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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday in my coupon world...

Okay, I am going to be clipping my coupons today. I happen to be off, and I have an appointment this afternoon so I have some free time while squeezing in laundry.

My coupon system is two cancelled check holders like you get at walmart. I have one for CVS type things and one for grocery items. I keep them in a bag that I can grab on the run. I also throw all my uncut coupons in there. I mean why have a pile of messy coupons all over the place when I can keep it neatly in this bag? My four CVS envelopes are in there (refer to yesterday's post), and sometimes I keep scissors in there.

Scissors, yes. Scissors. Why? Because you can clip and sort your coupons anywhere. The busy mom is always on the go and needs a system that works. I have clipped in the doctor's office. Why not! You can clip in car line. Clip while watching tv at night. Clip while having a brief morning snack break. Clip. Clip. Clip. It's not that it takes that long either. It's just another THING TO DO on our LIST OF THINGS TO DO, but if you need to break it down into small tasks, it can be done or you can just sit and clip if that fits in your schedule.

While I am sorting my coupons, I try to take out any that I noticed have expired. This is also another task you can do on the go while on the run and waiting somewhere. I had to hit the laundromat to wash something that wouldn't fit in my washer, and I got rid of all the expired coupons. You do not want to be giving cashiers expired coupons or get all excited about a deal, only to realize your coupon is expired. This purging also makes room for all the new coupons you are getting from magazines, internet, and the newspaper.

The rant, "I don't have time," is wasted on me because you can make time. It's just about time management. Are your kids old enough to use scissors, get them clipping. Make a game of it. I'm just saying that where there is a will, there is a way!

Once everything is clipped and sorted into your storage method, you are ready for BIG WEDNESDAY...that's when all the shopping ads come out. OH YES! The new grocery ads for the week. You can get previews at the sites I listed yesterday, and prepare a day ahead. This is essential for Harris Teeter triple coupons because if you don't get in there early, alot of the killer deals will be gone!!!

Personally, I have to shop on my day off or a day I don't work in the morning. I may not be able to go on Wednesday, but I usually make it by Friday at the latest. Not that it matters. I may go twice if I can't squeeze it all in or I have forty coupons and it is Harris Teeter triples. They limit you to 20 coupons per day to be tripled. Not per card either. Per person. But I digress...

I will go into great grocery detail later this week. Perhaps tomorrow...we'll see what thought tomorrow brings! LOL!

There are many ways to sort your coupons. All of these sites that I reference describe various ways to sort. You have to do what works for you. I tried a 3 ring binder with baseball card holders, but it was too cumbersome for me and annoying. Some people use recipe card boxes with dividers. You have to decide how best to store and sort. Because if the system you are using doesn't work, you will not use it.

Also, if CVS or the Walgreen or Rite-aid thing is too much for you, don't do it. You can get good deals on alot of personal care items at the grocery stores with your coupons. It's not about torturing yourself, it's about saving money without adding additional stress. More stress is not going to help. But a few extra dollars is going to be a motivator in a system that works for you.

Today's post may not be that exciting, but coupon storage and maintenance is essential to the whole process. I urge you to take the time to read the various storage methods offered and give one a try.

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