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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rasberry Road and Boo

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You might recognize the photo from my post the other day. It's my dog, Boo, who weighs 85 lbs. and thinks that he is still a lil' pup. What that means is he wants to sit in your lap. He is such a big baby, but oh so protecive of his mommy that if a workman comes to my house, I have to warn them not to pet the dog! Boo is a very smart dog. My dd taught him to sit, lay, and roll over. She basically had to get him to do it once and he got it! Boo is a mix of everything... a Heinz 57 dog. His favorite toy is a tennis ball, which he will fetch for me until he gets tired. He gets tired because he is overweight. When he is finished, he takes his ball in his mouth and goes and lays down. Sometimes he even plays with the ball himself like a kitten. That is really hilarious!

All I can tell you is I LOVED David Cook singing with ZZ Top. Talk about fantastic. I'm waiting to buy your album, dude!


Maggie said...

it's kewl you are getting reimburse...
We had a similar problem and had to pay for it..
Have a good day,

Barb said...

Love Boo, Love David Cook! I wrote about him today too. Imagine that!

Designing-Moments said...

awww he's adorable! We have a female chihuahua who we named boo. She is a little dog at only 4.4 pounds lol

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Adorable photo and layout! I'm a major dog lover and also love your layouts too. Can't wait for David Cook's CD either. I know it's gonna be awesome.

Have a great weekend!

Melanie said...

Boo is so cute and so is your layout.

Our Boxer thinks he is a lap dog and tried to sit on your lap, he's so big and bulky it doesn't happen but it doesn't stop him trying.

Catherine said...

wow gorgeous layout, the framing is amazing!