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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CS Aug 2006 Retreat

Just back from the CS 2006 Aug Retreat. What fun that was! Met some terrific ladies and had alot of fun. Here is a pic of Lynn, me and Julianne as pirates. What in the world would possess grown women to dress up as pirates? Perhaps that is one of the powers of CS??? These two cool chicks were on my floor as well and great fun. I met Julianne last year, and she is a doll.
We made many great projects during the retreat. Can't talk about it now because we pinky swear not to until the other two retreats are over (Sep and Oct). It's hard, but our gift was so great and definitely needed. And our kit...oh la la. Ain't saying nuthin' else. We even made one thing that I have never done before which I have proudly been showing off. So how is that for vague?
Some of my crew were: Lynn and her sis, Mary, Anastasia (whose name is just way too long LOL), Julianne, Kim, Jill, Pat & Woody, Nancy, Laura, Angie, and Jen, and my roomie, Mandy. If I forgot to name anyone, it is just a momentary lapse and I apologize.

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Patywak (newest best friend) said...

Leigh, I didn't know you were so accomplished in scrapbooking and altered art! Girl friend, you rock! You are also an accomplished writer. I love your style!