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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Layouts

I have two lo's to share with you. One features Beth Rimmers "Every Now and Then Add On" available at Digitals. Credits: HERE The other features Rasberry Roads "Too Cool For School Girls". Credits: HEREBoth lo's use templates by NadlM! And photos of my Mom. I'm nearly done the heritage photos I had scanned a while back so I will have to go scan some more.

I decided not to blog or blog train over the weekend...thereby freeing up the time that I normally do that! LOL! Anyway, I had to work early Saturday and then on Sunday, I spent the day pruning some tea olive bushes and pulling weeds.

Since I have shared my garden ailments before, I will share the horror of the splinter. I ran my hands through my hair and felt a sting on my ring finger. That action must have pushed on the splinter that had lodged itself between the nail and my skin. ACK! My dh had to get the tweezers because I couldn't get it out. After I yelled out, "HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD!", he said, "That was it." Whew. I'm not sure my weakened condition could have taken any more pain! LOL!

"Deadliest Catch" starts on Tuesday. Is anyone else excited? We are. I've been watching the marathon on and off over the weekend. And I discovered that Discovery is HD, too, so I have the most excellent, sharpest picture.

My ds is spending his spring break earning money by picking up extra hours at his golf grunt job. I'm so proud of him. He is excited to have extra cash and to have the car as dd is at the beach with her friend's family. No sharing! I told him he had to pay for the gas he used, and he is so happy, he doesn't even care.

My tax accountant called and didn't get our tax electronic filing form to file our taxes, but I mailed it. I expect they will get it tomorrow. If not, I am going to lay an egg.


Azrood said...

Gorgeous heritage pages!!! I really want to sit down with my mom and grandma and get all the stories that go with their photos so that I can scrap them one day.

Pillowgirl said...

Stumblewd on your blog through the train, and must say I love your scrap style. Your heritage albums are great archives for future generations. Thanks for sharing with us!

inspirationontheweb said...

wow beautiful pages. love the old photos

DawnMarch said...

My DD had one of those splinters and she sure suffered til I could get it out with tweezers! The perils of gardening!

Designing-Moments said...

love the layouts!!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Fantastic layouts! I adore your scrapping style.

Heather said...

ROFL I want a picture of that egg.

gorgeous layouts!

I bet your son is thrilled not to have to share the car. I'm thinking here, when Jordan starts driving, Kat will be 11 - they shouldn't have to share a car, but by the time Kat and Alyce can drive, they may just have to. Fun fun fun. LOL Hopefully Jordan has his own car by the time Kat is old enough to drive, I mean, he'll be 21. LOL

Have a great day!

JanMary said...

Love the Through the Years LO - wonderful.

movefearlessly said...

those layouts are fantastic - i don't do much vintage b/c i don't have many older photos, but i might have to see if i can't find some.