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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Halloween Treats to Make

Ah the delight young children feel at

Halloween all jacked up on sugary candy, running around in fun costumes, overstimulated by friends... My nephews are just the right age to appreciate getting a box full of Halloween treats I've been making for this challenge at a website. I made these two puzzles today. We were supposed to alter some puzzle pieces, but I didn't have any and I KNEW what kid would want altered puzzle pieces? They want puzzles! Right? These were quick and dirty puzzles that I whipped out on cardstock. To make them more durable, just mount on chipboard. I didn't do that because we get points based on how fast we finish. That explains why these aren't inked on the edges or chalked anywhere. They were just slapped together and cut up and posted!

The pumpkin is an altered CD. Yes, I am the queen of altered items, but even as quickly as I put this together, two other divas beat me to the punch and got more points by posting faster! So you can see that time is of the essence and the details and fun little tricks I might normally do are cast to the wind as I whip these out like Edward Scissorhands. I will put a wire loop at the top of the pumpkin so my lil' guys can hang this up.

They will be receiving quite a stash of stuff. I hope that makes me a fun Auntie!

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