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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Savings and Great Evangelization!

What does big savings and great evangelization mean? Two different things actually.

I bought a new laser printer to have in my home office, which has paid for itself almost 2x over in savings at the grocery store simply by printing extra coupons and using them! Stores accept printables. CVS and Bi-Lo are fantastic about no limits. Harris Teeter gets a little cranky and has a four max printable, with only two on the same product. Whatever! I just got to CVS and Bi-Lo, and if I need to go to HT, I know I can only use their printable coupon limit. Great deal on a Schick Hydro with extra bucks at CVS and a manufacturers mail in rebate for FREE. This paid for itself! I might be weird, but I love when I end up with something free! And it's just for taking a little extra time to print my rebate form and mail it off.

Pastor Perry is visiting Florence tomorrow night to talk about Evangelization. I'm excited he is coming to Florence, and I'm excited to hear him speak on Evangelization. Don't ask my why I am capitalizaing evangelization. No reason at all!
And this is not the IN YOUR FACE SCARE YOU OFF EVANGELIZATION type of talk. Anyway, it should be good, and I can hardly wait! I'll talk about that on Wednesday or another day. Depends when I get to blog next.

I told you I needed more room than FB had to offer. While nice, FB is limited. And for the talker, who has alot she needs to say, this is just the medium for me!

No pictures today. Didn't take any!

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