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Monday, November 06, 2006

Cards Galore

I have been playing at a scrapbook website again. They are having a little "Road Trip" for two weeks full of challenges. It has actually been very practical as far as card making goes! I made all my Thanksgiving cards and about 11 Christmas cards so far! That aside from all the layouts I have gotten done.

I have been a scrapping fool lately. I guess I am just in the mood. I made 5 layouts Friday night, 4 on Saturday, 3 yesterday and 2 today. Go, girl, go! I can't complain. I'm using current pictures AND pictures I have had matched with paper that I've been carting around to weekend crops for eons! I'm nearly done scrapping my family vacation from this summer, which is a small miracle.

I think this website has been good for me as far as giving me different ideas to get things done. It is sparking my creativity. I don't think I will win this road trip contest. And honestly, for $30 worth of scrapping supplies, it's not worth all the work it would take to win. There are 10 stops with about 4-5 challenges at each stop. I'm on stop 5 right now.

Now, do I go crop or collapse? I'm tired. I did housework all day. My kitchen is very clean, and I have dishpan hands!!!

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