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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Greatest Christmas Ornament

You may wonder where I have been lately. I've been swamped because I took a little 15 hour a week Christmas job, and that means I don't have a spare minute! The job is great and I've already bought and wrapped three Christmas gifts. As I like to say, 3 down and wrapped!

The fabulous ornament I am talking about can be used on your own tree, to give as gifts, or to decorate your home, and even be sold at a craft show. It is simply 20 circles, folding and glueing. I mean, that is about as easy as it gets. Lucky for you, I have made this fabulous thing and so I have worked all the kinks out of the project for you.

http://www.marthastewart.com/page.jhtml?type=content&id=channel1082&catid=cat405&navLevel=4 This website has a photo of the finished item and the directions for making this terrific project. I believe Carol Duvall made some on HGTV, too.

I recommend using a circle punch because your circles will be uniform. I used the gigantic one, the Giga one, I believe it is called. Take your punch and make 20 circles. Set them aside.

Punch one extra circle. This will be used as your equilateral triangle pattern. www.math.okstate.edu/~rpsc/Fall1999/Dana2.html This site gives you easy directions and visual aids about how to fold your circle to get your triangle pattern.

I took my circle pattern and folded into the equilateral triangle. I then took one of the 20 circles I had set aside and the triangle pattern inside the circle. I then folded two sides of the circle over the triangle. After that I took the triangle out and folded the bottom or third side out of the remaining paper. This will give you three flaps on each circle.

When you do the top and bottom of the ornament, all the triangles are glued so that their tips meet, which makes a circle, duh. But, the key to the 10 center pieces is the triangles are placed up/down/up/down so that a straight line is formed.

Be sure to use a very high tack glue as you do not want to get frustrated with pieces coming unglued as you are trying to put this thing together. Some of your tab sides may not match exactly. You can go over them with paint, an ink pad, or a krylon pen as an added decoration, and it will hide any of the white that may be showing.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did. I think once you do the first one, every one after that is a no brainer and you could make this watching tv!

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