meat down. Where I live, Harris Teeter marks before others. Anyway, it is marked down before or on the expiration date. Well, so what. I'm going to take it home and put it in the freezer. It will be fine!

I have found seasoned meat for fajitas, italian sausage, pork chops, ribs, hamburger, chicken, steaks...the list goes on. I try to look for things that are marked down to $5.00 or less in a package that I would consider one meal minimum. Often times, I can get things for as low as $2.00. It just depends. Sometimes I have a coupon, if it is a name brand item, too. Anyway, the point is, I'm able to buy at a great savings and stock my freezer.

Yes, it is good to buy your meat on sale, too. You will save doing this as well. I always buy ground chuck when it is on special. I like to get pork butt, too, because who doesn't like some good home-made bbq!!!

The whole point is to keep your eyes open. You never know what you will find. And that goes throughout the grocery store...discontinued items that have been marked down...and then if you have a coupon... you get the point!

One magazine I have subscribed to is "All You". It is only available from Walmart. I don't read it. I clip all the coupons out of it. There are a ton, and it more than pays for itself. I even got a fabulous deal on my subscription rate. It took some searching and waiting, but now it's really worth it! You will see this magazine referenced alot on the sites that I told you to check out. It's just another coupon tool in your arsenal.

Speaking of coupons, do not forget catalinas/blinkie/tearpads and such. I had to wait for something at Piggly Wiggly yesterday. While I was waiting, I took a cruise around the store for coupons that are in the aisle. I'm not greedy. I take two per visit. Some people do take the whole thing, but I prefer to be nice and leave some for others as well. However, if people have left a stack of them out, I take all of those. I found three different things of coupons that I was able to add to my stash.

And that, my friends, is a week in my coupon world. I have not made it to the store yet this week. So much going on. But you know for sure when I go that I am going to save a ton. I always save over half on my bill. Some weeks are better than others, but it all boils down to money I can use on other things.

I hope you have found this helpful. I may have left some things out, but it is all available for you on the internet. Cruise. Expand your knowledge. I'm sure you will be a pro in no time.

Personally, my son is very excited. He says we have alot of food...and he likes that. He has a hollow leg!

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