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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Rome

I vaguely remember this joke from my growing-up years. It's an old line from a movie. And frankly, it's how I feel. Not in a negative way at all, just humored. If it's Tuesday, I must be somewhere. The days are all running together right now between my two pt jobs. I'll put in about 30 hours this weekend between the two of them. I'll definitely be dog tired come Monday! Which I will have off from one job, but not the other!

The jewelry counter has been a scene of love lately. First, I was on my break and I heard them page our floor manager to the jewelry counter. Of course, I'm thinking, "Holy crap! What did I forget to do?" That's not it at all, silly me. Her boyfriend was there to propose to her, which I caught the aftermath of...many photos and lots of congratulations. Jewelry is one of her responsibilities! Plus the person watching the jewelry counter when I'm on break, can't leave so they just call everyone over there. She got a lovely 1 carat ring...princess cut.

Then there was the young couple...twenty...maybe. They came to look at a ring, but it came in a wedding set. They only wanted the engagement ring part. I couldn't sell it separately. So they left. They were very cute when they walked up, holding hands, looking at each other. Very sweet. They didn't have much money and were looking at the fake diamonds we have set in sterling silver.

A little while later they came back, strolling hand in hand to try on the wedding set. She put it on her hand and laid her hand on top of his on the counter. They looked at the set. They looked at each other. It was so stinkin' cute! They decided to take it! He paid cash. I asked if they were getting married. I couldn't take it anymore. They said yes they were. Very soon. How sweet. They were obviously in love. It was a pleasure to see them!

Oh, now to the funny love story. This girl comes over and wants to see a diamond engagement ring. Now, she is probably a senior in high school...I'm guessing...Maybe a junior. She had a class ring on and was all buddy-buddy with this girl that works at our store who is a junior so I wasn't sure about the age exactly. But she is too young to be thinking about marriage. Not a high class girl, average looking...with her two friends there to oooh and ahhh. She says, "I'm hoping my boyfriend will see me looking at rings and get me one for Christmas. Look at him over there (working, mind you, the register by the door) not even looking at me. He doesn't even see me over here."

I'm thinking to myself, "Honey, you are going to scare him off if you are over here trying on rings, and it's not his idea." But of course, I don't say anything. And off they go...only to come back when the poor boy apparently gets off work.

She tries on the ring for him and he looks her right in the eye and says, "What? Do you think I have money out the butt?" oh GAWD, I nearly died. BWahahahahhahaha. That backfired! He then proceeded to wander off, obviously unimpressed by her desire to have a ring and went and bought himself a Mountain Dew out of the break room.

This kid looked so young. I mean, he didn't even have peach fuzz on his face yet. Me and my co-worker were laughing over in the corner so we couldn't be seen. Her friends each hit him in the head when he came back with his Mountain Dew. Yes, friend hitting, a sure sign you are too immature to get married. It was hilarious!

And one last story of love. Older love. Senior citizen love. A nice looking gentleman comes in with the store ad to ask me about a perfume, Oscar. He points at the picture of a gift set and says he wants to get it. I find it for him. He is very pleased. He then points to a picture of a sterling silver 1 carat diamond bracelet sort of tennis-y looking. Very nice and asks me where that is because he wants to see it. I find the bracelet and show it to him, and he decides to take it, too. It is very shiny and pretty. I ring him up and when he hears the price of the Oscar set, he says, "Oh that is such a good price for Oscar."

I just love a man who knows his wife. Knows what he wants to get her, and has been buying her stuff long enough to realize he got a good deal. They'll have a great Christmas together. I can tell!

Frankly, no scrapping photos. In between working, I have been addressing Christmas cards and printing out my photos for the insides. And coaching cheerleading.

One last thing before I'm done. Took the girls to an away game last night. Lower class school (known fact...not my opinion). Their cheerleaders did a great job. Good jumps (bad form, but if their coach is who I think it is, she doesn't know any better). Tight cheers. Loud voices. No stunting. Our girls were busy cheering, stunting and such. Went out at a break to do a crowd pleasing stunt with some tumbling. The game was within 1 point, and their side BOO'D my cheerleaders. Boo'd. Can you imagine? What kind of people boo a bunch of teenage girls doing their thing. Not cool. Oh, it ruffled my girls' feathers and I had to calm them down so they wouldn't get jumped on the way out. Yes, jumped. Low class. Remember. I said it. What tickled me was they asked the AD if they heard the crowd boo them. People unless it is a male wearing a uniform and holding a ball, he doesn't even know it exists. He was totally into the game. No he didn't even hear it! LOL! OMG! That killed me...did he see it! bwahahhahhahhahhahha

What I am thankful for today is a nice day off. I plan on napping in between all my chores...ie vacuuming, laundry, cleaning etc. Got another game tonight, too!

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Ambearluv said...

Wow... you have been busy, but those stories are so wonderful :) Well, one of them was pretty funny too :)