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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Goody Bags n Tags

The Ugly Truth
I'm the kind of mom that when asked to bring something for the bake sale or classroom makes a pan of brownies. Now mind you, I have a recipe for brownies from scratch that will make you see Jesus, but before I found that, it was just the good ole box kind. Functional - asked to make something - I did. Unlike the superMOMS who bring in a cake made to look like the Mona Lisa. Take my Christmas gift one year to the day care teachers: homemade pepper jelly with a stick on bow. The stick on bow was my wrapping. That lovely jar stood on the counter with the bags that were so colorful and covered with curlied ribbon and the most beautiful designer paper with something inside that would probably merit such a delicious gift bag. What can I say?
My friend and I get to do the snacks for the JV cheerleaders today. We are not one to take this job lightly. She calls them goody bags. So, being the scrapbooking goddess I am, I made some basic tags and then found some cute little cheerleaders to go with it. A little coordinating curly ribbon, and we have some fun treat bags that the other mothers will now have to outdo. My friend, Lynn, said that we probably overdid it (for once in my life...she has no idea), but the truth is, we know we will do it exactly the same way again next time. Perhaps I can add individual photos next time...

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