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Friday, May 16, 2008

Magnolias and Cottage ARts

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I love magnolia trees. I always take a pic of my blossoms. I have 3 trees in my back yard. What a glorious bloom. They are so big and white and pretty! They just remind me of a gentile life and summer.

I wish I had more sage things to say today. But I just got off work, and I'm tired! We were busy. My kiddies are out and about (yes, I know exactly where they are), so the house is quiet and I'm waiting on a nice apple streudel to finish cooking for a lil' snack.

A bit of good news in that it appears the city is going to reimburse us for our plumbing disaster. Now mind you, I don't know how long it will take to actually get the money out of them. We have to fill out a form. OMG! CAn you believe it, but that's the government, even if it is local! But I'll do it to get that big chunk o' change. I'm very ahppy about it anyway!

I need the big chunk o change because I have to have 13 bushes and 3 trees taken out. Our house is about 17 years old and the original planting are overgrown to the point they were affecting the sewer lines. Now that we know where they are, we are going to either plant nothing or shallow rooted plants in those areas so that nothing interferes with them. However, to have the roots dug out, which of the bushes, go about 2 feet straight down and 3 ft each out to the sides...and the trees, forget it...the roots are way out and down! We have to pay almost as much as we will get back from the city with a bit of money left over for new plantings.

Family was all tired from the weekend and grouchy this morning resulting in lots of yelling and kids nearly being late to school. What a way to start the day! Bleh.

We had some friends over for dinner last night and I made bbq chicken, asparagus marinated in Italian dressing, zuchini and mushrooms, and pineapple skewers...all on the grill. It was sooooooooooo good!

And I leave you with those few recent pics of my kitties, Kibbles and Bits (Bits is the fat one), and a picture of my dog, Boo, who is a big baby, but so protective of me! Cuz I'm his momma! LOL!


Melanie said...

Magnolias sure are gorgeous and so is this layout.

Hope the governmemnt don't drag the payment out too long.

Robin L said...

We cant grow magnolias up innorthern wisconsin but I live on magnolia lane!lol Oh your supper sounds wonderful! Great pictures, they all look so sweet.

Elaine said...

Beautiful layout and great photos. Sounds like and awesome dinner, making me hungry.

Bethy said...

love the layout. The magnolias are so pretty! And the pet pictures are precious. Thanks for sharing!

Azrood said...

Awwww! What an adorable group of fur-babies! Glad to hear you'll be reimbursed and that you can get the yardwork covered. Magnolias always remind me of my grandmother as she has several in her yard.

armina said...

your flowers are beautiful... we have some in my garden too but I don't even kno wthat name of the flower LOL...

also your pets are very cute!!! ;)