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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Appliances - Nothing to do with my sb world!

Why do microwaves not last? Do you ever wonder that? My microwave died and frankly, I didn't even set this one on fire one time so I'm not sure what the deal is. Granted we use it all the time to heat up water and cook veggies so it may have died of chronic over-use. It did give me an excuse to get one of those that goes over the range, so secretly I am pleased about that. Lou said after the ac unit he put in the window of the sb room, this should be a piece of cake to install. I'm guess it will involve alot of cussing on his part and maybe when he is doing that, I should plant my fall flowers! OUTSIDE!
My scanner is acting stupid. It fell off it's shelf. I'm suspecting my cat on that one. I guess I am going to have to go under the desk and check all the cables and plugs. I really want the Epson all in one with photo capability, but it is like $399 or something like that. I think that all equipment should be out in the open where you can freely adjust the cables and so on without having to dig around and contort yourself into crazy positions to get things adjusted and fixed. IMO, of course!
And let's chat about my ipod for a moment...well, not mine. My friend wanted some of my music so I plugged hers into my computer and downloaded some of my songs...and erased all hers, which her husband had just put on AGAIN.
I think I am electronically challenged. The mystery of the plugged in stuff...

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