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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kibbles our Krazy Kat

This is my cat, Kibbles. If there were such a thing in the cat world as a dumb blonde, she would be it. She is not very bright at all. Beautiful and soft with huge eyes, but she is dumb! She will do #2 in her cat box, but she pees on the paper infront of the catbox. She will not pee in the cat box. We have tried everything. For some reason, she just has this mental block! At least she goes on paper!
She also takes her front paw and takes water out of her water bowl until she is standing in a puddle of water. Once she has herself a nice puddle, then she will drink out of the water bowl. Mind you, not the puddle, the water bowl!
If she wants you to pet her, she will head butt you until you do or she will meow in your face. She will also tap you with her front paw.
For a while, she had a crooked head and looked at us cock-eyed. That seems to have passed. She must have had a kitty cold that affected her in some way. She is fine now!
I have not scrapbooked this photo yet. It is on my to do list. I really like it because it is right up in her face. How often will a cat cooperate like that...NEVER!
My friend, Missy, has started a scrapbook blog this week. I have really enjoyed seeing her stuff. I love seeing her stuff in person anyway. She has a great scrapbook style. She always has the greatest papers! I love what she buys. I always tell her that I just need to go behind her in the scrapbook store and buy whatever she buys.
She buys some of the coolest kits. I never seem to be able to find this stuff. I guess I just need Missy with me. Not that I need to be spending anymore scrapbook money. I have spent more in January than I did in the last four months of 2006! In fact, I hardly spent any scrapbook money last year.
So far I have purchased $5.00 worth of red ribbon (on sale at Hobby Lobby), Pioneer strap hinges for two albums with 3 posts each, 2" extender posts, Ali Edwards Designers' Eye II and had it coil bound, $20.00 worth of Bazzill cardstock in various shades to match pp I already have, a set of chipboard alphas, a binder and tabs for my DW 2006 calendar, and finally $11.00 worth of 5x7's for my dd's cheer book. WHEW! The only thing I have left is some Cosmo Cricket paper that Hobby Lobby has. I'm waiting for it to go on sale, and then I am back on my spending moratorium. Still under $100, but as a SAHM, sb supplies are a luxury item these days. Not that I mind, it's just made me very picky!
Hmmm. I think confession must be good for the soul! LOL!

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