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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Celebration at TAngie Baxter Designs Oct. 1-4th

I made this treat box for Halloween out of the collab kit that Tangie and Clever Crow Studios created. Check it out here: A Merry Autumn Night

This delightful lo was made using the free kit that Sherriejd and Tangie Baxter collaborated on called Treetop Serenade. A piece of that kit is available each day Oct. 1-4 HERE

Finally, this is a lo I made using Terri Walsh's Timeless kit available at Digitals.

I went to the library today to check out some books. DD had to copy some pages from some reference book for a report for one of her classes. Now, mind you, as with many libraries, ours is in the worst part of town with the most impoverished folks around it. The sign on the copier instructs you to place the item you want copied "vertically". The copier itself has a keypad that looks like the Space Shuttle cockpit. I consider myself to be of above-average intelligence on most days but this copier even baffled me and wrangled me out of fifty cents before we had to get the librarian to come over.

She pointed to her arrow with the duly marked "vertical" inscribed up on it. Mind you, you are copying a rectangle with 4 sides. I realize vertical is up and down, but up and down in relation to what? Landscape paper? Portrait paper? I had two pages print out portrait and two print out landscape. I did the same things for each one. Again, I'm educated. I understand vertical. But WTF are they talking about?

Well, you must turn your book sideways (landscape), instead of your natural inclination to position the book in the portrait position, which is the normal 8 1/2 x 11 mode. DUH-HUH! Which leads me to think that perhaps you need to position your book horizontally.

But hey, I have an even better idea. How about two arrows - one at the top right edge and one at the bottom left edge. Then you can have a nifty little sign that says, "Position your book between the arrows." We can all understand between the arrows. Don't even use the word position. Say PUT YOUR BOOK BETWEEN THE ARROWS. Honestly, it shouldn't be a mind bending puzzle to make a copy! Glad I had a wallet full of change! LOL!


Barb said...

Great layouts, Leah!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey..... stopping by and leaving you some hugs!!! Great looking layouts too!!! Hope you stay away from any "complicated" mechanical machines today... they make these things difficult to make us feel old... geesh!! LOL LOL Have a great day Leigh!!

Melanie said...

Gorgeous layouts Leigh and the treat box is gorgoeus too.

You have me confused now reading your "vertical" story. I would have thought the book went vertical too. Mmmm Maybe the arrow idea id the best.

Anonymous said...

oooo, I believe it is time for an update!!! Have a great day, and I hope all is well.... {{HUGS}}