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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gifts Are Wrapped

My holiday gifts are wrapped down to the last stocking stuffer. What day is it? Oh, it is Nov.27th. Think how much time I have now to do other things besides finishing earning my $$ to pay for them. This was a cash only Christmas. Lots of fun and much more enjoyable than having to worry about paying it off. I recommend it highly!!
My Christmas job is at a local shop called Silver Impressions. They sell lots of jewelry and gift type items. The people there are super nice, and I have really been having a good time. I heard a rumor we get to buy one item at 50% off. Our normal discount is 25%. They want us to get something we really want for cost. Now, do I buy a gift, the sensible thing to do or do I buy that silver amethyst bracelet I really want. It's a tough call.
Oh, before I go...one last thing to make everyone sick: the house is decorated, too.

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