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Sunday, September 23, 2007

About Me

So here it is my first assignment for Cottage Arts (www.cottagearts.net). I have to create an about me page that will go out in their upcoming newsletter.

I really love the Painted Tapestry Paper and Elements packs. That is what I used on this layout. The lace overlay is my absolute favorite thing on this page...well, maybe aside from the flourish I put on the photo. It was so hard to pick a kit to use because I had several that I just loved. Gotta pace myself...

If you can't read the journaling, it just says a little about me. My little budding photographer, Caitee, took my picture for me. I think she did a nice job. I used a full body shot because I wanted something different than the usual headshot.


Melanie said...

That layout and photo is beautiful Leigh, you look very beautiful and natural in that photo.

Gorgeous elements on the page too.

Ambearluv said...

Beautiful layout, I love the colors in the kit. Love the lace overlay too :)