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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Birthday Cards, All Occasion Cards, Cory Boyd

Hello Cory Boyd! #3 on the USC Gamecocks! He's my favorite player this year. I love to watch him. He is a very driven young man who loves football, and you can tell . This was taken at Steve Spurrier's Ladies' Football Clinic.
What does that have to do with cards. Nothing. But I do have some great pics to scrap from that day!
I made the masculine card for my brother's 40th birthday. Hard to believe the little man is going to be 40 years old. I still picture this little butch haircut kid with a big little round belly at 5 years old! Cute little freckles on his nose. Fun to play with. Now he is kind of an ornery ole cuss, but what do ya do? Gotta love him anyway!
The rest of the cards were from the road trip I am on. Had to use flowers. I have these great flowers and this fabulous paper and all these cards from Self-Addressed card kit I got for a while as something different. So I went crazy. Gave them as my bunko gift last night...which I won most bunkos...5! woohoo! I was on a roll, and that was fun!

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