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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christina Renee Designs Sell-Off

Christina Renee has her entire store on sale because as of Oct. 1st, all the old stuff will be GONE! Gone! Gone! So if you love her stuff and have something on your mind that you didn't get yet...you better get it. I know I did. 9 delicious yummies I just had to have before they departed! So visit Christina and get your goodies before it is too late. Oh yeah, and all her stuff is 50% off right now. She's never done that before. It's not the Christina is going anywhere. She's not. Just having a big celebration starting Oct.1 with lots of new stuff!

Let's see...ds was not home after school, and I was miffed because he is on driving restriction. I naturally assumed the worst - that he was using the car and off with friends. Much to my utter surprise and delight, when he got home from work after 11p, he informed me that he had been at work the whole time. He went by work to see what time they wanted him to come in, and he ended up staying because they needed him. How can a mother be mad at such a diligent, hard-working son?

I cannot believe Congress didn't pass this bail-out package. Kramer from "Mad Money" on CNN and Suze Ormon explained this thing in very good detail that even the most moronic of individuals should have been able to understand. But then Nancy Pilosi got up and pissed off a bunch of people with some ill timed comments and so it didn't pass. Partisan politics. Sometimes you gotta keep your mouth shut.

Think of it this way. The farmer goes to buy seeds. He buys his seeds on credit and pays off his debt when the crop comes in. The credit market is lacking funds to loan because of the bad debt so he can't get a loan. He doesn't have money to plant his crops. He doesn't grow his crops. Many of his fellow farmers are in the same boat. They don't grow their crops...get it?

I worked in the S&L industry when the S&L crisis was going on. There was a 3 month period we had no funds to lend. We read the paper, twiddled our thumbs, evaluated current loans. No funds to lend means no commercial loans for businesses, no personal loans for consumers. No mortgage loans for would be homebuyers. Think about the trickle down effect of that in a national economy.

This is serious business. It is ugly business. But if you take the politics out of it, it is simply a matter of survival or we will have the greatest depression far surpassing that of the '30's. The Grapes of Wrath comes to mind. Dust bowls and poverty. The mess we are in will take several years to recover from. Years. Not weeks. Not months. Not one year. It is grave. I'm not being overreactive. I understand. I read. I educated myself. I do have a degree in finance anyway so I get it. I get it really well.

And on that note of levity, I will be off to pull weeds unless it rains. In that case, I will clean, clean, clean.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Leigh.... I love your reality checks!! LOL LOL We'll see what this interview brings... (I have even downplayed bmy resume, so people stop thinking I am over qualified!) I just want a job.... Done the tests, (passed with flying colors) but they still like the word DEGREE! Oh well, I will let you know. Hope all is well with you, and that your ventures work out too!! Have a great day.... {{HUGS}}

Melanie said...

The state of the ecomony at the moment is scary, hopefully it will get better soon.