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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Thanksgiving Apron

I bought some fabric last month to make Caitee and I matching aprons since we cook together on Thanksgiving. I made mine, but she wanted to make hers. Since she hadn't sewn before, I figured why not? She will enjoy it even more if she makes it herself. She didn't quite get it done in time for Thanksgiving. We had a few issues with needles breaking on the machine, and also, since she hadn't sewn before, she was a little slower than I was. Her apron is really turning out great. I'm sure when it is done, she will be very pleased with it! She got a little frustrated last night, but you know...Mommy Fix...and she was fine!
Here is a pic of my apron. It has penguins all over it. Caitee's favorite! I paid a little extra to get that fancy trim because it reminded me of snow. Since the penguins are playing in the snow, I thought it was fun.
I had to take this picture in the bathroom mirror in order to get myself since I was using my camera phone. The quality of the pic isn't that great, but you get the idea!

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