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Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Phelps, Thanksgiving Layout

I saw this pic on photobucket. I figured I'd share it. Ummm...Michael...that speedo is really teeny! and yes, I watched every single race he was in because I knew it was history in the making. I really loved when they interviewed him with Mark Spitz. He was very gracious, and it was fun to see Mark Spitz so many years later.

I remember in 4th grade, my girlfriend had a life sized poster of Mark Spitz in her bedroom with his 7 medals around his neck. We thought it was so racy! And HOT! I guess by today's standards, it was pretty tame! LOL!

Credits: Christina Renee Designs, Sherriejd at Tangie Baxter Designs, Rasberry Road.

I made this lo today. It might be a little busy, but I just really love all the kitchen stuff that Sherriejd whipped out at Tangie BAxter Designs. It is not out yet, but soon to be released. Isn't my dh a ham? He can't help himself!

Random comments:
My ds's friend noticed that none of the female atheletes have boobs. He doesn't like it. Now...do they really not have boobs or do their ensembles just mash everything so it looks like they don't have any?
Can you wear a one piece and play beach volleyball or do you have to wear a bikini?
How are the Olympic beach volleyball girls keeping their bikini bottoms from riding up with all that moving?
Are Chinese cats waiting for the volleyball to be over to poop in the big cat box?
Knowing they took dog off the menu before the Olympics in China, would you still be comfortable that no dog was on your plate?


Anonymous said...

Haven't been here in a while....love the layout, and it looks that everything is good....have a great week!! {{HUGS}}

Bev said...

do love all that kitchen embellishments! Love the eye candy also :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

lorig said...

Those are really random comments. I was wondering similar about the beach volleyball outfits. Um, how do they stay in place and not have pieces popping out and what about getting sand in where it shouldn't be?

JanMary said...

Have not seen any of the beach volley ball this time round - but I can imagine.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

michellewaite1 said...

I need to forward that pic to a friend of mine.

Kelsey said...

What a wonderful layout!

Melanie said...

I too wonder about the skimpy outfits and I think they wear costume tape or something. lol

Gorgoeus layout, I don't think its too busy. It looks wonderful and balanced.