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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Coil Binding Ali Edwards DE2

I took my Ali Edwards Designer's Eye II to Office Depot yesterday and had it coil bound. That is like a spiral notebook. My friend, Missy, had hers done this way on our recent scrapbook trip, and I loved it! It lies flat now so I can easily scraplift her fabulous ideas, which I will be posting here, of course.
I also bought a small three ring binder to house my DW 2006 calendar. Now I am in the process of punch 3 holes in all the pages. Office Depot did not have a punch machine that would punch holes in something that small. Let me tell ya, it is boring to do it, but worth it. That calendar has plenty of good ideas for me to lift as well.

My favorite spot to hang these days is www.scrapstreet.com. There was a post there about pre-planning layouts. The girl who wrote it can plan 160 layouts in a week! And she can get 14 lo's done at an evening crop. I am going to try her method this Sunday at a football widow's crop.

Not that I am a football widow. My dh loves Da Bears so I will join him on the sofa for the game. I might be reading, but at least he has my company!

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