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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another LO with Sherriejd and Chat

digi credits: HERE

I managed to squeeze in another lo using Sherriejd's great kit: Sheeps in the Meadow available at CRD. That big frame is a freebie from Catherine Paturet over at the CRD Blog from a while back. I've been dying to use them, too.

What a great way to start my day: fighting over the car. We had the schedule all worked out for the week and ds tries to maneuver in and get the car when it was agreed dd has the car today. Then dd refuses to get in the car because ds has the windows down. Ds calls me from the front yard saying he needs to leave for school and dd won't get in the car. I have to go outside and yell at dd using her full name to get in the car NOW! Of course, neighbor is taking out his trash and is staring at me yelling like a fishwife for her to get in the car. Then ds goes up and turns around and is going to stop infront of the house again, but dd calls me on the phone to say she needs the windows closed because her allergies are pushing her over the edge. Which I have to agree. Mine are too right now for some reason. So I have to have her put me on speakerphone to get ds to put the windows up. Now mind you, ddis never going to go to school with all the windows down because it will mess up her perfectly coiffed hair.

SO just shoot me now and get it over with quickly! Forget torturing our suspected terrorists. Give them two minutes with my two arguing over the car. They will spill their guts just to get them to stop!

I do not want DC to win American Idol because they will make a stinkin' pop record with their formula songs, and we'll have to wait for cd #2 to really hear his stuff. So go DA because he will be fine with their pop record. And I hope DC releases Billy Jean cuz that is still my fav he has sung all season!!

It is fixin to rain this morning. I will be doing more laundry. I did about 5 loads yesterday. I think I am down to three left. I paid dd $5.00 to clean the kitchen while I was at work yesterday, and trust me, it was worth every penny! She said it was a $10.00 job. Yeah, right! LOL!

I'm off to read the blog train at DST and see what everyone is up to today.


Juliana said...

Good for you on the laundry! It can be so hard to get that out of the way.

I just have 2 little girls right now - I know the car-arguing days are coming, but I think I'll worry about that later!

Have a great day!

Creative Junkie said...

rotf at your car situation! Only 2 more years until my eldest is driving, but since my youngest is almost 7 years behind her, I don't think I'll have the same problems as you ... WHEW!

I totally agree with you about David Cook - I was kind of hoping he's be voted off last night, so that he can go make the record he's meant to make and be the next Chris Daughtry. If he wins, I dread to hear the kind of pop crap they're going to make him record. ((shudder))

Anonymous said...

I never thought about that with AI and DC. I really want him to win. Though, I really wanted Carly to win. But I really like David C.

Oh lord with the 2 fighting over the car. Sounds like my 3 fighting over everything. ROFL

Have a better day!

Anonymous said...

In my excitement over AI and fighting children, I forgot to tell you that layout is gorgeous! Great layering!!!!

Ok, I think I'm done now. ROFL

catherine said...

How fun to see my frames here, you totally made my day! :)

Melanie said...

Im laughing about the car bickering too, good thing I have years before I have to worry about that.

Gorgeous layout Leight, I love the "white"space on it.