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Monday, January 01, 2007

Get a move on that scrapping! It's 2007!

I've managed to welcome the new year and today I have actually scrapped 3 layouts! Yes, I have taken time out between celebrating on New Year's Day and my general housekeeping duties to scrap and get a jump on my goal of 272 layouts.
Two of these layouts are photos I have been carting around for over 2 years. They are when Missy, Mandy, and I went to Charlotte, NC, CK Convention for Faye's talk and some classes. We loved Faye and drooled all over her like buffoons, but who cares? It was fun.
We also went shopping in the convention center. What a mecca of scrapping goodies. Things we don't see where we live. We actually got overload and finally got so tired shopping, we couldn't do it anymore. It was so hard to buy because what might be around the corner. Not that we didn't buy plenty of stuff to play with. Good thing Mandy and I had our business at that time, and it was a write off!
However, don't wait 2 years to scrap photos that mean the world to you at the time. If they are that important, do it now.
And, make sure if you meet someone you've wanted to meet for a while, you give someone else the camera. Otherwise, you'll have great photos of all your friends with them, and none of you!

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