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Sunday, April 06, 2008

CRD Revealed

Okay, the lo I made on my previous post was using products from a Future Authentic Artist at Christina Renee Designs. Now how do you accidentally fall into a lucky spot like that? Just being on Tangie Baxter's Design Team. This future Authentic Artist is collaborating with Tangie on some kits and through that relationship we get to be her CT for CRD products. So the spot she will be selling is revealed, but the mystery as to who she is still remains...

Click here for credits This terrific kit comes from the multi-talented Beth Rimmer at Digitals. If you haven't seen her spread in Somerset Magazine this month, you are missing an incredable altered art mini album made from digi! Pages 24-26 if I remember correctly. I went to BooksaMillion and checked it out because any time one of my designers is featured, I'm excited!

I really like altered art. I like doing it, too. I haven't been doing it so much just since I've been addicted to my computer and doing the digital scrapping thing. I am doing a little digital altered art type project with making that little ID Badge mini album for my son to celebrate his DL. The only thing holding me back on finishing it is finding my card for my computer because the pics are in my phone so I have to use one of those cards that takes the mini card from my phone.

Prom was last night in our town. All three high schools had prom on the same night. I was working my pt job, and you would not believe how many mothers and daughters were in there buying last minute prom jewelry. I would not be taking my dd to the store the day of her prom to buy last minute jewelry. Now her wedding, maybe, but prom..no way. That is so nuts. They were all stressed out trying to squeeze this in as if they hadn't known about it for a month. INSANE! Of course, one lady I know whas there with her older daughter and was upset because she had landscaped her whole backyard for prom photos, and we had 4" of rain all day yesterday.

My mother planted colorful flowers in her beds for our wedding reception, but she didn't relandscape the whole yard for my wedding, and I certainly doubt that she would have relanscaped the whole yard for my prom pictures. I think sometimes people lose perspective.

I remember thinking I would DIE as a senior if I didn't go to prom. I mean what kind of life would there be if I was ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who didn't go to prom? I went, of course! Only to find out as you go to college and go through life, how many terrific people you know just didn't go to their prom. And they are terrific, and their life wasn't over by being labeled a NON PROM ATTENDING PERSON.

So relandscaping NO. And I'm sure I will take my own prom photos as I know what I'm doing, and I will pay for ds to get his photos done at the prom because you have to have that pic, too. I'm not relandscaping for DS to attend the prom. His date's mother can do that! LOL!

Actually, my worst fear is the apres prom parties which involve hitting the beach about 1 1/2 hours away. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster if you are a parent, doesn't it?

DH was so funny lecturing dd that there would be parties on prom night, and if she went to any and there was alcohol, that the police were out and about. They were going to try and find probable cause to enter homes and arrest everyone who was in the home attending the party of liquor was found for underage drinking. So he suggested she just leave if she got to a party and there was alcohol. Ds was working so it wasn't an issue for him. And it wasn't an issue for dd. She wasn't attending any parties...as if we would let her attend prom parties because we would suspect there would be alcohol there, and she doesn't need to be in that environment. But I just thought it was cute that dh was giving his fatherly warning!

OK. I've chatted long enough about that! LOL! I've got some kits to play with and lo's to create. Happy scrapping to ya!


Laura said...

Ooooooo.... Another CRD designer? Can't wait to see who it is! I am so glad that the MADNESS that is Prom is still 12 years away for me since my oldest is in Kindergarten! Good luck with that!

Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

Great LO!

Juliana said...

A gorgeous page!
And re-landscaping for prom photos? A bit extreme! Hopefully she will enjoy her landscaping anyway.

AfriDigiDIva said...

That is a beautiful layout.

Mousey said...

Awesome LO! And I can't wait to see who the new designer is!

Melanie said...

Love that layout Leigh, I love heritage photos and layouts.

Its a good thing that our formals aren't "that" important here. My mum instited that I attend my Year 12 as i really didn't want to and hd missed YR 10 and I can honestly say it was no big deal. LOl