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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rasberry Road, Scrapbook News & Review, Christina Renee Designs

Credits: HERE

And too boot, this lo is featured at CRD's store with the Dirty Notes Papers: HERE. And I have another one in her shop feature, too: Game On.

In addition, my e-mail came today with the latest issue of Scrapbook News and Review which has one of my lo's in it! I'm so jazzed. So all in all, today was a good scrapping day!

Susan Darter of Rasberry Road is about to open a shop instead of her blog shop, which will feature a forum, gallery, blog and all the usual stuff. I'll be posting about the grand opening when we get all the stuff organized. Lots o' prizes and games and giveaways 'n stuff! Wahooooooo! So check back...it should be fairly soon.

Neck pain...teenagers...killing me...slow painful death...oh GAWD! Said with much love, but ds and his friend woke me up 2x last night...at 1am and 4am...at which point I became possessed and forced them to go to bed. (#_)#($*)(@#)( XBox 360 Live is like a drug to them. Cutting that way back. And dd has been argueing with her bff all week...mainly over bff's ex who is a complete and total loser, drop out, verbally abusive, controlling, stalker...who has snuck back and trying to get with bff and dd won't support her. Duh! GEEEEZ! Why do girls like abusive boys? I have no idea.

Hmmm. think I shall scrapbook!


Melanie said...

I think its that bad boy aspect that girls like.

Hopefully your DD's BFF knows that she has support and will act on it when sh needs it.

Kitty said...

beautiful lo!

Helena said...

Cool layout!

Cutting back on life? Sounds unpleasant.

Danielle said...

LOVE your page girlfriend! you rock!