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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Working on CT Assignments

Digi credits: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" by Doreen Stolz; NadlM "Shimmer Alpha" (recolored) at angel-dreams-boutique; fonts: Jump Start & Monika.

Just a little chuckle before I ramble. I remember taking geometry in 9th grade and the teacher saying, "Do not abbreviate assumed." Or whatever that word was you had to write when you were "proving" those theorems or whatever they were. He didn't want to see "ass." all over the papers he was grading. On that note, I don't think we should abbreviate CT Ass. (I can't help myself. I have the humor of a kindergartener!)

I'm up to date on my CT work (although it's play, let's be frank!) for Cottage Arts. I'm ashamedly cramming it in between jobs. This week has allowed me more free time than normal. Which I am glad about because I'm totally missing all my scrapping time! LOL!

Now I'm working on Doreen Stolz. She got a beautiful pack called Walking In A Winter Wonderland. Next will be Tangie Baxter.

It really is hard to think of winter layouts and get into the whole Christmas thing when we are having record temperatures in the 80's!!!

A little chat about job numero uno...the big wigs are coming Friday for a review of the store. I mean how often to these people come. Apparently I made quite an impression last time with my shaking. Well, HOLY CRAP, I'm the newest person on that area and they always come when I'm working, which is once again the case. AND the store mgr. gets everyone so riled up with her say this and say that, but don't say this and don't say that, and make sure you can answer this and blah blah blah. I think I'll need a valium! LOL!


Iris said...

Great Blog!
I will come back!
Hugs from Germany

Tammy said...

Isn't it great when your work is done!! I have orders sitting on my desk just staring at me, along with one more thing to do as a CT. It will get done!!

Josoliviamaid said...

Love that about the abbreviation. Made me smile. Relax with the big wigs and be yourself. Apparently, that does well for you. :-) Have a good day.

Ariane said...

WOW, congrats on being up to date on your CT stuff. I SO need to get my butt kicked into highgear on that one!

OH and I SO feel ya on trying to get into the Christmas spirit when it's in the 80'sbeen having the same problem here!