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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Mystery, to be sure...

Digi credits: HERE. There's a new designer coming out, and she's debuting at an exciting store. Due to her affiliation with Tangie Baxter Designs, we get to create for her, too, which is a HUGE honor, trust me on that! Anyway, all I can say is that she is a "Future Authentic Artist". I'm using her stuff, and I love it!

Digi credits: HERE
This is the cover of a mini ID badge book that I am making for my ds who got his license as I mentioned on yesterday's blog post. I'm just going to have a few quotes in it, and his pics from the DMV that I took with my trusty EnV phone! I got this fabulous idea for the mini ID badge book from Beth Rimmer who is hosting a challenge at Digitals with these dandy little things. She even has a set of 4 templates to download to get you started!!! Details here.

Ds drove himself to work today. I think he is rather pleased about it. DD was miffed, but her friend got her dad's car this afternoon, so they were able to make the rounds in another vehicle. I do believe that took some of the edge off of having to share a car! LOL!

I believe I spent the day making that first lo, and taking dd to get her athletic physical and to another appointment.

May I rant for a moment? Sure I can because it is my blog. I have been taking my family to the same doctor for 13 years. My dh went to college with his partner. They are a very nice practice, and I like going there as I trust them to handle any emergencies if we had them. They had a new lady working their check out area. Apparently she is just a bitch. I was so mad when I left that I was considering calling the office manager. I'll just wait until the next time I have to go to the dr.'s office, and I am going to tell him about her. I've only complained to him about an employee once before, and he left the examining room to handle the situation immediately. Therefore, I don't like to do it lightly or abuse it. But this lady was arguing with me over my insurance and how it was handled by their office. How the freak does she know if she is brand spankin' new? And she is the type that has to look things up and try and prove it to you. WHAT? And she wasn't letting me go until she made her point. Lovely. Even my dd commented, "What is wrong with her?" Attitude. Bad attitude.

Ok. I'm done. Off my soap box. That wasn't so bad was it? I try not to be completely insane!

My girlfriend told me a joke yesterday so I will part with that. A blonde lady was robbed. They took all her valuables. The police dispatched their K-9 unit to her home. She was distraught, sitting on her front porch crying when the officer stepped out of his car with his dog. Her friend was there and asked her why she was so upset. "After all, the police are here."

The blonde lady replied, "Well, it's bad enough I was robbed and they took all my valuables, but they sent a blind policemen to my house with his seeing eye dog."


thumper6423 said...

I love that first layout! The garden looks so peaceful.

Natalie said...

Such lovely layouts! Is the cover of the mini badge book really just digi? So cool!

It's no fun when doctor's office staff aren't friendly; I've had my share of that, too; hopefully, your next visit will go much more smoothly.

Lani said...

ooh dont you just hate people that think they know everything? so frustrating! i would have had a go at her...i loose patience with that sort of attitude very quickly!

evitangel said...

lol - wonderful!

have a fab weekend!

Melanie said...

I hear you on the receptioniest, I have a bitchy one at my dermatologists and hate her.

Love the projects Leigh, can't wait to see who this new digi designer is.