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Monday, January 29, 2007

Black Monochromatic Layouts

I real.ly like this layout. It photographed darker than it is, but if you have BG Black Tie, you know the colors. I tried to use papers that emulated the scientific look my dh had going on with his project. It is really funny how much my ds looks like his dad, even though I've been told that Matt is the spitting image of my dad as a child!
This was a Becky Fleck sketch. She has a great website. I have printed off all of her 12 x 12 sketches for use at crops and such.
Anyway, I think black monochromatic can be an effective "tool" if used correctly. I really wanted to keep the emphasis on this photo, especially with the title on the project board. I felt it would get lost if I used color. I used some graph paper from American Traditions that I just so happened to have found at the scrapbook store. It has a hint of blue on the lines. The rest is all black and white as you see. I really am pleased with the way this turned out! My dh got a kick out of it, too. The kids love it. That after all, is the goal, right!

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