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Monday, October 17, 2005

Christmas Cards And All That Glitters

I don't know why I added "and all that glitters" to my title. I just like it when talking about Christmas. Yes, I know it is only October, but if you are going to make your own Christmas cards, you better get started ASAP! I made two today using some cards I had received in previous years. I cut out the artwork from the cards, mounted it on cardstock and used that art on my new handmade cards. I tried to scan them, and as luck would have it, my scanner is acting retarded. Oh well, I will try again another day.
I am trying to set a goal for myself to make 2 Christmas cards per day until I have a whole bunch. I also need to find a photo of my kids suitable for a card, preferably one where they look like they are getting along!
Today is laundry day. I think I am running a Chinese laundry at my house. How does so much laundry accumulate? No matter if you are caught up, you always find more. Although frankly, I'm not sure I have ever been caught up.
I am waiting for my Club Scrap Jr. kit to come. I'm hoping it comes today. You never know so it is always a surprise. Lou took some great pictures of Caitee and her friends at the State Fair and the cowboy theme is perfect to go with these pics.

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