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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Exciting Getting Published AGAIN!!!

I submitted a few pages from a Garden Journal that I keep. I take photos of pictures of flowers and I scrapbook them in a gate hinged album from Kay & Co. This is a very simple little book I have that I can doodle in or write poems or I can scrap more elaborately in, but I am leaving it fairly flat. I want it to be a free form, random thing so I can just enjoy the fabulous flowers nature provides in all their colors and shapes and sizes!
Anyway, Scrapstreet's E-zine picked up my little sample for publication in May, which is very exciting to me. I have some drawings in this garden journal that I am rather proud of, and those were in the pages I submitted. I wonder if that counts for art?
My great Uncle Arthur was quite the artist. We have some of his work here in my house. I have a charcoal drawing he did of his grandfather, Cockety, a pastel of a kitten and a few oil paintings. He had a wonderful eye and was very talented. My mother was artistic, but with floral design more so than anything else. Although she did decoupage in her younger years and made some terrific things, along with a needlework phase.
I guess Uncle Arthur rubbed off on me a little bit too with my limited drawing ability. Nothing too defined. I think that Matt has that talent, more along the lines of Uncle Arthur, but he doesn't want to take any art classes.
Arthur's brother, my Pop-pop, was a doodler all of his life. Not serious doodles, just silly drawings. He would do those for me all of the time. He would start drawing, and we would have to guess what he was making. He was a funny guy so it was always something funny like a fat lady from behind or a jalopy.
Anyway, this has made my day. When June comes, I will post a few of my pages so you can see what I submitted. Can't have them up anywhere for the month of May!!!
BTW, thanks to Meesh for picking it in case you ever read my blog. I'm never sure if anyone reads it really, except for a few friends. But that's ok. It's my window on the world, and if I"m the only one that sees it, so be it!!!

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