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Friday, November 17, 2006

Altered Votive Candle Holder

Rachel Ray had some cool chick on who used cinnamon sticks to decorate a votive candle. Well, I went to the store, bought cinnamon and this votive holder. The cinnamon sticks were sold with six in a jar for $3.96. I estimate it would take about 16 to go all the way around this votive. I tried using just 6, which looked ridiculous. So I took them off and stuck some Beadazzle beads on anyway. The paper is WRMK, which an online buddy, Lisa, sent me to try. Very nice paper, btw. Thick and two sided! This would be a lovely gift idea for Thanksgiving to your hostess or as a Christmas gift to friends, teacher, or co-workers. You could make a set of 3 for practically nothing!

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